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Example sentences for "daunted"

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dauncing; daunger; daungerous; daungers; daunt; daunting; dauntless; dauntlessly; daunton; daunts
  1. Nothing daunted by these discouraging signs and the many unfavorable reports, the most of the colonists determined to push ahead.

  2. Alone and single-handed he began his pioneer life in La Gloria, but he was not daunted by obstacles or fearful of the future.

  3. It is known, however, that she waded in through miles of mud and water, and was nothing daunted by the experience.

  4. But Montgomery hoped to meet Arnold under the walls of Quebec, and nothing daunted by the desertion of his soldiers, and the smallness of his force, he began to descend the St. Lawrence.

  5. For one sort of malevolent spirits one kind of mask appears suitable, and for another another; this spirit is daunted by this mask, and that spirit by that; and so they came to discriminate.

  6. Daunted by the fall of their leader, the British line bent and broke, and the men fled towards the cover of the forest.

  7. But we were not daunted by one repulse, and we decided to try elsewhere.

  8. So sweet is this unimpassioned love, it knows no dark reactions, it does not idealize, and cannot be daunted by the faults of its object.

  9. But Edith was not to be daunted by any fancies of incapacity, and set to work with utmost zeal to teach this great grown man the primer.

  10. Then she stopped for a moment, half daunted by the noise and bustle, and looked about.

  11. Well, he knew a young fellow who would not be daunted and would work for him honestly, but to get the proper man was not all.

  12. Ready-Money Jack told his story in a straightforward independent way, nothing daunted by the presence in which he found himself.

  13. Though the world exists for thought, thought= 30 =is daunted in presence of the world.

  14. The force of the invaders daunted them; and the hundred and sixty regulars who formed the garrison of Beauséjour were too few to revive their confidence.

  15. The victory at Oswego had wrought marvels among the Indians, inspired the faithful, confirmed the wavering, and daunted the ill-disposed.

  16. The strength of character implied amazed and daunted me.

  17. And doubtless these continual pleasantries helped to reassure the landsmen, who went to and fro unmoved, under circumstances that might have daunted Nelson.

  18. While vague terrors preyed upon England, the appearance of a comet daunted all hearts, and was regarded, as it seemed to come, as a herald of woe.

  19. But William, who feared not man's wrath, was not to be daunted by woman's scorn.

  20. But the idea of Odo being a bishop daunted the boldest.

  21. He had the right of the question, and was not in the least daunted by his numerous rebuffs and the unvarying ill success of his efforts.

  22. Jackson, however, not daunted by the fate of the bill, got Benton to draw up a treasury order, and had it issued.

  23. He was not the sort of man to be daunted by a closed door.

  24. He has nothing to do with it," retorted Dryfoos; but he seemed a little daunted by March's position.

  25. Fulkerson, a good deal daunted by this view of the case.

  26. Apparently, however, Dryfoos daunted him somehow; and besides the homage which those who have not pay to those who have, Fulkerson rendered Dryfoos the tribute of a feeling which March could only define as a sort of bewilderment.

  27. Mrs. March was daunted and silenced for a moment.

  28. Such a man will not be daunted by difficulties.

  29. Bernardo was not daunted by these words, but determined to try whether fear could influence the people of Prato, since entreaties produced so little effect.

  30. Fagel spoke vehemently of the French insolence, and implored his brethren not to be daunted by threats.

  31. But even he was daunted by the great names of Ormond, Halifax, Danby, and Nottingham, the chiefs of all the sections of that great party to which he owed his crown.

  32. Before two the capital wore a face of stern preparedness which might well have daunted a real enemy, if such an enemy had been approaching.

  33. Not at all daunted it was decided as a first step to engage a prominent lecturer.

  34. Not daunted Mr. Henry sent for Miss Kate Gordon of New Orleans, a veteran suffragist who had joined hands with the "antis" in fighting ratification.

  35. I was discouraged; somehow the prospect of knocking at every one of those doors and inquiring for Mr. Eversley daunted me.

  36. I like to see hawks sitting daunted in shallow holes, not daring to spread a feather, and doves in a row by the prickle bushes, and shut-eyed cattle, turned tail to the wind in a patient doze.

  37. Not content with refuse, he pecks open meal sacks, filches whole potatoes, is a gormand for bacon, drills holes in packing cases, and is daunted by nothing short of tin.

  38. A dim line of ancestors, in every variety of dress, from the Elizabethan knight to the buck of the Regency, stared down upon us and daunted us by their silent company.

  39. Charley, clearing his throat, and feeling at the same time rather daunted at this second attempt to establish a conversation.

  40. They were not daunted by the ruin of their homes, by the death of their loved ones, by their own sufferings and perils.

  41. The younger women themselves faced the situation with more courage; but that they were daunted by the prospect cannot be denied.

  42. Nothing daunted by the danger which seemed to threaten him, Curl raised his gun; but the powder being damped by the blood from his wound, it did not fire.

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