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Example sentences for "facing"

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  1. The church was far enough advanced in 1320 for services to be held in it, tho the façade was then, as until a very recent period it remained, a plain brick wall, without facing or any other ornament.

  2. Of the internal arrangement of the monument nothing was known until 1825, when the principal door was discovered in the middle of the square basement facing the bridge.

  3. He put out his hands and gently turned her so that she stood facing him.

  4. With this preliminary amenity he looked around, chose a chair, brought it forward, and sat down facing her.

  5. The company facing her was elegant, if not precisely smart, and there were enough laces and diamonds displayed to have done excellent service if the proper background had been provided.

  6. Claire's final check from Flint was dwindling with alarming rapidity; indeed, she was facing the first of the year with the realization that there would be barely enough to pay the next month's rent, let alone to settle the current bills.

  7. After this first assault the teams found themselves thus: The Kingstonians were stretched prone upon the board with their legs straight against the cleats; Sawed-Off was braced against his cleat and seated, facing Troy.

  8. We picked out a nice hot day, and, selecting the most erect wall of the mountain, facing west, we scaled it in such a way that it will not have to be done again till new scales grow on it.

  9. He wore hunting things in the Winter evenings, and the scarlet coat, with the little facing of blue, became his dark skin and eyes.

  10. My mother is a good woman," she said, facing Mrs. Comerford.

  11. If Laurence had imposed difficulties on her she would have justified herself in facing them.

  12. Dudley had been floundering inwardly through the attempt to avoid facing the ridiculous.

  13. It was at the back, facing the mouth of the creek and the sea, and afforded a beautiful marine view, but that was all.

  14. The girl was facing him once more, and she was serious, though the corners of her mouth still twitched.

  15. He stooped to pick up the fragments of the plate, and, rising once more to an erect position, found himself facing Miss Ruth Graham.

  16. Then, taking her stand facing them, she raised her own plate to the level of her chest.

  17. Dick called down his whole command out of the houses, and facing them both ways, and encouraging their valour both by word and gesture, returned as best he could the double shower of shafts that fell about his post.

  18. But my drawing of leaves, facing page 120, Vol.

  19. I station myself, facing her, on this stool.

  20. He oriented himself, remembered that there was a café on the side facing the quay, and went to find it.

  21. She pressed Durtal's hand and sat down facing him, and he perceived under the wrap her indigo silk stockings in little patent leather bootines with straps across the insteps.

  22. It was on the fifth floor, facing a sufficiently airy court.

  23. Pride In Distress " 65 Hans Hecklemann Ploughs For Gold Page 65 Profession And Practice Facing P.

  24. I was truly Concerned in reading it, and I now felt almost ashamed as well as concerned in facing her, though her infidelity at that time, was of her own public avowal.

  25. The moment he came in sight, which was not for full ten minutes after his awful summons, he made a low bow to the chancellor and court facing him.

  26. He was grateful and drew up a chair, facing the East.

  27. Facing the South, through many a hot-breathed night, he saw her--and the little house.

  28. Facing him, Mrs. Wordling encountered a perfectly unembarrassed young man, and a calm depth of eye that seemed to have come and gone from her world, and taken away nothing to remember that was wildly exciting.

  29. Señor Rey and the handsome man were facing each other in a dull green room.

  30. He was facing the old battle; and yet a certain uplift came from her brave spirit.

  31. She was not in the least diffident when it came to facing Miss Reid, and she intended to drive home her point.

  32. Chairs from the dining room had been brought into the living room and placed in regular rows facing the west wall.

  33. The stadium[222] is on the right hand of a person facing the theatre, and it is undoubtedly the oldest work remaining of all that belonged to the ancient city.

  34. Each of these is adorned with four porphyry pillars; not standing in a line with those of the wall, but placed by couples in the front of the gate facing the palace, on each side.

  35. The entrance is through a magnificent gateway facing the north, two hundred feet in front, and fifty-seven feet high, above the present level of the soil.

  36. In this wall are two gates, one facing Cyparissaii, and the other looking towards Laconia.

  37. The superb entrance was facing the Via Sacra.

  38. He had not weakened under the disgrace which Benjamin Corvet had left to him, whatever that might be; he had grown stronger facing it.

  39. The Indian, without answering, moved around to the other side of the table, where he stood facing Alan.

  40. Corvet, still carrying his coat upon his arm, turned northward along Michigan Avenue, facing into the gale.

  41. Henry was seated at his desk, facing her, his big hands before him; one of them held the telephone receiver.

  42. Sherrill drew one of the large chairs nearer to Alan and sat down facing him.

  43. Following his noncommittal nod of acknowledgment of Sherrill's introduction and his first steady scrutiny of Alan, the big, handsome man swung himself off from the desk on which he sat and leaned against it, facing them more directly.

  44. Seymour, playing centre field, had a bad background against which to judge fly balls that afternoon, facing the shadows of the towering stand, with the uncertain horizon formed by persons perched on the roof.

  45. But Sallee will take a long wind-up and shoot one off his shoe tops and another from his shoulder while he is facing second base.

  46. Most southpaws can keep a runner close to the bag because they are facing first base when in a position to pitch, but Sallee cannot.

  47. But at the thought of facing that battery of laughter we fled in haste.

  48. The scene was directly along the deck facing the cuddy's cabin port-hole from which she stared.

  49. They stood facing one another in the dusk, like two half-baffled figures.

  50. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "facing" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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