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Example sentences for "couched"

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  1. He vainly endeavoured to bring the controversy to an end by getting Berengar to accept a confession couched in moderate terms admitting the real presence of the body and blood in the Supper.

  2. Spanish bishop couched quite in the hierarchical form and insisting in strong terms upon the binding obligation of clerical celibacy.

  3. The same thing is true of the contract tablets, which are legal documents: these cover the whole area of Babylonian history, and show that civil law attained a high state of perfection; they are couched in the usual legal phrases.

  4. Our chief did not hesitate to commit to their charge, under parole, his official despatches to the Crown; and all the correspondence was couched in terms so ingenuous that even the enemy could not but admire so much moderation.

  5. Almost any trooper in an Anglo-Indian cavalry regiment would have done better; but then he would have couched his bamboo spear properly and would have put out his horse to speed--an idea which seemed to elude the Madeiran mind.

  6. Oh, thou that wert of humankind--couched so-- A beast of burden on this dunghill!

  7. Through the thin roof the plashing rain-drops fall, But something terrible is couched within.

  8. Gresham complained bitterly of this abridgment of his income in a letter to Secretary Cecil, and also in another letter couched in more guarded terms to the queen herself.

  9. Whether these foreigners were Hebrews, or whether they, being strangers, had the gift of understanding the reports couched in Aramaic, we do not know.

  10. As soon as they (the Western Church) ceased to sit at the feet of the Greeks and began to ponder out a theology of their own, the theology proved to be permeated with forensic ideas and couched in a forensic phraseology.

  11. My eye had been couched into a secondary power of vision, by misery, by solitude, by sympathy with life in all its modes, by experience too early won, and by the sense of danger critically escaped.

  12. Mignet had issued a proclamation couched in the following terms:-- "Since Charles X.

  13. This apology for his own life, couched in a vindication of the artistic temperament, breathes an accent of sincerity, and paints Michelangelo as he really was, with his somewhat haughty sense of personal dignity.

  14. Have I not received in little less than three months two letters written to me by you, divine man; and couched not in terms fit for a servant of good heart and will, but for one beloved as a son?

  15. Not satisfied with seeing that individual prohibited the exercise of his official character, we are invited to pursue him with the joint terrors of legislative wrath, couched in terms selected to convey opprobrium and infix a stigma.

  16. Presently lying couched amid the heather we saw the dragoons come marching loosely two and two, with their reins slack on their horses' necks.

  17. I heard afterwards, that over by the Fords of Crae they had come on a certain informer lying couched in the heather to watch what should happen.

  18. And with that he couched his spear, drove his spurs into "Rozinante," and rode furiously at the nearest merchant.

  19. And with couched lance, and covering himself with his shield, he rushed "Rozinante" at top speed on the nearest windmill.

  20. One of the most striking of the precepts contained in what are called the Golden Verses of Pythagoras, is couched in the words, "Reverence thyself.

  21. The writings of Lavater on the subject of physiognomy are couched in a sort of poetic prose, overflowing with incoherent and vague exclamations, and bearing small resemblance to a treatise in which the elements of science are to be developed.

  22. These denunciations produced no effect on the Emperor and the new Patriarch, and a correspondence between Michael and Nicholas, couched in violent language, continued at intervals for several years.

  23. The royal message demanding the assistance of Parliament was couched in humble language, and asked only for some arrangement by which the debts should be ultimately paid; but even thus it excited a perfect storm in the House.

  24. The writ was given, but accompanied by a letter from the Queen to the Electress Sophia, couched in such angry language that it is said to have caused the death of that princess, now far advanced in years.

  25. The bullocks couched close to the trek-tow and the ponies stamped restlessly again and again from where they were haltered to one of the wheels inside the enclosure and close up to the granite wall.

  26. Methinks in this your dark mysterious dress I see the Gospel couched in parables.

  27. And I dissolve at what I hear, As if another Rosamond were Couched in the labyrinth of my ear.

  28. In Marwar it is an acknowledged fact that the literature falls into two branches, one called Pingal and couched in Braj Bhasha, and the other called [D.

  29. It was formerly considered in England to be the duty of the party taking a guarantee to see that it was couched in language enabling the party giving it to understand clearly to what extent he was binding himself (Nicholson v.

  30. The village of Bethlehem lies prettily couched on the slope of a hill.

  31. Towards the close of this century, and in the beginning of the next, Scottish poetry, now couched in a dialect decidedly peculiar, was cultivated by men of high genius.

  32. His poems are rather essays couched in vigorous verse, with here and there passages of great poetical beauty.

  33. It had the desired effect, although General Halleck returned it as couched in language too insulting to be received.

  34. This address, couched in terms of such dignity, had little effect upon the people.

  35. But an order couched in such terms would look well in the records of the Court.

  36. But his discourse, usually ample and florid as befitted both his person and his calling, was couched on this occasion in Tacitean brevity.

  37. A south wind breathed over the Mediterranean waters, drawing up their moisture which lay couched in thick mists abut its flanks and uplands.

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