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Example sentences for "carpeting"

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  1. An aged weaver who had woven many thousand yards of carpeting assured me the prettiest carpets were always those in which every alternate strip was white or very light in color.

  2. And he touched the green carpeting on the seat, which was quite dry and warm, as if no dripping, miserable little wretch had ever crouched there.

  3. A charming little denizen of the Atlantic forest is the lowly and humble arbutus, or Mayflower, which springs up through the dead leaves carpeting the ground in early spring, and fills the air with its delicious perfume.

  4. Two squares of faded carpeting of different patterns, covered the middle of the floor, leaving, toward the surbase, a wide, blank margin around them.

  5. At the outer side of the cot, another strip of carpeting was placed.

  6. Suddenly there was a crash, and in the midst of mutterings of anger we snatched in the rag ladder and restored the piece of carpeting to its place outside the bars.

  7. Setting out at sunset on the 23d of December, it was late in the evening when we arrived at our destination, having walked nine miles up the mountain trails over a light carpeting of snow.

  8. These ornaments, coupled with the thick carpeting of live dogs upon the floor, made the outside of the house the most pleasant part of it.

  9. The leaves appear in spring, and as the flowers come after these have withered, the Belladonna Lily should have some carpeting plant above the bulbs.

  10. Europaeum, red or lilac, in August, is more difficult to grow, but likes shade and partial covering with a low carpeting plant.

  11. Since it would be the second bedrooms in the double cabins that we would convert to kitchens, the carpeting would have to be replaced by linoleum, and the plastered walls redone, so that they would have a smooth, painted surface.

  12. It was completed, and plastered to match the rest of the interior, with dull red broadfelt carpeting like that in all the cabins.

  13. We would have liked to add a final note of luxuriousness to the cabins by substituting lovely new carpeting for the plain red broadfelt in each--but that would have cost a penny that would be not only pretty, but downright beautiful.

  14. When Grant tried to get the old carpeting up, he made the discovery that it had been glued to the cement floor.

  15. To keep a door open, place a brick covered neatly with a piece of carpeting against it, when opened sufficiently.

  16. As it is extremely desirable that they should look as clean as possible, avoid buying carpeting that has any white in it.

  17. The most practical hint that I was able to get from "Elizabeth's German Garden" was where she spoke of carpeting her Rose beds with Pansies.

  18. East Winthrop, for more than half a century known wherever oilcloth carpeting was used as Baileyville.

  19. Ivy banks also are very charming, and for carpeting the bare ground beneath the spreading branches of large trees nothing could be more suitable.

  20. It is quite a mixed company, but Oriental weaves as herein considered are at least distinguished as such, and differentiated from carpeting by the yard.

  21. They were made in pairs to complete the carpeting of a Persian room, being placed on either side of a centre rug, with two shorter strips at the top and bottom.

  22. I lost no time on preparing my efforts, for there was none to be lost, and set out immediately to remove the carpeting from the floor.

  23. It slid softly along the carpeting before coming to a halt a few inches from the glass wall.

  24. It should be grown amongst some such carpeting plants as Sibthorpia Europ├Ža or Linaria pilosa, so as to protect it; moreover, these creepers are suited for a similar soil and position.

  25. This plant is useful as a spring bedder, or for carpeting bare places; and any conspicuous part of the garden needing bright objects during March and April should give room largely for this cheerful subject.

  26. It requires light soil, and seems to enjoy grit; nowhere does it appear in better health or more at home than when carpeting the walk or track of the rock garden.

  27. Of this species the only useful feature for a garden seems to be its habit of neatly carpeting the ground under deciduous trees.

  28. Really, one hundred yards of carpeting and a black cook!

  29. The Cistuses delight in a groundwork of Heath; the wild Calluna looks as well as any, but if cultivated kinds are used they should be in good quantities of one sort at a time, and never as hard edgings, but as free carpeting masses.

  30. These make a handsome ground-carpeting from one to two feet high, beautiful at all seasons--the leaves in winter tinted or marbled with red.

  31. The Grey garden is so called because most of its plants have grey foliage, and all the carpeting and bordering plants are grey or whitish.

  32. That rag carpeting has been rolled up and done up in tobacco and things ever since--most two years.

  33. To Rosa Indica, however, the bright scarlet carpeting looked very handsome, and seemed, indeed, a foretaste of heaven.

  34. She sat down cross-legged on the spotless scrap of carpeting and proceeded with infinite tenderness to disrobe the doll.

  35. He accepted his offer; but had not been seated long, before he saw a crier pass with a piece of carpeting on his arm, about six feet square, and crying it at thirty purses.

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