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Example sentences for "averse"

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averment; averments; averred; averring; avers; averseness; aversion; aversions; avert; averted
  1. The Cossacks of that country, ever averse to subjection, knew not whether they belonged to the Turks, Poland, or Russia.

  2. She received no fees and was averse to being experimented with for fear of being ridiculed or called a witch by her associates.

  3. Complete silence reigned among the miners: they addressed not a word to each other, and seemed averse to all conversation.

  4. Blunt strenuously objected, not because he was averse to ridding Kansas of the Indians, but because he had no faith in an Indian soldiery.

  5. He told her so; and found her by no means averse to his making the same declaration to her father and mother.

  6. But I understood that you was by no means averse to his informing me of his attachment, and was willing, if my consent was obtained, to become his wife.

  7. Godolphin, tho' he believed Emmeline not only indifferent but averse to him, was yet much disquieted at finding she was likely again to be exposed to his importunities.

  8. To relate to him the melancholy story she had heard, would, she found, be an undertaking to which she was wholly unequal; and she was equally averse to the invention of a plausible falsehood.

  9. He then asked her, 'whether, if the consent of Lord and Lady Montreville could be obtained, she would continue averse to him?

  10. We ourselves are averse to marriage; but if a woman must needs have a husband (and that deep blushing betokeneth methinks thy bent thereon), she should set her heart wisely, and govern it discreetly.

  11. But Mr Inglis was averse to proceed upon suspicion; in fact, he was averse to punishing the culprit at all, even if he brought the theft home to him; and therefore he took no steps in the matter.

  12. Giovanni de' Medici, by nature mild and voluptuous, averse to violence of all kinds, had to smile approval, while the Spanish Viceroy knocked thus with mailed hand for him at the door of Florence.

  13. At the same time he was not averse to the more mystic rites of Egypt: in his villa at Tivoli he built a Serapeum, and named one of its quarters Canopus.

  14. He was by nature averse to strife, and the encounters of the political arena had little attraction for him.

  15. My husband's eldest sister, who lived with us, and who had held the reins of the housekeeping until my arrival, was averse to company, and usually absented herself on the days of the dinner parties.

  16. Margaret's nature impelled her to rush into "the imminent deadly breach," while an element of caution and world-wisdom made the doctor averse to all unnecessary antagonism and conflict.

  17. He was a reader of Dickens, but was much averse to serials, and waited always for the publication of the stories in book form.

  18. My husband was himself averse to public appearances.

  19. I supposed some time or other he would renew the invitation, but I also remembered that his grandfather was said to be queer, and averse to meeting strangers; so I've thought nothing about it.

  20. Although not averse to having a little entertainment of the sort at times, none of them seemed to particularly fancy being made a scapegoat.

  21. She had felt a desire to speak to him upon that point as she was sure he was of fine stock, and entirely averse to the invasion of such territory as that of dear old Virginia.

  22. Perhaps he was averse to change the splendour of Conversano for the irksome poverty of Rouen.

  23. I have ever been averse to everything like worldly distinction in a congregation, and admire the usage of the Romish Church in even dispensing with pews altogether.

  24. That Patt should cling to one like Mary Warren seemed to me quite as natural as that she should be averse to much association with Opportunity Newcome.

  25. As he was by nature averse to contests, he never took an extreme part in the antislavery movement, although he voiced his feelings against slavery, even giving antislavery lectures, when he thought the occasion required such action.

  26. I am myself much of a cockney, and not averse to asphalt and streets ablaze with electric banners.

  27. I recalled that my own mother had, throughout her life, imputed all manner of occult powers and influences to the number thirteen, and I have myself always been averse to walking beneath a ladder.

  28. Now that I was in the open again with a whole skin I was not averse to the victor's crown; I would even wear it tilted slightly over one ear.

  29. The following year, Carlyle, who was at one time averse to the idea of becoming a personal force in politics, published the first of a series of attacks on the shams and corruptions of modern society, under the title of "Chartism.

  30. Most men, I believe, are averse to elopements as a general principle; but there are always exceptions, as every one discovers when his own wishes are thwarted.

  31. Old Murdock, taking his cue from Tom, told old Ned that if he found Winny at all averse to marrying Tom, he was certain young Lennon would be at the bottom of it--at least Tom had more than hinted such to him.

  32. He declared before all the company, how averse the duchess had been to all his irregular courses, and that she had never been uneasy to him on any occasion whatsoever, but about women, and his failing of dutie to the late king.

  33. Mild, easy, humble, studious of our good, Inclined to mercy, and averse from blood.

  34. He distributed most of the pamphlets written on the Whig party, and was by no means averse to father even the most dangerous of them; his vanity, according to Burnet, getting the better of his prudence.

  35. Mohammed was averse to anything like a priesthood, and Islam makes no legal provision for an ordained priestly class or caste, as is the case in Christianity, Judaism, Brahmanism, and other religions.

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