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Example sentences for "discrepant"

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discreete; discreetest; discreetly; discrepancies; discrepancy; discrete; discretion; discretional; discretionary; discretions
  1. Marsden aptly quotes in reference to this point excessively loose and discrepant statements from modern authors as to the number of bridges in Venice.

  2. And in this view it appeared to me not unprofitable to notice even the most discrepant theories on the subject, as being nevertheless well calculated to throw a clear and steady light on the simple truth.

  3. Utterly discrepant values of the microscopic displacements designed to serve as sounding lines for the solar system, issued from attempts to measure even the most promising pictures.

  4. But now these two discrepant masses being mutually annihilated, it is as if the Erebus-cloud had got to internal composure; and did only pour its hellfire lightning on the World that lay under it.

  5. Cuts also there were, pricks in the posterior fleshy parts; much rending of skirts, and other discrepant waste.

  6. The sum of the somewhat discrepant evidence accords with a characteristically unsatisfactory statement by Mashém, to the effect that the mourning ceremonies are important only in connection with women—i.

  7. Cash-Payment: The Plugson Ledger, and the Tablets of Heaven's Chancery, discrepant exceedingly.

  8. Except that they were both young, neither of them yet twenty, too people could not easily be found so discrepant in every circumstance and every quality.

  9. The most discrepant date and designation of the epidemic of those years are those given in Hardiman's History of Galway (p.

  10. It has been compiled from the parish registers, as extracted in Lysons' Environs of London, Defoe's widely discrepant figures being given for comparison in the third column.

  11. The German writers have assumed that the sweat was prevalent abroad really in the same summer or autumn as in England, explaining the discrepant dates by the difference in the English calendar.

  12. But these legends of the dragon admit of another and, at first sight at least, discrepant explanation.

  13. To cite the numerous instances of discrepant results, would only encumber this brief notice with facts neither interesting to the general reader, nor convincing to those who hold a contrary opinion.

  14. Their first crude conception of dazzling suites of the newly perfect is replaced almost from the outset by a jackdaw dream of accumulating costly discrepant old things.

  15. The teachings of inspiration are infinitely discrepant and contradictory, and often plainly world-wide from the truth they pretend to embody.

  16. This sometimes difficult transference affords a probable explanation of a good number of the discrepant dates found in Oriental-Occidental books.

  17. I omit the many discrepant accounts of dying confessions accusing or absolving the Queen.

  18. Of Bothwell, the third protagonist in the tragedy of Three, we have no portrait, and but discrepant descriptions.

  19. Do not plaintiff and defendant invariably survey the point at issue between them under discrepant aspects?

  20. Doubtless right-spirited men are praying now at a thousand discrepant altars.

  21. Two discrepant dates in Buddhist chronology are scornfully pointed out by the Oxford Professor.

  22. So far as the narrative in the first gospel, on the one hand, and those in the third gospel and the Acts, on the other, go beyond what is stated in the second gospel, they are hopelessly discrepant with one another.

  23. That different ideas have prevailed in different ages of the world as to where fiction ends and fabrication begins;—that widely discrepant views are entertained on the subject even in our own age;—all must be aware.

  24. On the other hand, discrepant as the testimony of these two MSS.

  25. III-22] There is difficulty in adjusting the discrepant records of Mar.

  26. He often asked himself if this was the only anomaly in his child--if there were not other traits, yet undiscovered, as discrepant as this light volatility with her general character: and he puzzled himself sorely.

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    adverse; antagonistic; anti; antipathetic; antithetical; assorted; balancing; clashing; compensating; conflicting; confronting; contradictory; contrary; converse; counter; cranky; cross; deviating; different; differing; disagreeable; disagreeing; discordant; discrepant; discrete; disparate; disproportionate; dissident; dissimilar; dissonant; distinct; distinguished; divergent; divers; diverse; diversified; grating; heterogeneous; hostile; incompatible; incongruous; inconsistent; inharmonious; inimical; inverse; irreconcilable; jangling; jarring; many; motley; multifarious; negative; obverse; opposed; opposing; opposite; oppositional; perverse; repugnant; reverse; separate; separated; several; uncongenial; unequal; uneven; unlike; variant; varied; variegated; various; varying