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Example sentences for "antipathy"

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  1. The priest in every age has a natural antipathy to the prophet, dreads him as kings dread revolution, and is the first to detect his existence.

  2. They are too little acquainted with our history and character, and have far too great a horror of us, to succeed in a design, demanding rather the benevolence of sympathy and trust, than that of antipathy and fear.

  3. He gratifies his natural antipathy to great and courageous measures by playing off the wisdom and courage which have ceased to influence human affairs against that wisdom and courage which living men would employ for present happiness.

  4. The unfortunate consequence of the civil disabilities, and the Church payments under which the Catholics labour, is a rooted antipathy to this country.

  5. The antipathy to one who seeks to hold on to his place beyond the ordinary term--the dislike for a grabber who desires more than is usually assigned--is a perfectly well-known feature in politics.

  6. The soldier who habitually faces death in the foremost rank of the battle, and yet shrinks in mortal fear or antipathy from a mouse, is not an unknown spectacle.

  7. With all his antipathy to the society of the whites, he was their stanch friend, and in many ways was of great service.

  8. Ike, in reality, never cared about the antipathy of Bird, Beagle & Co.

  9. However that might be, I now never failed to discern antipathy similar to my own in his looks, notwithstanding his flattering voice and his over-polite ways.

  10. What did this prove but that a current of antipathy existed between him and me?

  11. This great and unusual act of authority in the council, gave the Roman pontiffs ever after a mortal antipathy to those assemblies.

  12. I have an antipathy to everything connected with intrigue, but under the present circumstances am obliged to act cautiously in consideration for my mother's feelings, for which I have a very great regard.

  13. Cavour, who began by treating his chief's antipathy to his new ally as a prejudice to be made fun of, and in the end dispelled, came to understand that it was insuperable.

  14. On this side, no doubt part of the antipathy arose from the popular feeling against Cavour's father, who still occupied the invidious and ill-defined office of Vicario.

  15. The improvement of the harbour of Montreal was suspended, from a political antipathy to a leading English merchant who had been the most active of the commissioners, and by whom it had been conducted with the most admirable success.

  16. The geyser of his prejudice and antipathy was furiously alive.

  17. Neither he nor Holden had known the old antipathy of Terry and Constantine Jopp.

  18. They brought the large literature of their Eastern and Egyptian leaders into Castile, and were thereby strengthened in their deep antipathy to Rabbinical Judaism.

  19. Whilst he occasionally expressed his disapproval of Maimuni's views, paying him at the same time the greatest respect, he had a decided antipathy towards Ibn-Ezra.

  20. Matters would have been much worse for the German Jews on this occasion, had not Emperor Conrad, who at first felt an antipathy to the extravagant feeling engendered by the crusade, looked after their safety.

  21. In spite of the antipathy of the leaders of opinion, the Jews of Italy were happy in comparison with their brethren of the Byzantine empire.

  22. The poor fellow could not swim, he had a perfect antipathy to the water, and he felt himself at that moment on the point of being consigned to certain death without a chance of safety.

  23. Help and the pledge of help had lightened many a dark corner that night; and an unexplainable antipathy which had suddenly grown up in Al'mah's mind against Jasmine after her arrival at Glencader was dissipated as the hours wore on.

  24. Here it was that Krool's antipathy to Jasmine and fierce hatred of Fellowes had been nurtured.

  25. That they had this antipathy was very evident,--and that their wish to get rid of him was about to be accomplished, was now vividly apparent to the mind of Capt.

  26. Why he made them, or what reason either of them had for their antipathy to this young man, did not appear.

  27. Let the physicians a little excuse the liberty I take, for by this same infusion and fatal insinuation it is that I have received a hatred and contempt of their doctrine; the antipathy I have against their art is hereditary.

  28. You have been the instrument of my righteous vengeance; but as I have an antipathy to villains, let me never see so much as a glance of recognition from you again.

  29. It is I who have restored the balance of power, by conquering Austria's antipathy to France, by isolating haughty England, and hunting all Europe against rapacious Russia.

  30. Into his antipathy for them there entered a good deal of the pride of the great noble and the officer who condescendingly mingles with liberal and middle-class scribblers.

  31. Tolstoy has many times expressed his antipathy for the "ascetics, who live for themselves only, apart from their fellows.

  32. He had a long-standing antipathy for the Liberals.

  33. Lothair had felt an antipathy for Mr. Phoebus the moment he saw him.

  34. Sympathy and antipathy share our being as day and darkness share our lives.

  35. Their antipathy to purpose, their devotion to irony, naturally induced the desire not to be bound by, not to be responsible for, their words.

  36. And we must keep this frame of mind of his, this remoteness from, nay, this actual antipathy to the Christian standpoint, in view when we judge his so-called change of religion.

  37. There was violent antipathy between the Christian Socialists and the German Nationalists, and the transference of their quarrels from the Viennese Council Chamber to the Reichsrath was very detrimental to the orderly conduct of debate.

  38. Open covenants openly arrived at" appealed to the popular feeling of antipathy toward secret diplomacy, of which the Great War was generally believed to be the product.

  39. The effect of this attempt of President Wilson to check the growing popular antipathy to the League as an obstacle to the speedy restoration of peace was to cause speculation as to whether he really appreciated the situation.

  40. Mr. Smithson never opposed his daughter, and would then overlook his antipathy to the object of her choice.

  41. His antipathy to me has always been evident.

  42. But the decided stand Mr. Smithson took against the true faith was specially manifested by his antipathy to the priesthood.

  43. Had it not been for one suspicion in this cold Protestant’s breast, one cause of antipathy against this overzealous Catholic, Mr. Smithson would not only have esteemed Louis, but would have taken him to his heart.

  44. He began by sounding Albert to make sure of his antipathy to Louis, that he really wished for his dismissal, and if he cared what means were employed provided the end was attained.

  45. She had, as I have already remarked, a general antipathy against the rich.

  46. Such calculations were extremely base and dishonorable, but it must be remembered that Albert was devoid of piety, he coveted his cousin’s dowry, and his antipathy to Louis became stronger every day.

  47. In spite of their sufferings, the Canadians, strong in rooted antipathy to the English, and highly excited by their priests, resolved on fighting to the last.

  48. All through there had been on his side the uncomfortable knowledge of his grandfather's antipathy to Richard Boyce, and of the social steps to which that antipathy would inevitably lead.

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