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Example sentences for "backstairs"

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  1. I know nothing of what you have been telling me about [your backstairs channels, your Duc de Choiseul and his humors]: but for making Peace there are two conditions which I never will depart from: 1.

  2. He darted across the room and opened the narrow door that led into the backstairs corridor.

  3. But where, oh, where was the exiled Phelan when the bogus Gladwin went on his backstairs investigation?

  4. Kearney, pointing to the panel door that opened upon the backstairs hallway.

  5. And the man who invented the backstairs waist, he groaned in his swollen throat.

  6. I will take you in the kitchen door and up the backstairs to my room, and doctor it unknown to anybody.

  7. I do not believe in backstairs diplomacy any more than Dr.

  8. But I hope one of the results of this war will be the end of backstairs diplomacy.

  9. Mary Ellen fetched it up the backstairs to me.

  10. Then up the cavernous backstairs came the peal of the front door bell.

  11. Never met a man," he was wont to say, "with no backstairs to his mind!

  12. I will take you up the backstairs: but I must bandage your eyes first; for I never allow anybody to see those backstairs of mine.

  13. For the rest, if they have any positive industry, it is that of plots, and backstairs conclaves.

  14. The Yorke's Peninsula of Flinders was styled Presqu'Ile Cambaceres; his Investigator Strait became Detroit de Lacepede; and his Backstairs Passage, Detroit de Colbert.

  15. Although the sloop quitted her anchorage early on the morning of April 7, at eight o'clock in the evening she had made very little headway across Backstairs Passage.

  16. On her way down the backstairs she says she heard Lois Dunlap's second ring and went to answer it.

  17. Furthermore, I am positive that Sprague descended by the backstairs and went around the house to join the cocktail party which was to follow the hen bridge party.

  18. It was not here a question of reconnaissance work or of costly backstairs methods in a carefully watched fortified area of prime strategical significance like the environs of the Hellespont.

  19. When a gentleman, through zeal for the public service, undertakes to do the public business, we know that we shall hear the cant of backstairs counsellors.

  20. But we never heard this while the declaimer was himself a backstairs man, as he calls it, but in the confidence and views of the administration, as may more properly and respectfully be said.

  21. He speaks of secret communications between the executive and members, of backstairs influence, &tc.

  22. Intrigue, a sudden dislike, some backstairs piece of gossip, here is the real root of great changes.

  23. The powers of the King are described in terms more suitable to the iron despotism of William the Norman than to the backstairs corruption of George III.

  24. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "backstairs" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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