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Example sentences for "daunt"

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daunced; dauncing; daunger; daungerous; daungers; daunted; daunting; dauntless; dauntlessly; daunton
  1. On my faith,' said a squire, laughing, 'I see no danger to daunt the most timid.

  2. But the appearance and aspect of Louis were not such as to daunt or dismay.

  3. Notwithstanding this immense superiority in numbers on the part of the enemy, nothing could daunt our troops; bravely they held their own, defying the most desperate attempts of the foe to drive them back.

  4. London will give you power and arms, And God will strengthen you, and daunt your foes: Fill Smithfield full of noise and joyful cries, And say aloud, God save our noble prince!

  5. The red eyes glowering out of the summer gloom did not daunt him; they suggested tyranny and insulting suspicion, and he pitied her the more.

  6. But mere political disaster did not daunt the stern old man who held his commissioners to their task.

  7. But his lack of experience did not daunt him.

  8. Ye daunt the proud array of war, 55 Pervade the lonely ocean far As sail hath been unfurled; For dancers in the festive hall What ghastly partners hath your call Fetched from the shadowy world.

  9. Who, with thy hollow breast Still in rude armor drest, Comest to daunt me!

  10. The lower ports she had shut in, the Armstrong to decoy, And quickly she her ports did show, to daunt each Yankee boy.

  11. Wherefore doth vaine Antiquitie so vaunt Her ancient monuments of mightie peeres, And old heröes, which their world did daunt With their great deedes and fild their childrens eares?

  12. She was the sunniest creature he had ever known; the bleak life of Lonely Farm had spurred her to greater lengths of self-defence; nothing could daunt her.

  13. Danger by the way did not daunt her; the man bowed before her was but a blurred speck upon her vanishing horizon; then suddenly a sound caught her ear.

  14. Let us depart immediately: for the ardour of my zeal makes me impatient; nor is there aught of danger that can daunt or affright me.

  15. But though a few weak ones, unable to stand the hardships, deserted, nothing could daunt the courage or lessen the zeal of the greater part of the army.

  16. Daunt rushed off to help the firemen; while Amberley reported to Susy the pitiable misery of Lily, the little cripple, who had been shrieking for her father in wild outbursts of crying, refusing to believe that he was not in the fire.

  17. Daunt turned to the right at the foot of a carved staircase, and down a long passage leading to the kitchens, he and Winnington still talking.

  18. He arrived in the nick of time, and made Daunt let me in.

  19. At this moment Daunt returned to the kitchen, with the news that the house was ready.

  20. Daunt the Keeper returned leisurely to his quarters in some back premises of Monk Lawrence, at the southeastern corner of the house.

  21. Presently from the same door which had seen Eliza Daunt depart, a woman cautiously emerged.

  22. Daunt had received her with a somewhat gruff civility, and was not communicative about the house and its defence.

  23. She suggested that he should go back to the house in an hour or so, to see if Daunt had returned, and complain of his niece's breach of rules.

  24. He had no sooner descended the hill to his own cottage, in the fast gathering dusk, than Eliza Daunt emerged.

  25. I shall go straight back to Monk Lawrence, and see Daunt to-night.

  26. But I am Miss Blanchflower, who came here before Christmas, with Mr. Winnington, and I should have been glad to see Mr. Daunt and the children.

  27. I know--for Daunt himself told me--that he had promised Lang never to leave the house without putting some deputy he could trust in charge.

  28. But in an hour or so he would return to look for Daunt himself.

  29. Daunt used to live there before he moved into the house.

  30. Was it any wonder that Daunt bristled at the sight of her?

  31. I didn't restrain myself because her fixed stare seemed to express the purpose to daunt me.

  32. There were only six months before the place was to be filled, but nothing would daunt him, and he took his degree with honor.

  33. But nothing could daunt this resolute young spirit.

  34. And I had to descend before I had time to look around; but the casual glance I obtained gave me the most gloomy and desolate view imaginable; one, almost enough to daunt the explorer from penetrating any farther into such a dreadful region.

  35. The very sight of the country, in all its hideous terrors clad, is sufficient to daunt a man and kill a horse.

  36. What he saw scorched and repelled but did not daunt him; instead, a nobler love, chivalrous and pitiful, was born of the sight.

  37. Some of the women looked at her curiously, but that did not daunt Diana, especially after she had begun on the champagne.

  38. And do they mean to daunt us from doing justice against seditious schismatics?

  39. As Snap turned and looked out into the street he saw a sight calculated to daunt the stoutest heart.

  40. Even the prospect of rain did not daunt them.

  41. With thoughts of lust and murder, he is digging his own grave; thou mayest yet daunt him from his doom.

  42. But it shall no longer daunt me from that resolution.

  43. Can I not trust that enough of power yet remains to me to baffle or to daunt the Phantom, if it seek to pervert the gift?

  44. What nursery tales of Bluebeard and his closet were revived to daunt and terrify him!

  45. Mr. Daunt repeated the question, and the clerk answered it as before.

  46. But it may be interesting to state that Mr. Daunt was as much surprised at the denouement as anyone else.

  47. Not that he would countenance violence, but a judicious show of resistance, for instance, might easily delay the crossing until the President could act, or even so daunt the invaders that they would go around.

  48. Their orders were to shoot only in self-defence; for a war was the last thing which the Swope brothers wanted, with their entire fortunes at stake, and no show of weapons could daunt the ruthless Grande and Chico.

  49. No hardships or perils can daunt the spirit of the General, or arrest the march of the enthusiastic army his genius has created.

  50. Always on the alert, he is full of resources, and no difficulties daunt him.

  51. Yet he has attained such a superhuman immunity to all emotion--to all ideas of pleasure and pain--that the prospect does not daunt him.

  52. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "daunt" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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