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Example sentences for "averted"

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averse; averseness; aversion; aversions; avert; averting; avertir; averts; avesse; avestruz
  1. It might have been averted by prompt and decisive action on the part of Greene.

  2. The same act which thus averted the destruction of Prussia secured to England a most efficient ally in her struggle with France.

  3. On the 1st of February, Chatham introduced a bill which, could it have passed, would no doubt have averted war, even at the eleventh hour.

  4. It ought to have annihilated the American army, had not its worst consequences been averted by Washington's promptness, aided by Sullivan's obstinate bravery and Greene's masterly conduct of the retreat upon Dilworth.

  5. A diversion threatened by less than 3,000 men, who were still more than fifty miles distant, could hardly have averted the doom of the British army.

  6. The motion was thus talked out, and a division averted on the main question.

  7. This was averted mainly by his personal influence.

  8. Finally, the Government had carried out a number of daring measures, which had collectively averted a colossal economic disaster.

  9. The Duke of Valentinais averted this inconvenience in the prompt and efficacious fashion characteristic of him alone.

  10. Ali's Mohammedan Skipetars averted their eyes, and spat into their bosoms, hoping thus to escape the evil influence.

  11. When the Count of Terlizzi averted his eyes from the horrid spectacle, Robert of Cabane cried out imperiously-- "What are you doing there?

  12. To see her brother, who has long since been dead, rising from a cooling board, warns her of complications which may be averted if she puts forth the proper will and energy in struggling against them.

  13. Disastrous consequences could be averted if minds could grasp the inner workings and sight of the higher or spiritual self.

  14. If you dream of looking on de'bris and havoc wrought by a hurricane, you will come close to trouble, which will be averted by the turn in the affairs of others.

  15. Disastrous consequences could often be averted if minds could grasp the inner workings and sight of the higher or spiritual self.

  16. Their friendship lasted on the one side so long as danger could thereby be averted from the other, and a certain Datto Teng-teng attacked the British garrison one night at Balambangan and slaughtered all but six of the troops (vide pp.

  17. In 1828 a conspiracy of a separatist tendency was discovered, and averted without bloodshed.

  18. Then, with a half-averted face, and in words that seemed to come slowly and painfully from a stifled throat, she gave him his answer.

  19. He struck his foot against the sack, and stood there with face averted from them, his eyes fixed upon the ground.

  20. That's master's money," said Pelle, with averted face.

  21. And Dolores and Aina too had withdrawn their favor; when he looked out, they averted their heads and shrugged their shoulders.

  22. They can live in the bliss of the present moment with eyes continually averted from the curtain of the near future which falls across that bliss and cuts it off.

  23. With averted eyes he took Durnovo by the arm.

  24. But she only shivered and averted her face in reply.

  25. There was no proof, of course, but the esclandre would kill her, and that must be averted at all costs.

  26. He stepped aside to lay it out of harm's way on the mantelpiece, and in so doing caught a closer view of the half-averted face.

  27. Quickly as this was done, the balloon was already distended to the point of bursting, and only the promptest release of gas averted catastrophe.

  28. In this perilous predicament great coolness and agility alone averted disaster, till firemen were able to come to the rescue.

  29. As he took her extended hand, a shuddering seized him; he averted his face, and caught a glimpse of Sir Osmund dismounting, under the casement.

  30. And she averted her eyes from his glance.

  31. He had passed a night of sermons, a day of reflection; he had come wound up to do his duty; and the set mouth, which in him only betrayed the effort of his will, to her seemed the expression of an averted heart.

  32. She glanced at the averted head inquiringly.

  33. She glanced again at his averted head with a wistful little smile.

  34. From the moment of his entrance he had kept his face carefully averted from Hamil's view; had neither looked at him nor spoken except in monosyllabic answer to a single question.

  35. Shiela, who had been listening with head partly averted and grave eyes following the antics of the divers in the pool, turned slowly and encountered Virginia's smile with a straight, cold gaze of utter distrust.

  36. The dull flush deepened on Tressilvain's averted face, but Lady Tressilvain, unusually pale, watched her brother persistently during the general conversation that preceded dressing for dinner.

  37. Tony flushed and averted her eyes for a moment.

  38. She missed the ardent gaze of those wonderful gray eyes which he now kept studiously averted from hers.

  39. Never can I forget that scene--averted eyes, tense set mouths, and rugged faces with the tears rolling down.

  40. Mary murmured to her cousin, with averted countenance.

  41. The cold looks, averted faces, and rude scandal of the neighbours, could be borne, because really there was some excuse in the circumstances, and because he hoped that there would be a joyful ending of it all at some future day.

  42. Still Lucy went on practising her lace-work, her heart beating, and her averted eyes swimming with tears.

  43. The girl looked again across to the figures in the dock, neither of whom apparently saw her, as they, by accident or otherwise, had averted their faces.

  44. She gazed back for an instant with a glance fierce and tameless as his own, then coldly averted her face as she repeated her lesson, as Mr. England vehemently characterised her statement.

  45. It may be that it would not have averted his doom and mine, for when men are pursued by an inexorable fate, there are a thousand roads open for its execution.

  46. Your question was, 'Had a painful truth been revealed to Mr. Carew when he was a single gentleman, whether it might have averted evil consequences to others.

  47. All this Philip could see; the greater part of her face was lost to him as she half averted it, with a shy dislike to the way in which she knew from past experience that cousin Philip always stared at her.

  48. Sylvia started a little when Philip spoke, and kept her soft eyes averted from him after the first glance; she answered him shortly, but with unaccustomed gentleness.

  49. But for the sake of practice in the career of duplicity which he was marking out for her, she took out her handkerchief and averted her head.

  50. Her voice trembled, she ceased for a moment, and looked mournfully up into Hermanric's averted face.

  51. She paused, averted her face, and shuddering violently, disengaged herself from his arms.

  52. For a brief space of time she looked fixedly and anxiously upon the countenance of Hermanric, which was half averted from her, and expressed a fierce and revengeful gloom that sat unnaturally on it noble lineaments.

  53. For an instant, as the priest approached him, the Pagan averted his eyes and looked on the concourse of people and the armed soldiers rapidly advancing.

  54. An expression of mingled confusion, pleasure, and surprise, flushed the girl's half-averted countenance as she listened to the Goth.

  55. Numerian, who had looked on him for an instant, shuddered and averted his eyes, recoiling from the sight before him.

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