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Example sentences for "confronting"

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confrere; confreres; confront; confrontation; confronted; confronts; confuse; confused; confusedly; confusedness
  1. On the night which followed, as the two armies lay under arms, confronting each other, a display of the aurora borealis, of surpassing splendor and beauty, was witnessed.

  2. The Federals confronting us in the three blue lines could not have been less than 8,000 men, who, with their powerful artillery, should have utterly overwhelmed the scant numbers handled by Stuart.

  3. After the usual delays required in getting troops deployed, our battery was posted on an elevated ridge northwest of Bolivar Heights, the stronghold of the Federals, and confronting their bold array of guns directed toward us.

  4. Promptly other batteries joined those confronting us on Cemetery Hill, and by the time Latimer's guns were unlimbered the guns on both sides were thundering.

  5. Mrs. Silk got up from her chair and stood confronting him with her hand grasping the back of it.

  6. Swift and soundless as a flash of light she put the table between them and stood confronting him.

  7. For an instant they seemed to be alone--to be standing on a lofty plateau above the watching crowd, confronting each other with a tragic perception of something common to them all, and of a destroying, merciless destiny.

  8. They were standing so, confronting each other a little breathlessly, a little defiantly, when the others issued from the porch.

  9. She rose suddenly, squarely confronting him, desperate now, driven to play the only card upon which she thought she might count.

  10. His eyes looked hungrily into the lean face confronting him, so sternly set.

  11. Meanwhile I was studying the countenance of the man who had made the astounding bid, when I should instead have adjusted my preparations to meet the new conditions now confronting me.

  12. There had been a movement on the part of every one to leave the room, but the sight of these deadly weapons confronting them made each one shrink into his place again.

  13. It is to you that I addressed myself,” exclaimed Charles, now turning round and confronting the woman whom he had lately loved with such madness, and whom he now loathed with such savage aversion.

  14. Barthelma, springing forward and confronting her so as to bar the way; and his whole frame was quivering with a rage that appeared ready to burst forth into the ungovernable fury of a perfect madness.

  15. CXXX And there the two stood, stare confronting smirk, A while uncertain which should yield the pas.

  16. But his three poems above named do represent the thought and criticism of a Gothic mind confronting and admiring the Greek art and thought.

  17. German statues at the best are conscious; and the poet-pair, as the inscription calls them, have the air of showily confronting posterity with their clasped hands, and of being only partially rapt from the spectators.

  18. This was at ten o'clock, after she had ridden backward a long way, and at last, within an hour of Leipsic, had got a seat confronting him.

  19. As mentioned, the most serious problem confronting Edoux was the extremely high rise of 525 feet.

  20. More than a matter of detail was the Commission's demand for perfect safety, which precipitated a situation typical of many confronting Otis during the entire work.

  21. But the confronting Nibbetts--the nickname by which the Viscount Kneedrock had been best known to relatives and close friends--was eminently more composed.

  22. There came in answer an inarticulate rumble, and an instant later across ten yards of floor space he gazed on the confronting Nibbetts, and paused, speechless.

  23. In face of the might confronting her, America would have been helpless.

  24. This left me on the north side of the river confronting two-thirds of Lee's army in a perilous position, where I could easily be driven into Curl's Neck and my whole command annihilated.

  25. When Taylor moved to Saltillo and then advanced on to Buena Vista, Santa Anna crossed the desert confronting the invading army, hoping no doubt to crush it and get back in time to meet General Scott in the mountain passes west of Vera Cruz.

  26. On the National side the forces confronting him were divided into, at first three, then four separate departments.

  27. The only army Santa Anna had to protect his capital and the mountain passes west of Vera Cruz, was the one he had with him confronting General Taylor.

  28. From that event to the close of the war, I never experienced trepidation upon confronting an enemy, though I always felt more or less anxiety.

  29. While this was going on Sherman was confronting a rebel battery which enfiladed the road on which he was marching--the Mississippi Springs road--and commanded a bridge spanning a stream over which he had to pass.

  30. I knew that Johnston was receiving reinforcements from Bragg, who was confronting Rosecrans in Tennessee.

  31. When I returned to my headquarters I sent for all the corps and division commanders with the army immediately confronting Vicksburg.

  32. But the most important consideration in my mind was to have a force confronting Pemberton if he should come out to attack my rear.

  33. He was now on the south and south-west of Jackson confronting the Confederates behind their breastworks, while McPherson's right was nearly two miles north, occupying a line running north and south across the Vicksburg railroad.

  34. The night of the 13th of September was spent by the troops under General Worth in the houses near San Cosme, and in line confronting the general line of the enemy across to Belen.

  35. South of the Army of the Tennessee, and confronting it, was Van Dorn, with a sufficient force to organize a movable army of thirty-five to forty thousand men, after being reinforced by Price from Missouri.

  36. The expression on his mother's face confronting the man she had once been married to, had sealed a resolution growing within him ever since she left him the night before.

  37. The light of youthful hope in her lovely eyes had been driven away by some ugly fact always confronting her, and the sensitive lips were set tight, stern, pitiless.

  38. In the drying room below Betty and Beekman Brown stood confronting each other.

  39. And she entered her studio, closing the door behind her, leaving the two men confronting one another in the entry.

  40. The group stood there, silently confronting him.

  41. Hands oop, Amerikaner” came a terse command from the bushes and with that four Huns, with rifles ready, leaped out confronting them.

  42. She stood confronting him, so immobile that she scarcely seemed to breathe.

  43. But Mrs. Mallett was oblivious of her husband's wonder and her friends' entreaties; confronting the Coroner she spoke again.

  44. As she made this reply, she rose to her feet, and stood confronting me without the slightest semblance of fear.

  45. He stood confronting his cousin, or rather he stood over her, for she appeared before him in an attitude of fear!

  46. With her right hand clasping the red knife, she stood confronting me.

  47. He smiled now to think of confronting Florida in any imperative or challenging spirit; but the current of his hopeless melancholy turned more and more towards her.

  48. Florida rose from the seat, and stood confronting him, in a helpless silence, which he seemed not to notice.

  49. A long, slow shudder, as of one confronting unheard-of torture, went over his big frame.

  50. The stranger jerked the gate open, and a moment later Peter was confronting the goggled eyes.

  51. As his own earnings far outstripped his modest needs, that allowance had been used to allay those desperate cases of want always confronting the kindly in a great city.

  52. All of these clashings were carried into court, and the rancher promoters found themselves confronting invisible enemies and obstacle-raisers at every turn.

  53. Confronting the water famine, Smith drew again upon the elemental resources and braced himself to endure.

  54. I will not," and Cornelia stood resolutely, confronting her two persecutors; her head thrown back, and the light making her throat and face shine white as driven snow.

  55. Cornelia advanced to the doorway, and stood in her maidenly dignity, confronting the pirates, who fell back a step, as though before an apparition.

  56. But from the outset he found an obstacle confronting him that he could not surmount.

  57. The common perils and duties confronting the Americas as a result of the Great War, however, made close cooperation between the Hispanic republics and the United States up to a certain point indispensable.

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