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Example sentences for "crouched"

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crotchet; crotchets; crotchety; crotons; crouch; crouches; crouching; croud; crouded; croun
  1. Right in front of him crouched young Halstead.

  2. That fourth shot woke the echoes, and the alligator crouched low, too spent to take to the water.

  3. One of the others crouched in the bow of the little craft, waiting until he should dare to fire.

  4. Kirby and Drew crouched together behind a screen of cane on the north side of the island, watching the bank above for any hostile move on the part of the enemy.

  5. The preparations they had made again of rail and tree breastworks to greet the Union advance were no easier to see than the men crouched in their shadows.

  6. Fighters crouched behind rail fences while the Union cavalry charged across black fields, hoofs drumming on the ground, and the sputtering fire of carbines making an uneven kind of lightning along the improvised wood barricades.

  7. Kirby, his body white save for tanned face and throat, sun-darkened hands and wrists, crouched on the raft as Drew brought Hannibal down to that unwieldy craft.

  8. Feeling weary of standing, I again crouched down at the bottom of the cask.

  9. My vision is quite as keen now as when in my anterior existence, I crouched in jungles, watching for my prey.

  10. At the foot of the bed, with his keen yellow eyes fastened on his mistress, crouched the greyhound, his silky head on his paws; and on a pallet in one corner of the room slept Katie, ready to render any assistance that might be required.

  11. But at one word of his the hound checked suddenly, crouched an instant, then with a queer, throaty sound bounded forward in a wild delight that robbed it on the instant of its voice.

  12. For perhaps two or three minutes the young doctor remained in his crouched posture, his mind immersed in speculation.

  13. Thankful for the respite, the younger man rose from the little depression where he had crouched for shelter from the wind.

  14. She slipped in and crouched down in the shadow.

  15. A shaft of moonlight fell across the polished floor, and by its aid I was just able to distinguish the form of Princep crouched against the wainscoting.

  16. Some of the poor fellows, from debility, were unable to kneel, and lay at their length, or crouched up into an attitude of despair, upon the loose earth.

  17. As they entered upon the open ground, they moved forward crouched to the ground, Malachi and Martin in the advance.

  18. John was out one evening as usual, crouched down within the palisades, and watching for the wolves.

  19. He scrambled to his feet, and then crouched back against the wall eyeing me like a trapped weasel.

  20. I bobbed down at once behind the sea-wall, and crouched there for a moment wondering what was the best thing to do.

  21. I crouched there for a moment, peering up at the house.

  22. Like one meshed in the thralls of some hateful nightmare, the girl crouched against her horse, her face so still and white and ghastly that it might well have been some clever sculptor's bizarre conception of "Horror" done in marble.

  23. Selecting the darkest corner, he crouched down upon the floor and rested his head upon his knees.

  24. At length he thought he heard a noise coming from the corner where he felt sure Perks was crouched dead.

  25. But if you could have seen him, crouched there--alone--like a little animal!

  26. In the farthest corner crouched something that stirred and glanced up at our entrance.

  27. There came a little shivering moan from the figure crouched in the corner, and Frau Nirlanger, her face queerly withered and ashen, crumpled slowly in a little heap on the floor and buried her shamed head in her arms.

  28. Crouched against the wall at a far corner of the room was Frau Nirlanger.

  29. All the changes and events of that strange, eventful year came crowding to my mind as I crouched there at the window.

  30. But a loud mocking laugh drowned his words; and, seeing that the savages had suddenly half crouched behind their shields for a charge, his quick, resourceful brain grasped the situation at once.

  31. Then, as his eyes grew more and more used to the dim shades, he made out a huge body crouched back in the recess, half hidden by a quivering mass of black, hairy tentacles.

  32. On the ground crouched three human figures, wretched-looking and emaciated to the last degree.

  33. The shouting and confusion lasted for some time, during which the defenders crouched in safety behind their breastwork, and waited.

  34. Strake followed his example, and they crouched down, with their ears on the strain, satisfied now that the clicking sound of stones striking together was made by this creature, whatever it was.

  35. Indeed, old Israel found her more than once sitting in the middle of the kitchen-floor with Toby crouched for a spring under the table, his poor mistress afraid to move, for fear of her unlucky ankles.

  36. The poor old man crouched down, keeping his body between the gale and the baby's cradle, while the last remaining wall of the cottage fell flat before his eyes.

  37. The old man crouched down in his hole, with his anxious eye fixed on the four walls within which the baby was sheltered; they still stood, the only object which the demon had not yet swept from his path.

  38. Bimbo, crouched in a far corner of the cave was praying wildly.

  39. At this announcement all of us crouched down, and each looked to his weapons, feeling that a crisis might be at hand.

  40. I followed at his heels, and, coming to a rock which was partly hollowed out at one side and thickly overgrown, we crouched under it and pulled the vines and creepers over us.

  41. Close to the nest hollow they crouched and sprang with jaws open and sharp teeth ready to bite.

  42. The Deer Mouse crouched down upon his dainty feet to keep them warm, and wrapped his tail carefully around to help.

  43. The second man crouched behind the trunk, so that they had not at first been able to see him.

  44. He is crouched in a heap on some limbs and is waving frantically for us.

  45. They crouched over the bodies of the men who lay above, or in, the shell-holes, and lapped up the puddles and then crawled down again if they were not hit.

  46. They looked straight into Kemmel village and turned their guns on to it when our men crouched among its ruins and opened the graves in the cemetery and lay old bones bare.

  47. They were left in the line for sixteen days before the battle and were shelled and gassed incessantly as they crouched in wet ditches.

  48. On July 22d the mine was exploded, while our men crouched low, horribly afraid after hours of suspense.

  49. Our men lived there and died there within a few yards of the enemy, crouched below the sand-bags and burrowed in the sides of the crater.

  50. They had been in the same fight in the village of Noyelles, near Cambrai, a tiny place of ruin, where they had crouched under machine-gun fire.

  51. Years slipped by, bringing other children; Jacques, in whom the white blood of Lacombie was lost in the blending, and the girl who crouched at her side.

  52. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "crouched" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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