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  1. Nothing can be imagined more rich and graceful than this carpet for the fountain's silvery tread, and which seems to bend beneath it, as the light spray rustling in the breeze.

  2. He felt the thick carpet soften under foot, and the gasjets burning by the dressing table and by the glass seemed to shoot whistling flames about his temples.

  3. Muffat gazed at the carpet in order not to see any more.

  4. On the floor there was a red carpet variegated with black foliage.

  5. A carpet was spread on the steps beneath the great awning over the front door in the court, and the moment you entered the hall you were greeted by a perfume as of violets and a soft, warm atmosphere which thick hangings helped to produce.

  6. As a matter of fact, the pale red stain kept reappearing on one of the white roses in the carpet pattern.

  7. He had drained his Muffat dry, and he knew that at a sign from Nana he was ready to lie down and be a carpet under her feet.

  8. The strip of grass which lay muddy in front of her grew brighter as it stretched away and turned into a tender green carpet in the distance.

  9. Then four walls of a bedroom in Madison Avenue materialized, shutting out the horizon; a carpet in place of sand formed the floor; and in place of a blanket roll was a canopied bed upon which a servant had laid out a suit of pajamas.

  10. Two had quite disappeared, or else the brilliant play of light had melted them into the golden carpet of reflected sunshine on which they rested.

  11. When his alfalfa covered the earth with a green carpet Jack was under a spell of something more than the never-ending marvel of dry seeds springing into succulent abundance without the waving of any magic wand.

  12. Now Jack and Firio were coming into a region of more stunted vegetation, and soon the two figures emerged into a stretch of gray carpet on which they were as clearly silhouetted as a white sail on a green sea.

  13. She dropped the glass of jelly on the thick carpet of the privet.

  14. If on the pass she had seemed a part of the desert, of great, lonely distances and a far-flung carpet of dreams, here she seemed to belong to books and gardens.

  15. By means of the lamp and the fire, however, the carpet was everywhere clearly visible.

  16. By the pattern of the great roses in the carpet he measured it.

  17. He stepped quickly forward and placed himself upon the exact strip of carpet where it walked.

  18. It was kneading on the carpet with its front paws--slowly, laboriously, as though its feet were dipped in treacle.

  19. A thick carpet on the floor, the bed out of sight in an alcove, Algerian curtains with red stripes, a green marble clock, the whole lighted by patent self-regulating lamps.

  20. A grosgrain carpet lay over the asphalt to the edge of the sidewalk.

  21. In two bodies they were, with the grosgrain carpet and cops with clubs between.

  22. On the floor were pieces of carpet resembling ancient tapestry, and there were three chairs of dark oak, the seats cased with leather, the original colour of which it was impossible to detect.

  23. So the walls were frescoed and tinted, and I spent two entire days in New York hunting for a carpet of the desirable shade, which should be right both in texture and design.

  24. Nothing was quite the thing for Daisy, until at last a manufacturer offered to get a carpet up which was sure to suit, and so that question was happily settled for the time being.

  25. The passage was narrow, but the carpet was still under his feet, and further in, the sides and roof of the earthen walls had been covered with planks.

  26. Dick had thought it was a mere wash-out or deep recess, but at the third step his foot struck upon a carpet and he saw ahead a dim light.

  27. Marg'et Ann had finished the ball of carpet rags and laid it carefully in the box with the others.

  28. I guess I set too long over them carpet rags.

  29. There were many stitches to be taken in the threadbare wardrobe, concerning which her father was as ignorant and indifferent as a child, before she packed it all in the old carpet sack and nerved herself to see him start.

  30. There he sat on his porch, coatless, in carpet slippers, playing cinch with three farm hands.

  31. In a short while he came forth in his regalia, surrounded by a group of carpet knights and peremptorily demanded: "'What do you want and why have not you and your comrades begun the assault as ordered?

  32. Surely not your three thousand carpet knights, who can scarcely sit their horses and are coached by their squires.

  33. The tints of the carpet were subdued; there was not too much gilding on the cornices; the clock upon the mantel-shelf was chaste and elegant in design.

  34. However, there was nobody to announce his presence; the door closed noiselessly behind him, the heavy carpet which covered the marble steps stifled the sound of his footsteps, and he ascended the first flight without seeing any one.

  35. No good housekeeper allows her carpet broom to be used for such things.

  36. A carpet can be kept very neat in this way; and a broom wears it very much.

  37. At length a slender blue flame darted out, as from ashes in a chafing-dish, and by the light of it he saw the strange pattern of his carpet and the cushions lying about.

  38. This chair had magic power to transport Snowflower wherever she wished to go, like the magic carpet in the Arabian Nights.

  39. I have learnt much from my attendants, and know this world pretty well by hearsay," said the prince, as they reclined on the rich carpet which was spread on the roof.

  40. A good many passengers were scattered about the great central table, some wrestling with refractory carpet bags and rug-straps, some having their luncheon, and a few reading and otherwise amusing themselves.

  41. The latter was a comfortable room, the panelling tastefully done in oak and mahogany, with a rich Brussels carpet and luxurious settees.

  42. His bare ankles also were manacled, and fixed to a second chain, which quivered tautly across the green carpet and passed out through the doorway, being attached to something beyond the curtain, and invisible to me from where I sat.

  43. With the hilt in my quivering hands I saw the blade bite deeply through the carpet and floor above Nayland Smith's skull.

  44. Tossing the ring with its jangling contents a yard or so across the carpet in my direction, it leaped in pursuit, picked up the ring, whirled it over its head, and then threw a complete somersault around it.

  45. The bowl sizzled furiously, but without delay he stuffed broad-cut mixture into the hot pipe, dropping a liberal quantity upon the carpet during the process.

  46. Smith began to pace the narrow strip of carpet between the dressing-table and the door.

  47. A green carpet covered the floor, and the whole of the furniture was of the same material as the chair to which I was strapped, viz:--ebony inlaid with ivory.

  48. There, high above the sleeping ship's company, with the carpet of the blue Mediterranean stretched indefinitely about us, we three stood looking at one another.

  49. And he inquired as to what sorrow had led one so young to fold the carpet of enjoyment and wander so far from his parents.

  50. A strip of red carpet led from the outer steps, across a large promenade, to the circular wall of the theatre; and though it was past eleven, the ball hadn't yet assumed an appearance of life.

  51. The birds were brought in and weighed, and the person in the box with me and the billowing white embroidery and carpet slippers excitedly indicated a lean cream-colored rooster with brown points.

  52. There was a box above the entrance, and another opposite, and this an enormous woman in white embroidery and carpet slippers, and I occupied.

  53. The cigar did not go out, but smouldered away on the straw carpet till it was nicely on fire, and a hungry little flame went creeping along till the dimity bedcover caught, then the sheets, and then the bed itself.

  54. I never spent the money; it's under the carpet in my room, right behind the washstand.

  55. Every year the girls cut off their locks; every year the carpet grows longer and longer, and, although the city itself increases every year, the carpet keeps pace with it, and reaches from gate to gate.

  56. The main street, from the gate to the Temple of Triton, is covered by a carpet--a carpet woven entirely out of the locks of young damsels.

  57. But the varnished oak pews and the new red carpet and the three large chairs on the platform, behind the bare reading-stand, were all of a rocking-chair comfort.

  58. So sprinkled was the pasture with rag-baby blossoms and the cottony herb of Indian tobacco that it spread out like a rare old Persian carpet of cream and rose and delicate green.

  59. The parlor was distinguished by an expanse of rag carpet from which, as they entered, Mrs. Bogart hastily picked one sad dead fly.

  60. In the center of the carpet was a rug depicting a red Newfoundland dog, reclining in a green and yellow daisy field and labeled "Our Friend.

  61. It smelled of old linen and decaying carpet and ancient tobacco smoke.

  62. Next he heard the soft pad of feet on thick piled carpet as the room's occupant crossed the floor to take the call.

  63. One shoulder of it bore a smudge where he had landed on the green carpet of Dr.

  64. There had been no attempt to cover the wide bare floor spaces, save by a small dingy rug or two or a strip of carpet carefully brushed and flung here and there in front of a chair.

  65. In a very short space of time the rugs and bits of carpet were carefully rolled up, the furniture piled in small compass in the middle of the rooms, and everything enveloped in thick coverings.

  66. He just glanced down at them, at those two pieces of paste-board formalism, let them lie on the carpet and went on reading.

  67. The wall-paper displayed big flowers, the carpet more big flowers, of a different species, while on the curtains blossomed a third kind of flower; and the colours of all these flowers yelled at one another like so many screeching parrots.

  68. Two photographs in silver frames, their glasses smashed to atoms, lay on the carpet in company with the sub.

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