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Example sentences for "deter"

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detects; deteined; detent; detention; detentions; detergent; deteriorate; deteriorated; deteriorates; deteriorating
  1. The average rate is not high enough to deter anyone who really wants to come.

  2. The evils of congestion do not deter the thronging multitudes.

  3. This "nation of shopkeepers and general disturbers of all nations" should be made a most awful example of to deter others from opposing them!

  4. I mention this, hoping it will deter you from doing so again, as you can form no idea what trifles lead to among soldiers.

  5. Notwithstanding, it did not deter us from following them and driving them some distance, when we were recalled and formed up.

  6. Some soldiers could not resist shooting them, which caused Lord Wellington to punish with death two men to deter others from such a breach of military discipline.

  7. Let the penologers and philanthrope, have their way and even hanging might be made so pleasant and withal so interesting a social distinction that it would deter nobody but the person hanged.

  8. The law is designed to prevent this, and also to deter men from attempting to propitiate the Gods by secret sacrifices, which only multiply their sins.

  9. And if there were a lack of competitors, the ridicule of fools would not deter us from hanging up a lifeless image and practising at that.

  10. When a lover whom the decree cannot restrain comes to demand the hand of the princess, he strives to deter him from his purpose; and he never consents, but with the deepest regret, to his exposing himself to the chance of losing his life.

  11. Amadeddin, who really loved me, spared no arguments to deter me from taking the step I proposed, but I assured him that nothing could shake my resolution.

  12. In short, it seemed to be the prime object to make sericulture as hard and forbidding as possible, and to deter the people from it rather than to induce them to engage in the work.

  13. This, of itself, was enough to deter but a very few from silk culture.

  14. She had barrels hanging at each yard arm, which looked like powder barrels to deter us from boarding.

  15. These difficulties, however, were not sufficient to deter me from the undertaking, and I made preparations for setting out.

  16. I was every day blaming the silly conduct of people about me, in order to deter those I conversed with from falling into the like errors and miscarriages.

  17. And in any point which discretion bids you pursue, and which has a manifest utility to recommend it, let not difficulties deter you; rather let them animate your industry.

  18. Fortunately the window was low and the distance inconsiderable, but Barnes held his breath, hoping the hazard would deter her.

  19. Her quarrel on the road with her companion had in nowise interfered with that appetite which the fresh air and the lateness of the hour had provoked, nor were her thoughts of a character to deter from the zest of eating.

  20. It has difficulties in itself which are sufficient to deter any man who has not firmness enough to go through with it at all hazards, without meeting with any obstacles aside from it.

  21. Were I to deliver my letters the acquaintance could not be kept up, and the bare thought of encountering the English reserve is enough to deter any one.

  22. Keep concealed beneath yon oak, and let no vain scruples of honour deter you from creeping beneath the underwood, or beneath the earth itself, if you should hear a footfall.

  23. There are, no doubt, some motives to virtue that are higher and more noble than others, as there are differences in the degrading nature of punishment employed to deter men from vice.

  24. The existence of the perfected steam locomotive did not deter human ingenuity and enterprise from developing electric traction.

  25. I made no bones about this trusty friend; it hung all day on a conspicuous nail; and it did not prevent me from being the first up in the morning, any more than modesty shall deter me from trumpeting the fact.

  26. The bristling risks shall not deter me from speaking of marvellous men as I found them, nor yet from expressing as best I may the homage they inspired.

  27. Resolved to make an example which would deter them from repeating the offence, General Wiltshire ordered the cat to be liberally administered to them in the Bazaar.

  28. Considerations of expense would deter most British public libraries from attempting this kind of collection, and it is rather a pity, because many prints and engravings which illustrate historical events have immense practical value.

  29. But the fact that he cannot by any possibility master all human knowledge should not deter the student from making ever advancing inroads upon that domain.

  30. But it did not deter her from advancing; and on went she, without stop or show of hesitation; no sign of quailing in her eye.

  31. Enough to deter him from the outrage he would otherwise willingly have perpetrated.

  32. The earlier statute that substituted burning in the cheek for burning in the hand is repealed because this not only did not deter offenders, but on the contrary, made them unfit for honest livelihoods and therefore more desperate.

  33. A primitive condom just introduced to the aristocracy from France helped deter syphilis, but was uncomfortable and unreliable.

  34. Condoms were used to deter disease, but were still crude, coarse, uncomfortable, and unreliable.

  35. This is to deter these offenses, which have been done to enhance the price of coals and gain a monopoly thereof.

  36. In 1736, to deter the frequent robberies, burglaries, and other felonies at night, many glass lamps were set up in places determined by the mayor.

  37. This was in order to deter future rebellions against the king and efforts to destroy the Protestant religion.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "deter" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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