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Example sentences for "fees"

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  1. To them was intrusted the duty of instructing the less experienced rogues, and of determining the language of Slang; and, as a reward for their good and loyal services, they had the right of begging without paying any fees to their chiefs.

  2. They and the bailiffs of inferior rank were expressly forbidden from receiving money or fees from the parties in any suit, but they were allowed to accept on one day refreshment and bottles of wine.

  3. The fees of attorneys were taxed and reduced in amount.

  4. These consequently paid the largest fees to the Coesre (Fig.

  5. Alan, earl of Galloway, is said to have possessed thirty knights' fees in England and one half of the lands in Galloway.

  6. The fees are very moderate: in an ordinary bankruptcy the attorney's fees do not, it is said, exceed £5.

  7. Honour me with your attendance on my course for twenty years more, and promise me that you will bring me my fees at the end of that time.

  8. Charge upon the Publick, there should be no Fees upon any Account, neither should he put them to any Expence.

  9. That the deer to be kept on the said waste soil may not exceed 800 at any one time; and the fees which belong to the particular officers, touching venison, may be preserved to them, as to venison only, and not to wood and trees.

  10. All alms and burial-fees were withdrawn, and the people refused even to attend mass in their church.

  11. To those who were poor he remitted the fees due to him as professor, and even from the rich he on many occasions refused to receive any recompense.

  12. You forget that he fixed your real position rather clearly when he stipulated that you were to have a salary of twenty-five thousand dollars a year, and fees as a trustee.

  13. The fees of a marriage by banns vary from 11s.

  14. The payment of the fees is generally entrusted to the bridegroom's "best man," or some other intimate friend of his.

  15. In the first place, though her father's letter had relieved all anxiety about her school fees and general expenses, and removed her from her former most unpleasant position, it did not give any clue to his present whereabouts.

  16. Now, the rule of this school is that fees must be paid in advance at the beginning of each term.

  17. Miss Poppleton's manner towards Gipsy hardened a little more each week that mail day arrived and brought no solution of the problem where her school fees were to come from.

  18. Your relatives there would be forced, at least, to support you, though I suppose I shall have to write down your fees here as bad debts.

  19. Where are your fees for this term, I should like to know?

  20. This year he made money by prizes and fees for victualling, so that by Dec.

  21. The fees that they shall take at the making of Knights of the Bath, it appeareth next after the chapter of Squires.

  22. And for the fees that he claimeth among the Henxmen of all their apparel, the Chamberlain is the judge.

  23. Such sums as the law would permit should be paid thenceforward in the form of decent funeral fees for householders dying in their own parishes, and there the exactions should terminate.

  24. At which time the keeper took for your bedeman's fees other ten shillings, when four shillings should have sufficed if he had been delivered in good health.

  25. The net receipts from fees were necessarily very small.

  26. The scholarships sold had added something to the endowment fund, but the number of students paying tuition fees was reduced, and thus the current receipts were not increased.

  27. When they were issued, fees were $33 per session.

  28. All the officials who were entitled to fees from the issue of land patents agreed to surrender the same, so that it would have imposed upon the settlers only the cost of improvements.

  29. Fees in no manner depended upon the result of the proceedings in the case.

  30. As late as the middle of the fifteenth century, the court of Duke William of Saxony paid for one pound of sugar 1 thaler and 8 groschens, while ducal fees paid to servants and workmen seldom exceeded 2 gr.

  31. They charge big fees and give a little medicine and then move on, and you have no redress if they have not accomplished all that they have promised.

  32. That it gave perfect satisfaction I will not assert, but it was never contested and paid no fees to lawyers.

  33. This was done by imposing fees and charges and duties, not merely upon goods and vessels from abroad but upon those of their fellow States.

  34. The income was to be provided by fees for registration and the accounts were to be audited and published annually by the Board to whom the Council was also required to submit a report of its proceedings once a year.

  35. She is a good teacher but her fees are very high.

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