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Example sentences for "fend"

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fencers; fences; fencible; fencibles; fencing; fende; fended; fender; fenders; fendes
  1. At last--at last the woman he loved had battled against bitter fate beyond the limit of her endurance and was turning to him to fend for her.

  2. Now, the last of her name, alone in this bleak wilderness with none to fend for her against the wiles of Urgo except the child-like Indians: what a situation for Benicia to face!

  3. To fend the rewm it is my dett be skill; “Lat God abowe reward me as he will.

  4. Apon him self he tuk full gret trawaill To fend his men, gyff that mycht ocht awaill.

  5. For thi me think this war the best off all, “To kepe our strynth off castell and off wall toun, “Swa sall we fend the fek off this regioun.

  6. About him socht feill enemyss mony ane, Stekit his horss; to ground behufid him lycht, To fend him selff as wysly as he mycht.

  7. Mencione off Bruce is oft in Wallace buk; To fend his rycht full mekill payne he tuk.

  8. Be causs I am a natyff Scottis man, 545 ‘It is my dett to do all that I can ‘To fend our kynrik out off dangeryng.

  9. Bot do or de, thai wist no mor socour; Thus fend thai lang in to that stalwart stour.

  10. Lawta and trouth was ay in Wallace seyn; To fend the rycht all that he tuk on hand, 145 And thocht to bryng the Bruce fre till his land.

  11. The merchandis than saw thaim sa manfullé To fend thaim selff; be causs thai had no weid, 835 Out off the howll thai tuk skynnys gud speid, Ay betwix two stufft woll as thai mycht best, Agayn the straik at thai suld sum part lest.

  12. A knycht Skelton, that cruell was and keyn, Befor him stud in till his armour scheyn, To fend his lord full worthely he wrocht.

  13. He had had to jostle and fend off Lady, whom he worshipped.

  14. Fend l'Air tossed his fine mane, and struck out with a will over the cobbles.

  15. The guide placed himself at once in front of Fend l'Air, whose shivers as quickly disappeared.

  16. Still the guide plunged into the rivers, and Fend l'Air followed him.

  17. Fend l'Air was shivering; he was as a-tremble as a woman.

  18. And now here was Fend l'Air proving good his talent for cleaving through space, whatever of land or sea lay in his path.

  19. But Fend l'Air's hoofs had struck a familiar note.

  20. In love or fight thou shalt not lack A sturdy arm to 'fend thy back.

  21. Let every man aim in his heart to excel, Let every man ettle to fend for himsel'; Aye nourish ye stern independence within: The mair that ye work, aye the mair will ye win.

  22. He built another brush shelter, very rude, but in a manner serviceable for himself, and with a fire burning always before it he was able to fend off the fierce chill.

  23. Since they had sunk into silence they were like so many friends around him, ready to fend off danger or to warn him.

  24. To fend off danger from; to give security to; to protect; to guard.

  25. We] barked the white spruce to weather-fend the roof.

  26. The dexterous management of terms, and being able to fend .

  27. With fern beneath to fend the bitter cold.

  28. Defn: To hinder; to fend off; to avert; to prevent the approach of; to forbid or prohibit.

  29. From this too thou, since in the noontide heats 'Tis most persistent, fend thy teeming herds, And feed them when the sun is newly risen, Or the first stars are ushering in the night.

  30. The Japanese raised his arms, to fend the expected blow.

  31. He'll try to fend with the boathook," said Porter.

  32. She could not fend off that merciless look, which went through and through her.

  33. I don't know what you are talking about," I bluntly tried to fend off his implication.

  34. They relied upon constant torpedo attacks to fend off our battleships, while their own big vessels worked themselves clear.

  35. Turned me out, Maniwel, to fend for my-sen!

  36. Hannah’s right enough; you’ll have to fend for yourself.

  37. Phil, clinging to the flag-pole, was sprawled on the deck with his legs stretched out to fend the boat off.

  38. John, trying for one final minute to fend off fate.

  39. I raised my hands to fend him off, with the intention of shoving his head into the floor and planting my feet on the back of his neck; stepped back, tripped and fell.

  40. We watched her go and knew that we seven were now irrevocably left to fend for ourselves.

  41. Tush, I am acquainted with many a woman, That with me will sit in every house and place; But then their husbands had need fend their face.

  42. Daoud brought the saif down, and the knight raised his shield to fend off the blow.

  43. Simon tried to fend her off, but she darted under his hands, twisted around him, and drove the dart into Sordello's throat.

  44. At a time like this, with the king gone, every family must fend for itself.

  45. I kin fend for myself if Depper ain't put about," she said.

  46. A man can't fend for 'isself, like a woman can.

  47. The let-downs had been hard ones, with a couple of men on board to fend off and two or three on the hawser holding back.

  48. Into this space the sea swashed and slapped after a manner that kept all in the boat completely drenched and made it pretty hard for the men in bow and stern to fend off and retain their balance at the same time.

  49. The two men in the dory had to fend off desperately as they slid by the seine-boat.

  50. Heron had decided to outspan where they were, under a big Dingaan apricot-tree, and the ladies were busy making plans for the disposal of cushions, wraps, and rugs to fend off the coming rain.

  51. Etzel's men did fend them, too, full well, yet one saw the strangers go hewing with their gleaming swords through the royal hall and on every side was heard great sound of wail.

  52. To this Gernot, a brave and lusty knight, made answer: "That will we fend indeed with swords.

  53. Forty dollars was none too big to fend off the disaster.

  54. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fend" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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