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Example sentences for "extras"

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extraordinaries; extraordinarily; extraordinary; extrapolated; extrapolation; extraterrestrial; extraterritorial; extravagance; extravagances; extravagancies
  1. Extras in one direction, they reasoned, should be met by extras in another.

  2. Without doubt money is plentiful during overtime, though the extras are far from being all profit.

  3. First train of eighteen cars has just pulled in: there are seven more of these fruit extras following close, should arrive at Sleepy Cat at four A.

  4. So near home, with many friends, pocket money plenty, the regular rations were supplemented by extras to such an extent that it may be said most of the men fared sumptuously.

  5. Well, you call up the Victor folks and ask can you get a look at that stuff because you're thinking of giving a part to one of the extras that worked in it.

  6. The lately hired extras were now dismissed.

  7. These, he discovered, were extras awaiting employment, many of them Mexicans or strange-appearing mongrels, with a sprinkling of Negroes.

  8. Come prepared for a summer abroad, and we can fit you up with any extras that are needed before we start on our travels.

  9. The rations were artistically turned to good account, and numerous little extras were procured from Balaklava, particularly fish.

  10. The extras were issued in New York as well as in Boston, the report having been telegraphed sheet by sheet as fast as written, and printed there simultaneously with the Herald's.

  11. Extras giving longhand reports of this extraordinary case were issued hourly during the day, and the morning edition contained a shorthand report of the testimony and proceedings of the day previous.

  12. We have had one or two little extras this last year or so; there was the new stair carpet and then the curtains on the second landing.

  13. In a very short while her program was filled right up, the five extras as well.

  14. Usually you young gentlemen like to have a few extras put down.

  15. A tenth part of our income must be given to the King, and sometimes there was little left, as there was always extras to help other expenses.

  16. We soon learned every tenth of our income belonged to the King and many extras to help the expenses.

  17. Does a mother think into her child's needs, the food, and clothing and the extras too, the luxuries?

  18. The next morning he made a steel chopper-digger for each of them, and half a dozen extras for replacements in case more Fuzzies showed up.

  19. They wanted to know where the extras had come from, and when Jack told them, they looked at one another.

  20. All them extras to pay for all over again!

  21. And if he don't fall for her you pass her along to me for a screen test, and if she comes clean there I might work her in among the extras and let her pick up a little money that way to carry her along.

  22. These extras are under orders to go at one another raw, so it'll be more like a battle ought to be.

  23. It was a regular passion with him, this fad for taking along spares and extras on a camping trip or, for that matter, on any sort of trip.

  24. All the last supplements were snatched up; everybody had his pockets stuffed with papers, waiting anxiously the issue of extras in order to buy them, too.

  25. The news in the extras was taken as truthful; for the city was not in a mood then for cool investigation.

  26. This practically makes a section of the track for the time being a "yard," through which extras cannot pass without looking for yard engines, as is usually provided where yard rules include a portion of the main track.

  27. The order may also be needed for two extras or for regular trains of equal class.

  28. When extras are so frequent that the loss of time in protecting themselves would be very serious, it would be better to put the duty on the work train.

  29. There is a class of extras which cannot be dispensed with, and the management of which gives rise to serious difficulty.

  30. The direction of the movement of extras will be added when necessary, as "East" or "West.

  31. The Evening Planet story was on the street before Robison returned to Richards & Tuttle's office, and five minutes later World and Journal extras were selling in the financial district.

  32. Higher than it had been before the newspaper extras came out!

  33. All day the newspapers had been issuing extras giving new details, or repeating old details of the crime.

  34. An hour later the extras were on the streets, announcing the complete and positive identification of Archie Koerner by Bridget Flanagan.

  35. In a very short while her programme was filled right up, the five extras as well.

  36. We have had one or two little extras this last year or so; there was that new stair carpet and then the curtains on the second landing.

  37. Selling extras which were not extras to people who thought they were was proving a most profitable undertaking.

  38. No extras or vacations[from the prospectus of a schoolmistress near London]; say, neither extras nor vacations.

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