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Example sentences for "deformed"

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deforested; deform; deformans; deformation; deformations; deforming; deformities; deformity; deforms; defouled
  1. Injuries so compound confounded the Captain, who sorrowed to see a creature so charming, at once deformed by a crooked back and an excrescent shoulder.

  2. Lucifer or Mephistopheles, renamed C├Žsar, wears the shape of the Deformed Arnold.

  3. The legs and feet are bare, the ankles and toes covered with rings, and the ears heavy, weighed down, and deformed with them.

  4. The stranger is jostled by staggering coolies, with buckets of the vilest contents, or importuned for alms by beggars who thrust their deformed limbs into his very face.

  5. Had Richard been born without his deformed shoulder he could have known human sympathy, and human intercourse.

  6. The sharp adduction and plantar flexion, at the tarsal joints, produce a deformed position of the foot.

  7. Sprains are common in a limb with weak muscles; in a deformed extremity in which the muscles act in unnatural lines, and in a joint with relaxed ligaments.

  8. The foot is rigid in the deformed position, and in cases of marked deformity, the foot cannot be manipulated into the normal position.

  9. When Karl was gone and Pelle was about to go in to Brun in the office, he caught sight of a small, somewhat deformed woman with a child, walking to and fro above the workshop windows, and taking stolen glances down.

  10. She was deformed and yet had abundant possibilities within her; she resembled poverty itself.

  11. The little deformed sewing-woman smiles with her sad eyes, and the two women begin to sweep floors and wash windows.

  12. The truncated statue, the stunted oak, the deformed animal, the crippled human being, are not beautiful.

  13. Again, the deformed child may be the object of the mother's special love.

  14. You know, papa, there must be deformed people in some families, just as there is consumption or insanity.

  15. We hear sometimes of an action for damages against the unqualified medical practitioner, who has deformed a broken limb in pretending to heal it.

  16. But what about the hundreds of thousands of minds that have been deformed forever by the incapable pettifoggers who have pretended to form them?

  17. A narrow bank of earth supporting the parapet when deformed by fire.

  18. Oh, cast an eye Of mercy on me, this deformed face Cannot affright my soul from loving thee.

  19. O now I see, This fruit is thine, thou hast deformed me: Idiot, avoid, thy gifts I loathe to taste.

  20. A certain understanding had arisen between the beautiful youth and the deformed girl.

  21. When the philosophical spirit passed from Germany to England, transformed itself and became Anglican, deformed itself and became revolutionary, it produced a Wordsworth, a Byron, a Shelley.

  22. It is only when the deformed body is also fragile and, sickly, when it impedes the soul, that the annoyance and pleasure melt into each other.

  23. Muriel is deformed in body, and slow in speech; but in behavior so honest, in prayer so devout, so noble in all her dealings, that I never heard her speak anything that either concerned not good instruction or godly mirth.

  24. Many of the negroes have very good figures; but the assertion of some authors, that there is scarcely ever a deformed person to be met with among them, is as untrue as it is ridiculous.

  25. No decrepit, diseased or deformed apprentice to be retained by any Barber or Surgeon.

  26. A roar of laughter greeted the arrival of that singular specimen of deformed humanity.

  27. Some two years later, when there were certain clearances in the vault where the body of Esmeralda had been deposited, the skeleton of a man, deformed and twisted, was found in close embrace with the skeleton of a woman.

  28. The sight of this beautiful girl succouring a man in the pillory so deformed and wretched seemed sublime, and the people were immediately affected by it.

  29. There were some there who carried a fair name through the world, and won honor and praise for their virtuous living, that now shrieked out to the pitiless winds, the detail of crimes which had deformed their soul unseen.

  30. The deformed creature approached the princess with a horrible fiendish laugh; she averted her face with disgust, and stretched out her arms to motion him away.

  31. Malposition with deformed pelvis, or rigidity of the uterus.

  32. There is no doubt that several of them will render labour difficult or even dangerous, more especially deformed pelvis; but we constantly meet with it under every degree and variety without at all altering the child's position.

  33. She had become much more deformed and helpless, but in three years afterwards she was again pregnant.

  34. It is chiefly had recourse to in cases of deformed pelvis, where the arm or shoulder has presented, or where the distortion is so great as to prevent the trunk from passing without its bulk being lessened.

  35. However, one arch bears only three teeth, all deformed and badly aligned, plus a pit that presumably represents a lost fourth tooth.

  36. As the dog obeyed, Penny caught her first plain glimpse of the deformed man's face.

  37. Her hand was on the latch of the gate, when in the gatehouse doorway, she beheld a grotesque, deformed human figure.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "deformed" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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