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Example sentences for "backward"

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  1. Once, I went head over heels backward into the water; and once Jake tripped over a cleat and did likewise.

  2. The kitchen lamp was alight there and I could see figures passing backward and forward.

  3. When I was half-way across, I heard the sound of oars and, on taking a backward glance, I saw Rita making toward me.

  4. In the meantime Leo did some funny work on the ground, bending himself into an odd shape backward and hopping around after the released frog.

  5. He turned, and on the instant received a shove that hurled him backward into the opening!

  6. Then, before Snipper could recover, he received a stinging slap full in the face that sent him staggering backward on the grass.

  7. But the boy was on the alert and ran backward toward the apple tree.

  8. She was sitting there in her black frock, gently rocking herself backward and forward in her chair.

  9. Without a second backward glance, he led the way at a rapid pace up an avenue of umbrella pines.

  10. I advanced to Gengo and passed out without a backward glance.

  11. Heavy it rides sae full, sae full, Black, black is the River, But light, light is the backward pull.

  12. An' the backward anes are baith far an' few.

  13. Soon after this he heard the giant walking backward and forward in the next room, and saying to himself: "Though here you lodge with me this night, You shall not see the morning light; My club shall dash your brains out quite.

  14. At this moment a big dog bounded forward from the thicket, and another and another; they barked loudly, and ran backward and forward.

  15. Come on, and we may hit upon his backward trail.

  16. It was still wobbling, but apparently tending to steady under the combined influence of the downward pull of the heavy head and the backward drag of the winged tail.

  17. That rotary upward and backward swing was absolutely necessary for getting distance with, and without it there was no way that forty or fifty pound infant could have been hurled the fifteen feet or more which still intervened.

  18. It is not the timid bird that one is disposed to consider it when watching its backward and forward movements among low shrubbery on such occasions.

  19. The utmost circumspection and vigilance are always exercised in these backward movements.

  20. The authors of the latter nest were very cautious and retiring, seldom venturing out during the day, but were continually moving backward and forward at night, as evidenced by their loud, rattling cries.

  21. People will not look forward to posterity, who never look backward to their ancestors.

  22. Leave them out, and we take the same backward step that our fathers took when they left out slavery.

  23. Sir William Jones tells us that the Hindoo laws declared that women should have no political independence--and there is many a backward Yankee who don't know any better than to agree with the Hindoos.

  24. Borrowing this creature's mossy legs, two or three gentlemen in Washington are seeking to fix these upon the Federal Constitution, to make that instrument walk backward in like style.

  25. To sum up, it is thanks solely to the obstinate persistence of backward methods in Russian agriculture that the nobility is able to maintain its position.

  26. Jim found his arms twisted backward and upward until his bones cracked and his joints came loose; with wrists pinioned behind his shoulder-blades and walking on his toes he was propelled into the street.

  27. With a backward kick he sent his overturned chair flying, then made for Hammon.

  28. He rose, took his hat, and stalked out of the apartment without so much as a backward glance.

  29. Adoree rose, she removed her tango cap and the mantle elaborately draped from one shoulder that served as an evening wrap, then with a lingering backward glance she disappeared into her chamber.

  30. Ukiukiu grows weak toward late afternoon, which is the way of all trade-winds, and is driven backward by Naulu.

  31. Thus it is with the man who leaps forward from the springboard, out over the swimming pool, and with a backward half-revolution of the body, enters the water head first.

  32. More than one historian has remarked that the state of education in Scotland had always been considerably in advance of what might have been expected from its backward civilisation.

  33. After this answer, given in the most serious tone, the queen continued eating, and the marshal retreated backward to his original place.

  34. Helen, who would have been ashamed to be beaten by her cousin, was not backward in shewing her legs.

  35. Even those who have fought know very little of what took place, they have been mere atoms moving backward and forward in the vast fluctuation, blinded in the obscurity of the conflict.

  36. Fourth, you will not have wasted space and time with any backward black sheep among the lot, as these should be discarded at the second planting.

  37. It is a part of Nature's law of the survival of the fittest that any backward or weakling plant or tree seems to fall first prey to the ravages of destructive forces.

  38. Then, as I faced Timour, ready to force him backward through the door into the night-quarters, something in the blank glare of his eyes seemed to fascinate me.

  39. The Lizard continued to turn the needle backward and forward around the face of the dial.

  40. Then one of the hind legs is stretched backward and, at the same time, the mouth is opened widely and the tail is moved in an undulatory fashion.

  41. The eggs number four, of a creamy yellow or stone colour, with light brown spots and blotches, as it were, in the shell, and dark brown on the surface.

  42. They are white, spotted with reddish-brown.

  43. His mind, in working backward to the splendid world of the past, the world in which his chief had played such heroic and stirring parts, his heart had been comforted--or at any rate lightened.

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