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  1. In 1780 he took the field and checked the advance of Sir John Johnson and the Indians in the Mohawk Valley.

  2. A whirlwind passing over the sea sometimes carries the water upwards in a whirling vortex; passing over the land its motion is checked and a deluge of water falls.

  3. The glass having a small coefficient of expansion, the lateral expansion of the mercury will be checked by it, and this will help to raise the column.

  4. In the case of such a spring the repose faces of Graham's escapement might be minimized and the escapement checked each side by a stop, so as to prevent the pallets from rubbing on the points of the scape-wheel.

  5. This Bristoe fiasco was a stunning blow to the Rebel pursuit, and greatly checked their incursions.

  6. Having reached a slight elevation of ground in the road, we made a stand, and for some time checked the advancing columns of the Rebels by pouring into their ranks rapid and deadly volleys from our carbines and revolvers.

  7. They were repulsed before support could be sent them, and driven back, closely followed by the Rebels, until checked by the First Michigan and a squadron of the Eighth New York.

  8. This decided interference checked a little the progress of events.

  9. He began by expressing a desire to die, and be with Christ; but he checked himself by saying, 'Not my will, but thine be done.

  10. I had tied the rope in a hard knot to the pommel, and the way my horse checked that bear was a caution.

  11. Among them was Selfridge, his shirt and collar torn loose at the neck and his immaculate checked suit dusty and disheveled.

  12. That pot-bellied little fellow in the checked suit is Selfridge.

  13. Having feudalized the other states of Germany, Prussia sought to extend the feudal idea to the whole world, but was checked by the World War of 1914.

  14. Then again, the nose was so predominant that it checked any attempt to realise the eyes and forehead, while the cheeks were baggy and the skin unwholesome.

  15. As they reached Tottenham Court Road the driver again checked the pace a little; yet even at the reduced speed they passed everything like a whirlwind.

  16. Barret smiled, and was about to make some rejoinder, but he checked himself and changed the subject.

  17. The same feeling has equally checked my hand in legitimate shooting: time after time I have flushed partridges without firing, and have let the hare bound over the furrow free.

  18. The running noose slipped the more easily because the wires were smooth; when twisted the strands checked the noose, the friction causing a slight sound.

  19. Perhaps the roots had been checked by the water; for the tree, instead of increasing in bulk, had expended its vigour in branches so crooked that they appeared entangled in each other.

  20. But the enclosure of open lands, the strict definition of footpaths, closer cultivation, and the increased value of game have so checked the poacher's operations with nets that in many districts the net may be said to be extinct.

  21. The keepers were checked by figures at every turn, finding it impossible to elude the businesslike arrangements that were made.

  22. As the door closed behind them Gray exploded, but Murray checked him quickly, saying with an abrupt change of manner: "Wait!

  23. If you do I shall--" She checked herself and buried her face in her hands.

  24. He snorted irately and turned to go, but Eliza checked him.

  25. A half-mile below, where the Salmon flung itself headlong against the upper wing of Jackson Glacier, the floating ice was checked by the narrowed passageway.

  26. But every piece had been cut and fitted carefully, then checked and placed where it was accessible.

  27. It is strictly enforced, and has not in any way checked the growth of manufactures in the colony.

  28. Encumbered with pack-horses, who were checked by every flooded stream, the expedition took seven days to accomplish the sixty miles of the journey.

  29. When head winds checked the runaways, Te Kooti ordered an old man, his uncle, to be bound and thrown overboard as a sacrifice to the god of winds and storms.

  30. I had well nigh roared with it; but I set my teeth hard and held my breath; and the man at the end of the table checked the tormentor for what he had done, and bade him keep his hands off till he was bid.

  31. The corrupt influence of the crown would, Pitt declared, be checked most effectually by a reform of parliament.

  32. No sooner had Tarleton checked the inroads of Marion in the east than he was summoned westwards to protect Ninety-six from Sumter.

  33. Apart from its extension of the law of treason, the first might be used to prevent all discussion of political reforms; the second checked the public expression of opinion on public affairs.

  34. As this compliance on the part of England checked the smuggling of goods into the Spanish colonies, it was well received by Spain.

  35. Charlemont and Flood himself checked the violent party in the convention, which was dissolved peacefully.

  36. The Americans suffered at least as heavily as the English from this desultory warfare, and their privateering ventures were checked by operations on their coast.

  37. He would, indeed, have yielded more than he did, if Grenville had not checked him in the cabinet.

  38. Having obtained this grant, parliament was to reduce the power of the admiralty courts, which checked illicit trading, and to suspend all the acts, including the Quebec act, of which the Americans complained.

  39. Then the enemy was checked by the British artillery and the guards were rallied by their brigadier O'Hara, who, though severely wounded, was still able to do good service.

  40. I would have added many a passionate protestation in my excitement, but I checked myself, remembering all I had yet to tell her.

  41. But he had checked himself in his course of dissipation, long before, while Alfred had sunk rapidly downward.

  42. Gentlemen, a mother asks your indulgence," was her appeal, as the keeper checked her entrance.

  43. Their loud, insane mirth was instantly checked by her entrance.

  44. From confinement, and being constantly checked in the outburst of their feelings, they soon began to look much worse than they did when first taken from their comfortless abode.

  45. His inspiration was not checked and weakened by the struggle for an adequate form of expression.

  46. Here everything was left to the painter's free will, checked only by the consideration of the fitness of the subjects for the site and by the architectural proportions of the little chapel.

  47. An unutterable longing to ask something was evident; but it was checked by a painful embarrassment.

  48. Instantly he checked the smile, and cast down his eyes.

  49. He checked himself suddenly, for Beatrice looked away, and her hands which had been folded together clutched each other nervously.

  50. This, of course, checked their operations, and widened and enlarged the field of action for their rivals.

  51. This astounding revelation was checked by frequent interruptions.

  52. Over and over again I've been on the point of telling her what I felt, but I've checked myself.

  53. For three long days the terrible fire fiend kept up his work, and the fight went on until late on Friday, when the sweep of the flames was at length checked and the fire brought under control.

  54. In the Missouri district, to the south of Market Street, the zone of ruin extended westward toward the extreme southern portion, but was checked at Fourteenth and Missouri Streets by the wholesale use of dynamite.

  55. It came to an abrupt halt while seven miles distant, the checked stream standing in a threatening and rugged ridge, with rigid, beetling front.

  56. It checked the idleness of one, and the business of the other.

  57. But it shall be regulated, it shall be checked by religion, by reason, by constant employment.

  58. They forbore to break the chain Which bound the dusky tribe, Checked by the owners' fierce disdain, Lured by "Union" as the bribe.

  59. Nor doubt but visitings of graver thought Checked in these souls the turbulent heyday 'Mid all the hints and glories of the home.

  60. Getaway--you see, I hate to act suspicious all the time, but all your new silk shirts and now the new checked suit and all.

  61. She gave a little laugh, but checked it suddenly.

  62. Mary checked herself, with a feeling almost of horror.

  63. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "checked" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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