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Example sentences for "hovel"

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  1. It was a hovel rather worse than better than that in which we had dined; but its little windows were lighted up, voices were heard from within, and all intimated a prospect of food and shelter, to which we were by no means indifferent.

  2. They are not to make demands for more refined diet than their hosts are accustomed to have, and they are not to shift their quarters, though it were from a hovel to a palace.

  3. They will take their dirty habits with them, and pull down the woodwork for firing, and in a very short time make the place where they are as like as possible to the hovel whence they came.

  4. Palace, house, cottage, hovel are all represented by four posts covered with a roof.

  5. After refusing for a long while to admit him "because their hovel is too mean to receive him," they give him shelter, and after the usual questioning, reveal their identities.

  6. He occupied a poor hovel and had a large family, but he was in good work and wages.

  7. His clothes were rags, his boots were shocking, and as for his house, it was nothing but a miserable hovel hardly fit for a dog.

  8. Peter's castle was a broken-down hovel at the edge of the forest.

  9. She made her livelihood by letting beds, in a cottage or rather hovel which seemed to be her own, to wayfarers, mostly tramps, with or without trades.

  10. In a couple of days, with the help of Bolderwood, the old hovel was made very habitable.

  11. Buckling the girth tightly he backed the steed out of the hovel and was astride it before the enemy observed him.

  12. It was not yet very cold and the hovel in which the children had had their frolic a fortnight before was easily made comfortable for the family.

  13. The children, therefore, had long considered this hovel their own especial playhouse.

  14. In the midst of the good time, while the fun waxed furious, the door of the hovel opened and there stood in the opening the tall, slim figure of Crow Wing.

  15. The last hundred yards was made on hands and knees; but when the party arrived at the clearing there was no one in sight, only the hovel stood mute and hollow-eyed before them.

  16. The three followed her toward the little hovel since there seemed no better plan than that which she had offered.

  17. The soil and the hovel were his, descended to him from his forbears!

  18. Desmond, "trusting no home or castle," was driven to woods and bogs and finally captured in a ruined hovel where his head was struck off and sent to the Queen "pickled in a pipkin.

  19. The woman of this wretched hovel before us is pitching manure into a cart, and as she stands, barefooted, in the filth above her ankles, sings and talks to me in the liveliest fashion.

  20. It poised over the hovel of the dead like something new-born in the sky, and unacquainted with its fellow orbs.

  21. Through seas of mud and by mounds of filth we entered Besitun, a most wretched village of eighteen hovels, chiefly ruinous, where we dismounted in the mixed snow and mud of a yard at a hovel of three rooms vacated by a family.

  22. Then it was a vineyard, while the Shanks homestead is a hovel in a weed-choked garden lot.

  23. For a moment the hovel was filled with light; then it tottered and a cloud of smoke rolled about the falling walls.

  24. But I do not suppose you are so deeply in love with this hovel that you could not bring yourselves to leave it behind.

  25. It was bitterly cold in the hovel that snowy night.

  26. Major, glancing round the table with a look of mock surprise; and then they all burst into a roar of laughter which shook the miserable hovel in which they sat.

  27. Also, bare and plain as it was, that room appeared palatial in comparison with the elongated sod hovel which must henceforward shelter us at Crane Valley.

  28. Not unfrequently were persecutions the outcome of the absurd idea that every Jewish hovel was the abode of riches, and that every hut where misery held court, where starving children cried for bread, was a mine of untold wealth.

  29. He retreated into his hovel and awaited the worst.

  30. Drawn up under a hovel on the left was a huge wagon piled with sacks, probably of barley bound for Leek, a town renowned for its ale.

  31. He stopt,--it surely was a groan That from the hovel came!

  32. He entered in the hovel now, A sailor there he sees, His hands were lifted up to Heaven And he was on his knees.

  33. It seemed as if the tenants of the hovel were too secure of their prey to set a watch.

  34. The memory of it stuck to him night and day; and he would as soon have thought of thrusting his hand into the glowing coals as have entered Giles Chatburn's hovel again.

  35. It is sixty years now since old Mike Lonergan, who lived in a hovel in Moher Village, was robbed of his child.

  36. So the child Andy grew up as a stranger in his father's hovel and had a dreary time of it, he got little food and no kindness.

  37. The open space in front of the hovel was occupied by a group of women-- most of them young girls.

  38. The generality are the settled inhabitants of considerable towns, and, although the occupations of some necessarily lead them to a more vagrant life, the proportion is small who do not consider some hovel in a suburb as a home.

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