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Example sentences for "filling"

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filleted; filleth; filleting; fillets; fillies; fillings; fillip; filliped; fills; fillum
  1. After filling his mouth with household bread, stale, he at once began: "How are you going down to Robin Hill?

  2. This he was filling with papers, with the Times, and a bottle of Eau-de Cologne.

  3. Val watched the slow liquid filling his glass, the essential oil of the old wine glazing the surface; inhaled its aroma, and thought: 'Now for it!

  4. If he has his dates befuddled, I may work with him to help him to recall or suggest to him that maybe some home work--he ought to write all this down so that when he is filling an application form out for work so that he can get it accurate.

  5. But I can't say that I recall, you know, filling out a card for him.

  6. On railways the steam shovel is used mostly in connection with maintenance of way work: loading gravel for ballasting the track, widening cuts, filling trestles, etc.

  7. The material is generally utilized in filling trestles, widening embankments for side tracks, double tracks, yards, etc.

  8. This plow unloads the material equally on both sides of the car, as it is wanted in filling trestles, raising embankments, tracks, etc.

  9. As he smoked on, the room, which had been almost entirely empty of customers, began filling up.

  10. With the raising of the scarred and dented top a mass of letters and papers came into view, filling the box to the brim--some tied with red tape, others in big envelopes.

  11. She was close to the light, reading, the coffee-pot singing away on the stove, the aroma of its contents filling the room.

  12. There was no need to lie in filling out the forms.

  13. Then each in turn told the bartender that they were out on the trail with only half a jug of whiskey, and would he finish filling it up?

  14. During that time I also worked in garages, filling stations, grocery stores, tire shops, and welding shops, besides driving a truck now and then when I was needed.

  15. Along with his farming he also operated a grocery store, a filling station, and the post office.

  16. I pulled into a filling station in Sweetwater with barely enough gas in my tank to wet the end of a stick.

  17. But each cottonpicker told other cottonpickers that there was a boy (me) down there at Hudson's Filling Station that would fix their lights for maybe a quarter--not over 50 cents.

  18. Another job in my younger days was working at Hudson's Filling Station for Sox and Red Hudson.

  19. Another burglar visited me while I was working at another filling station.

  20. Some filling stations in Hamlin saved their used oil for us.

  21. But even this filling station work wasn't all rosy.

  22. They had to bale her out continuously, for the waves broke over her each moment, half-filling her on many occasions.

  23. Him, filling all space as He also filled it, He and the Light at the same time filling the same place and every place?

  24. He describes the Spirit of Life, the soul that animates the world, fired with the passion of Love, uniting with Nature and itself, itself a part of Nature, and filling its own bosom with new productions.

  25. This higher love is neither mortal nor immortal, but a power intermediate between the human and the Divine, filling up the mighty interval, and binding the Universe together.

  26. He is comparable only to the Sea, filling some great reservoir, its bed in the earth, for example; wherein it fashions for itself a certain concavity, so that thereby we may begin to compute the dimensions of the Sea itself.

  27. Deity's nature expressed by describing Him as Light filling all space, 766-u.

  28. First he took a sip, then setting his glass down, he next walked leisurely into the room adjoining for his tobacco box, with the intention of filling his yard of clay.

  29. He was on the point of filling up again from the jug close at hand, when a yawn escaped him.

  30. For twenty-four years, new popes, filling in rapid succession the chair of St. Peter (Gregory X.

  31. Janus," she whispered softly, filling the syllables with a wealth of tenderness and sympathy.

  32. The two men begin filling up the doorway with rude blocks of masonry.

  33. All the bells of the place by this time had joined with the tocsin, filling the air with dismal, deafening sound.

  34. And if there is anything that will move the heart of man to its inmost depth, filling it with holy reverence, it is the unselfish deed done for love of a cause which is sacred to all and believed in by each.

  35. These parasites grow to a very large size when compared with the fish which harbors them, often filling the abdominal cavity to such a degree as to give the fish a deceptively plump appearance.

  36. Japan) are short, wide-bodied sharks, which have the habit of filling the capacious stomach with air, then floating belly upward like a globefish.

  37. This battery was constructed by filling corn-sacks with sand, and piling them up in tiers, leaving embrasures for the guns.

  38. Down this pathway ran sluggishly a band of blood nearly an inch thick, filling the channel.

  39. The insect is motionless, and hardly ten minutes elapse between the first cut of the ovipositor and the filling of the egg-chamber with eggs.

  40. On this occasion they had almost completely filled the seats in the hall, staring at the judge, the lawyers, the witnesses and the prisoner, and filling the room with a suppressed hum of comment until called to order.

  41. A sense of injustice and wrong seized him, filling him with a desire to confront his enemies and defend himself as best he could.

  42. You are filling an important position on the team.

  43. Finally Eliot made up the team, filling Hayden’s place in the backfield with a substitute and placing Stone at left guard.

  44. It sought to annihilate pleasure, to pollute the heart by filling it with religious cruelty and gloom, and to change mankind into a vast horde of pious, heartless fiends.

  45. St. George was filling a pipe, and whistling the while a melancholy old tune.

  46. If it not only filled Glen Roy, but extended to the southern side of Glen Spean immediately opposite the opening of Glen Roy, what prevented it from filling the whole of that valley also?

  47. But no sooner was she imprisoned there than in a flash Lavendie's face of disgust; and the red-lipped women, the green stuff that smelled of peppermint came back, filling her with a rush of dismay.

  48. We had not gone fifty yards before we came on the afterdamp, filling the headway like smoke.

  49. When Mary heard his old familiar voice strong, clear, and harmonious, filling the aisles and chapels of the beautiful old church, she was quite re-assured.

  50. A hundred yards behind, the blacks were running as hard as they could, filling the air with their shouts, but she felt that she was safe now.

  51. Both were obtained by entering villages at night, and filling their sack from stacks of grain and forage.

  52. On filling the barrel and tube with water, it is possible to produce a pressure which will burst the barrel, though it be a strong one, and though the actual weight of water in the tube is comparatively insignificant.

  53. His life was spent in filling high political positions, and his philosophical and scientific writings were by-paths of his fertile mind.

  54. Filling a long tube, closed at one end, with mercury, he inverted the tube with its open orifice in a vessel of mercury.

  55. Indiana smiled in her quiet way; she was busy filling the canoe with green boughs, which she arranged so as completely to transform the little vessel into the semblance of a floating island of evergreen.

  56. I will stay," she said, a great compassion filling her heart.

  57. Then gave his attention to filling the plates; talking at the same time in a cheerful strain.

  58. The school-teacher's old mother sat in her rocker close to the stove, stouter than ever, filling up her chair with those wandering curves and vague outlines which only the over-fleshy human form can assume.

  59. She blamed him when her own back was filling her very soul with the weariness of its ache as she bent over the seams of those grinding wrappers, and when her heart was sore over doubt of Ellen's future.

  60. First she did the portrait of Ori by throwing the shadow of his head on the wall with the help of a lamp, then drawing the outline and filling it in with India ink.

  61. This was done by placing a lamp so that it threw a shadow of the face in profile on the wall, then outlining the shadow and filling it in with black.

  62. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "filling" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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