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Example sentences for "averting"

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averseness; aversion; aversions; avert; averted; avertir; averts; avesse; avestruz; avete
  1. But there is a way of averting the storm.

  2. Meanwhile the chancellor, threatened by the parliaments, saw only one way of averting the storm which was about to burst on his head.

  3. Leila, averting her countenance, and vainly endeavouring to extricate the hand which he had seized.

  4. It was a proud family, and Mildred being dead, the concealment of the birth of her child was resorted to, as a means of averting a fancied disgrace.

  5. And while thou this day mountest upon it, I shall administer the ceremony for averting all evil from thee; for this altar here, as soon as it gets a mortal's touch, at once enters into the sea.

  6. This animal came snuffing at Emily's hand, and involuntarily, glad perhaps to have a pretence for averting her face, she caressed the silky ears.

  7. Wurtz, who gave me to understand several days since that he saw no other means of averting the evil we dread than those already adopted.

  8. The pain and penance, which so many in her day bore as a cowardly expedient for averting divine wrath, seemed, as she viewed them, a humble way of becoming associated in the sufferings of her Redeemer.

  9. I feel for you, and would gladly aid you to any extent which my duty might allow, in averting the possible calamity that may hang over you.

  10. It has been sent to me by a relative, thinking it might be of service in averting the punishment that awaits me.

  11. He was so very cunning as to have detected how little Cuffe was disposed to believe him; and he told the truth as the most certain means of averting mischief from the lugger.

  12. Marco felt this, for without averting his gaze from her face he said slowly: "You ought to have been the man and Stephan the woman.

  13. I think I am beginning to understand now," answered the shipowner, averting his eyes lest Iris should see the tears in them.

  14. I remember something of this," she said slowly, never once averting her gaze.

  15. The very warning might be the means of averting such a fate.

  16. Surely, if we really believed that, and if we believed that there is only one way of averting such a fate, we would move heaven and earth to avert it.

  17. The fact that we, with our poor, limited powers, can see that there was a way of averting unutterable and everlasting woe from even one soul, is a strong argument that there is no everlasting woe.

  18. Your secret is safe, monsieur," she said, modestly averting her eyes from my frankly admiring look.

  19. Clara looked at her earnestly for a moment, and then averting her head, answered evasively: "Pardon me; I have no right to dictate the terms in which you should mention your benefactor.

  20. I could not sing either now," replied Beulah, averting her face.

  21. Tears rolled over the matron's face, and, hastily averting her head, she wiped them away with the corner of her apron.

  22. Averting his face, his whole frame trembled with ill-concealed emotion.

  23. Skilled in the arts of healing sickness and averting calamities from men or animals, this pigmy renders invaluable aid to the Great-Name Possessor.

  24. Evidently that step was taken for the purpose of averting precisely such incidents as those subsequently precipitated by the conspiracy to restore Heijo.

  25. But Sigismund's zeal and energy succeeded in averting such a disaster.

  26. However, there is a way of averting the evil.

  27. He points out that the ancients attributed to squills a magical power of averting evil influences, and that accordingly they hung them up at the doors of their houses and made use of them in purificatory rites.

  28. M13) But it is on scenes of murder and sudden death that this rude method of averting evil is most commonly practised.

  29. Angrily averting my head, I declined any assistance or attention whatever, and pride having thus stepped in to the rescue, I was able to maintain as rigid a demeanor as Mr. Rutledge himself.

  30. I exclaimed, with flashing eyes, averting my head from her touch and springing up.

  31. Black says:[668] "On the banks of the Ale and the Teviot the women have still a custom of wearing round their necks blue woollen threads or cords till they wean their children, doing this for the purpose of averting ephemeral fevers.

  32. Army,[269] says that the ceremony just described was "a most sacred one and entered into for the purpose of averting the diseases with which the Apache at Camp Verde had been afflicted the summer previous.

  33. Morality and virtue were unknown as elements of heathen service; and the dominant idea in pagan worship was that of propitiating the gods, in the hope of averting their anger and purchasing their favor.

  34. Nevertheless He saw the evil into which His children would assuredly fall; and with infinite love and mercy did He ordain means of averting the dire effect, provided the transgressor would elect to avail himself thereof.

  35. I have never seen or heard from him since I returned home," answered Alice, averting her face.

  36. I beg your pardon, madam," said he, suddenly averting his gaze.

  37. At a certain stage of development men seem to have imagined that the means of averting the threatened calamity were in their own hands, and that they could hasten or retard the flight of the seasons by magic art.

  38. They "are never permitted to walk on the ice of rivers or lakes, or near the part where the men are hunting beaver, or where a fishing-net is set, for fear of averting their success.

  39. Again, to take another example, in many villages of Provence the priest is still reputed to possess the faculty of averting storms.

  40. There is only one way of averting these dangers.

  41. Their main business is to summon or exorcise spirits for the purpose of averting or dispelling sickness, and of procuring favourable winds, a good catch of fish, and so on.

  42. In the period of time thus given him he might, without doubt, succeed in averting the destruction of the big dam.

  43. During the trip to Mexico to which reference has been made, Ned Nestor had succeeded in averting serious complications between the government of that rebellious republic and the government of the United States.

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