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Example sentences for "antipathetic"

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  1. Only sometimes he must be antipathetic to those men of duty who make renunciation, sacrifice, and humility the measure of individual worth.

  2. This labored art is wholly antipathetic to me.

  3. Before people who were not intimate, who were, in fact, antipathetic to him, Blake would abuse Stothard roundly and criticise him wantonly.

  4. His genius, atmosphere, and modes of thought were antipathetic to his age, and his aims and achievement proved so difficult to understand from the point of view of that day, that he was summarily and uncomprehendingly set down as mad.

  5. When engaged in chewing and eating their favourite nuts, they find themselves, in spite of their cunning, raised to a great height, without seeing the man underneath their pedestal, who impels them upwards with antipathetic electricity.

  6. It is saturated with the antipathetic solution, of which I have spoken above.

  7. The waters of this river are very prejudicial to man; perhaps the qualities which make them agreeable to the beast render them antipathetic to man's constitution.

  8. Nothing could be more antipathetic to the French State.

  9. He was now at liberty to indulge that antipathetic feeling towards Godwin Peak which sundry considerations had hitherto urged him to repress.

  10. I can't quite say why I dislike her so, but she grows more antipathetic to me the better I know her.

  11. Flaxman's Epicureanism, the easy tolerance with which, now that the effervescence of his youth had subsided, the man harboured and dallied with a dozen contradictory beliefs, were at times peculiarly antipathetic to Elsmere.

  12. There seems to be something peculiarly antipathetic in her to the squire.

  13. The most probable explanation of this mortifying luke-warmness is that Rubinstein does not care for my music, that my musical temperament is antipathetic to him.

  14. To the composer of the "Ocean Symphony" Tchaikovsky's earliest essays in composition were as antipathetic as Eugene Oniegin and the Fifth Symphony.

  15. Wagner's personality and tendencies were antipathetic to him; but while the inspired music of the latter found an echo in his heart, the works of Brahms left him cold.

  16. His works as a rule are quite antipathetic to me.

  17. Now, however, the matter is decided, and on mature consideration I am convinced I was wise not to undertake a business so antipathetic to my temperament.

  18. But I must simply confess that, independent of any definite accusation, Brahms, as a musical personality, is antipathetic to me.

  19. From this you can conclude that if you are antipathetic to me, this antipathy proceeds fundamentally from myself.

  20. As to the soulless theory regarding the fair sex, which has been literally thrust upon the Moslem world by an antipathetic if not inimical Christendom, I quite agree with Burton.

  21. Is the great work that they have done, and the fame they have left behind them in their books, to be consigned to the limbo of oblivion, by an ungrateful because antipathetic Europe?

  22. Then the child had come, and these two naturally antipathetic people had thought: "We shall draw nearer to each other because of the child.

  23. It made no difference to them whether she was fair or dark, tall or short, agreeable or disagreeable, electric or soporific, with an attractive aura or an antipathetic personality.

  24. He sat forward in the chair in an attitude antipathetic to digression from the subject in hand.

  25. Loo was surprised to find that Dormer Colville was less antipathetic than he had anticipated.

  26. For Aesthetic does not recognize the sympathetic or the antipathetic In their varieties, but only the spiritual activity of the representation.

  27. On that day the antipathetic pair were so impressed with the dignities and responsibilities of their position that they treated each other with royal magnanimity.

  28. To Roger Carbury, Felix was a vicious young man, peculiarly antipathetic to himself, to whom no respect whatever was due.

  29. And the people she did receive were antipathetic to Miss Longestaffe.

  30. These Saracinesca are naturally antipathetic to you,' he observed, 'and I daresay you would not be sorry if one of them put his ears in pawn at my bank.

  31. You two are antipathetic to each other,' she said at last, using the phrase because it was vague and implied no fault on either side.

  32. She had had the microscopic eye--nothing could blind her to facts--and her starts and shrinkings had made her antipathetic to most of the persons with whom she had come in contact.

  33. Hilda was unreasonably but sincerely antipathetic to her new neighbours.

  34. He, my chief, attracted me, in spite of the fact that I was antipathetic to him in most things.

  35. When I was a young man who gave promise of a future, which I had not fulfilled, I received as a colleague in my work a man whom I at once felt to be antipathetic to me, and who hated me.

  36. Physically and morally he had yielded his claim to any share in that province of the sun, that his race had conquered and annexed only to find it antipathetic to its needs.

  37. He spoke such things as these and more of a kindred sort to her, being still swayed by the antipathetic wave which warps direct souls with such persistence when once their vision finds itself mocked by appearances.

  38. It is certainly worth considering whether an expatriated, denationalised race, used for ages to live among antipathetic populations, must not inevitably lack some conditions of nobleness.

  39. Chopin now is morbid, here are all his most antipathetic qualities.

  40. Sand was antipathetic to Chopin but her technique for overcoming masculine coyness was as remarkable in its particular fashion as Chopin's proficiency at the keyboard.

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