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Example sentences for "counter"

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countenance; countenanced; countenances; countenancing; countenaunce; counteract; counteracted; counteracting; counteraction; counteracts
  1. Had there not been a high counter between us, it might have gone hard with me.

  2. Indeed, the system acted to counter integration and globality.

  3. The ideal of cosmopolis, the all- embracing empire of reason declared by the Stoics, runs counter to the ideal of the nation-state, which celebrates national reason and willingness to compete with others.

  4. During the first weeks of 1915 while there were a number of attacks and counter attacks both armies had come to the trench warfare, so familiar in France.

  5. About this time Grand Duke Nicholas perceived that von Hindenburg was preparing a counter stroke.

  6. His patrons, still disposed their aid to lend, Behind a counter placed their humble friend; Where pens and paper were on shelves display’d, And pious pamphlets on the windows laid.

  7. She was pale and anemic, her hair was dark and there was barely enough of it to "do up" even when helped out by the puffs she had bought from the counter on the opposite side.

  8. The girl before the counter finally decided upon the toys, ordered them sent to her home and looking scornfully at the cheap jewelry and tawdry ornaments passed out of the store.

  9. She had not been able to find just what she wanted and was impatient in voice and manner as she explained to the girl on the other side of the counter what she had hoped to find.

  10. It ripped Ugh-lomi's guarding arm and the club came down in a counter that Siss was never to understand.

  11. Approaching this, he discovered it to be the crystal egg, which was standing on the corner of the counter towards the window.

  12. It was large, furnished with shelves from top to bottom, occupied in the middle by a sort of counter table on which also were spread rows of books.

  13. I venture to recommend you to try not to give way, and attempt to die in some measure to yourself, in order not to run counter to His plans.

  14. Patrick was considering the meat and cheese on display in the counter cooler.

  15. The gal behind the counter tossed the key toward the bathroom door.

  16. Joe Burke was folding clothes, standing at a counter beside a tall slender woman with long hair.

  17. Willow lifted groceries from the bicycle basket, took them inside, and set them on the counter with a satisfying thump.

  18. She put the change on the counter between them, not wanting to touch him again; she was still feeling his hand, pleasantly hard against hers, and she wanted to go on enjoying it.

  19. Joe ate a waffle and stared across the counter at the seat where she had been.

  20. The woman behind the registration counter gave him a key and a paper pass.

  21. Various explanations were advanced to counter the objections.

  22. At the counter she found a friend, bent on the same errand, and conversed with her insipidly, wasting much time.

  23. Then came a difficulty about a springboard, and soon three people were running backwards and forwards over the meadow, with orders and counter orders and recriminations and apologies.

  24. A tradesman, with his apron on and without a hat, would come to his shop-door and look about him uneasily, and perhaps have a word with a customer as he entered before going round the counter and serving him.

  25. We got at least couple dozen bets acrosst the counter already this morning," he said.

  26. He concluded with the virtuous snort of an indignant taxpayer shocked by the violation of law, smacking his big red-knuckled hand on the counter top to emphasize his disturbance.

  27. I pointed to the paper on the counter and he stepped over to it.

  28. They also downed a free schnapps at the buffet counter and left, and most of their audience, strangely enough, followed on their heels without first having digested the pleasure derived from their music.

  29. It would have been silly of me not to have made this admission and, in making it, I asked a counter question: "How old were you in March of 1848?

  30. For once he came to the conclusion that it was high time to do something to counter this regrettable complex and here I am, taking to the water daily on doctor's orders and, as you have learned tonight, so far without the least success.

  31. Or, a pale purpure, flory and counter flory gules.

  32. The ancient name of a crutch: when the field is covered with figures like small crutches it is called potent; when the heads of the crutches touch each other it is called counter potent.

  33. Tressures are generally ornamented, or borne flory or counter flory as in the annexed example.

  34. Or, two lions passant counter passant gules, the uppermost facing the sinister side of the escutcheon, both collared sable, garnished argent.

  35. Second, or, a lion rampant gules, within a double tressure of the same, flory and counter flory.

  36. So Rilla went behind Mr. Flagg's counter for a month; and Susan went into Albert Crawford's oat-fields.

  37. Our Canadian troops have won another great victory--they have stormed the Passchendaele Ridge and held it in the face of all counter attacks.

  38. There was a stationer's just beyond and I cast anchor there, by a counter near the door set out with magazines.

  39. She was washing it behind the counter of her shop.

  40. A piece of paper was impaled upon the counter by means of a headless hatpin.

  41. Nearest the floor were the foodstuffs; biscuit tins buttressed the counter on every side; regiments of Grape-nuts, officered by an occasional Quaker Oat, stood in review order all round the lower shelves.

  42. On the counter little castles of tinned fruit were built, while bins beneath it held the varied grain, cereal, and magic stock.

  43. Sarah Brown and her hostess sat down on the counter without regret to a luncheon consisting of one orange, found by the guest in her bag and divided, and two thin captain biscuits from stock.

  44. Miss Ford moved instinctively behind the counter towards the open drawer full of ingredients for happiness.

  45. He admits that at some points the interests of Germany and England run counter to each other, but at yet a greater number of points their interests are common.

  46. It is little wonder that in many cases the doctor's work and aims suffer under such conditions; his nature is subdued to what it works in; he clings convulsively to his counter and its retail methods.

  47. No: he walked at once from the counter to the door--turned round there, and asked where Joanna Grice lived.

  48. Impulsively the girl ran around the counter after him.

  49. The stores consist of a counter and a back fitment--the two mounted on a base board.

  50. If he succeeds in sending a counter through a window, then he "kills" that number of the enemy.

  51. Behind the counter stood one of those thin ladies who have dedicated themselves to the millinery and a single life.

  52. I shall be truly glad to receive counter proofs from you.

  53. He walked straight up to the counter and held out the lump of soda to the shopman.

  54. Ted looked on with great interest, but when the shoes were spread out on the counter and he saw that they were all black, he seemed rather disappointed.

  55. Counter intelligence measures will be specified where applicable.

  56. The commander will desire to reach a studied conclusion as to what counter action the enemy may take when the nature of the planned action against him becomes evident.

  57. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "counter" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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