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Example sentences for "extravagance"

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  1. But, surely we may be allowed to greet this old distinguished benefactor, with a cordial welcome, without subjecting ourselves to the charge of extravagance or caprice.

  2. At one time tempering the licentiousness of popular feeling; at another restraining the extravagance of power, and always regardless of every thing but the great object of his life, the moral and political improvement of mankind.

  3. It seems an idle consequence that we may spend perhaps ten long weary years of hard times, of falling prices, declining business and sharp distress, paying for the orgy of inflated prices, waste and extravagance in which we are now indulging.

  4. A fortnight after, when he was quite recovered, he was talking against religion with as much wildness and extravagance as ever, and seemed highly delighted with shaking the faith of all the company.

  5. Lord Foley,[293] whose extravagance frequently brought his creditors upon him so as to have executions in his house, was rallying George Selwyn on his particular curiosity for spectacles of death.

  6. The banquet cost the frugal Vigée Le Brun some fifteen francs in all; but in the mouths of the spiteful the tale of its extravagance quickly grew.

  7. His reckless extravagance satisfied the nobles; it brought bankruptcy stalking to the doors of the king's palace.

  8. That, of course, we may consider an extravagance of rhetoric on the part of Ammianus; but there is an ugly story of a pearl necklace which Constantina received from the mother-in-law of one Clematius of Alexandria.

  9. Euphrosyne was recalled to save the dynasty, and, with even more than her former insolence, she entered once more upon a career of extravagance and shame.

  10. These extremes of extravagance and meanness were not unusual in his practice.

  11. It is not like YOU to purchase so extravagant and useless a THING--and then this looks like a handkerchief that once belonged to another person--a poor girl who has lost her means of extravagance by the change of the times.

  12. Nevertheless, Miss Monson was too well instructed, and had too much real taste, not to feel surprise at all this extravagance of diction and poetry.

  13. But your extravagance goes beyond all bounds.

  14. The chastity of my thoughts defied misconstruction, and the purity of the will sanctified the extravagance of the act.

  15. One minute after my first actual sight of her my extravagance of agitation, I say, died down to something like calm.

  16. The legend in its very extravagance is a fanciful distortion of the truth.

  17. He was a prince of very violent temper: of its extravagance history has recorded three remarkable examples.

  18. Ferdinand spurns him with the concentrated eloquence of despair and the extravagance of approaching insanity.

  19. On Midsummer day Villiers suggested means for assuring the veto of the physicians on the projected visit to Weymouth, in view of the extravagance and inconvenience of the plans to which it gave rise.

  20. This sum served but to whet his appetite for subsidies, his demands almost equalling in extravagance his Quixotic summons to a royalist crusade.

  21. From her mother she inherited a hatred of French principles and the bent towards intrigue and extravagance which wrecked the careers of that Queen and of her sister, Marie Antoinette.

  22. There stood Eugene Martin, in his fur coat, his florid extravagance of scarf and pin, on his face the ironic smile adapted to his preconceived comedy with Tira.

  23. Doesn't that show she's a child--the pretty extravagance of it!

  24. Under any circumstances this tendency to extravagance would have been dangerous, but when the President seized this moment for his attack upon the bank, he immensely aggravated the evil.

  25. Nevertheless, it is to this degree of extravagance that the baneful ideas of religion have carried the human mind.

  26. To the masked the greatest extravagance of language and gesture is permitted.

  27. Excessive mourning is now becoming a thing of the past, and there is no need now for such laws as were made at the end of the fifteenth century to restrict extravagance in mourning attire.

  28. The very objections made by religious sects such as the Puritans and Quakers, who have departed from extravagance and superfluity, have given rise to new fashions of plainness.

  29. At first these laws alarmed people, but it was soon found that competence to enforce was not commensurate with ability to compile, and the only result achieved was that splendour and extravagance were more or less concealed.

  30. Meanwhile, luxury and extravagance had reached an extreme degree.

  31. Unlike his father he allowed himself to be swayed by favour and affection, arbitrarily ignored time-honoured rules, and was guilty of great extravagance in matters of religion.

  32. But this enormous sum did not long survive the extravagance of Tsunayoshi.

  33. During the administration of the first three Tokugawa shoguns, and under the eighth shogun (Yoshimune), some success attended official injunctions of economy, but on the whole a steady growth of extravagance characterized the era.

  34. Of all these visitations the shogun remained uninformed, and, in spite of them, luxury and extravagance marked the lives of the upper classes.

  35. In amusement, as in all else, there was extravagance and elaboration.

  36. The tradesmen of the era became the centre of extravagance and luxury, so that in a certain sense the history of the Yedo Bakufu may be said to be the history of mercantile development.

  37. The Archbishops and ecclesiastical inhabitants also fell willing victims to the desire for extravagance and ostentatious display.

  38. There was no limit to the extravagance of Unionist demands, most of them ultimatums couched in Kruger-like terms.

  39. It was many a long year before I had a dress-maker's dress, or went to such lengths of luxury and extravagance as to order carpets or curtains to be made for me.

  40. The murder of Joab, and the unwarlike character and extravagance of Solomon, brought about its downfall.

  41. Solomon was cultured and well-educated, but his culture was selfish, and his extravagance knew no bounds.

  42. A wail of woe came from millions whom his wars and extravagance had reduced to starvation.

  43. Republican America will ponder the fact, which the aristocratic courts of Europe ignored, that these entertainments of boundless extravagance were at the expense of the overtaxed and starving people.

  44. Preparations were made for such a display of folly and extravagance as even alarmed the king.

  45. This was all due to the extravagance of the court and the aristocracy, who spent, for the most part, far more than the amount they actually collected and which they honestly believed to be their income.

  46. Perhaps the extravagance of the languid Creole was as trying to Barras as it became afterward to her second husband.

  47. Extravagance is sinful; I must really put it down; I've half a mind to pull the string and make the idol frown.

  48. Noel's extravagance left her as cold as ice.

  49. My extravagance has been inspired by anger and want of occupation.

  50. You are capable of all the extravagance in the world, to the extent of your fixed price of four thousand francs a month!

  51. His extravagance and prodigality shocked the government, and some rumours of an intrigue with a lady of the imperial family--it is said Pauline Bonaparte--made it desirable again to send him away.

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