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Example sentences for "hove"

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housholde; housing; housings; hout; houtos; hoved; hovel; hovels; hoven; hover
  1. Which has advanced--" That wave hove green water over the funnel.

  2. He climbed aboard the schooner before it hove anchor, and, payment being refused by the schooner's crew, a fight ensued.

  3. He moved up the steps just as Lord Hastings and Jack hove in sight around the corner.

  4. As the first boat was a scant fifty yards from shore, a third craft hove in sight, headed down the river.

  5. Then together we hove it overboard; it sank with a dull plunge, and so we lost the first of our mess.

  6. In order to prove his position the skipper ran a dirty thumb-nail along his course, and made a mark with it about the approximate spot where he had hove the schooner to.

  7. As soon as we hove in sight, a crowd came out to meet us, and in the middle of hundreds of yelling darkies I was marched up to the big house.

  8. The schooner's captain, seeing that we wished to speak him, hove his vessel to, when our skipper sang out that he would send a boat.

  9. My food ran out, and I had given up all hope of being saved, when one of your luggers hove in sight and picked me up.

  10. Then the ferry hove in sight, the boat, or floating bridge, being on the far side of a fretting strath from a quarter to half a mile in width.

  11. Suddenly, a few miles in front of us, a dusty cloud hove in sight over the road.

  12. Suddenly the vigorous form of Wash Simmons hove into view, headed directly for him.

  13. If she’s hove to to ride out the storm, why doesn’t she come into the cove?

  14. And so, having all ready, we hove the mainmast into position, after which we proceeded to rig it.

  15. Yes,' sais I, and I hove a sigh so loud it made the window jar; 'but I have seen a great deal of trouble since then.

  16. It was about a quarter to eleven when we hove to, the breeze still continuing variable and light, and the French line-of-battle ship did not come up so fast as before.

  17. We immediately recommenced firing with our long gun, and as soon as we were within a mile, I hove to.

  18. The lights were soon hoisted at the peak, but as they could not well be seen by the other vessel, as we were standing towards her, we went about and hove to across her hawse.

  19. I obeyed my orders, and by the time I had put my men on board of the schooner, the brig had hove to and hauled down her colours to the Naiad.

  20. The Stella had for many days been ready for instant sailing, and having watched her till near sunset, Vincent sent down orders for every soul to be on board, and the anchor hove up.

  21. The prizes had been manned, the prisoners were on board, the boats hoisted up, and the Manilla still remained hove to.

  22. The next morning we were all embarked, and we hove the anchor up, and made sail to the southward.

  23. I was sent up, as signal mid, to examine them, and found that they were both schooners, hove to close together; one of them very rakish in their appearance.

  24. Once we exchanged a few broadsides, but another man-of-war hove in sight, and I was compelled to leave her.

  25. One morning a schooner hove in sight, steering from the Havannah to the southward and eastward, either for the islands of the Spanish Main.

  26. All sail in chase was made immediately, and we came up within three miles of them, when one, evidently the pirate we were in search of, made sail, while the other remained hove to.

  27. We sounded after we hove to, and found that we were in five and a half fathoms water.

  28. When about three miles off we again hove to, and about midnight we perceived under the land the white sails of a schooner, which was standing out.

  29. The next morning, when we arrived at Funchal, we found that our orders were for the West Indies: we stayed one day to take in wine and then hove up the anchor, and went on to our destination.

  30. We waited, lounged, and slept for three hours, and were beginning to worry about our comrade when he hove in sight eastward, along the rim.

  31. At length we spied a cloud of dust rising from behind an undulating mound, then big black dots hove in sight.

  32. We saw very few vessels, and those which did chase us could not come up with us; but as we were running with a fair wind up channel, and I had made sure of being in port before night, a French privateer hove in sight and gave chase.

  33. Cloudy | Weather, Hove short in Order for getting under way, But the | Weather not proving favourable, veered out the Cable again struck Southd.

  34. Fore Top Sail Yard, and North | hove up the small Bower Anchor in Order to lay it farther to the | Southward | | Recd.

  35. Hove in the Cable that was veered out last Night | got down Top Gallt.

  36. Starboard Cable, and let go the | Larboard Anchor at 10 Hove a Head, with the Starboard Cable to the | Moorings.

  37. Weather, Light Airs of Wind, Hove up our Anchor, | and got under Sail in Order, to get nearer the Port of L.

  38. The capstan was never hove with more alacrity than on this occasion.

  39. The fast tackle was now hove upon while the third mate on the stage cut down diagonally into the blubber on the body, which the purchase ripped off in a broad strip or "blanket" about five feet wide and a foot thick.

  40. It was a first-class voyage till we hove right inter the Saragossa Sea, and there we war becalmed and stuck as fast as a fly in mucilage.

  41. When they was hove close to us the old gentleman hauled up his horses, and "Helloh!

  42. But we can imagine the group of merchants in Cheapside gradually dissolving as Smith hove in sight with his maps and demonstrations.

  43. An argosy of Venice hove in sight, and Captaine la Roche desired to speak to her.

  44. On the 27th of December the bark Kilby of Boston hove in sight, and her noble commander, Captain Low, said he would lay by us until the sea would permit him to remove us on board his vessel.

  45. Soon after discovered the enemy's flag was still flying; hove to, to repair some of our damage; 4.

  46. Genoa, and bound for Cività Vecchia, hove in sight.

  47. Nine transports, full of men and ammunition for the reinforcement of the garrison, hove in sight, and long they searched to and fro for the well-known fortress they had come to succour.

  48. Drawing little water, a small squadron of brigantines could be pushed up almost any creek, or lie hidden behind a rock, till the enemy hove in sight.

  49. He laid into his work like a nigger, and the way he hove acorns into that hole for about two hours and a half was one of the most exciting and astonishing spectacles I ever struck.

  50. With a rattling song the starboard watch bent to their work and hove the cable short, then got the anchor home, and our bark moved off with a stately stride, and soon was bowling along at about two knots an hour.

  51. He never stopped to take a look anymore--he just hove 'em in and went for more.

  52. Using the raft as a wharf, and in the face of a blinding storm, the ship was hove down, the keel raised above the surface of the water, and the leak repaired.

  53. It was midwinter and a heavy gale was blowing, but Captain Lane put his wheel hard down, brought his vessel up into the wind, hove to under a close-reefed foresail and told his men they must rescue the sailors on the rock.

  54. Even strapped in so they are sometimes, when she has a good streak on, hove out into the passageways.

  55. In two cruises his only cases were one quartermaster, who got hove across the bridge and broke his nose, and a gunner's mate who broke his leg by being bounced out of his bunk one windy night.

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