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  1. V the twenty-second letter of our alphabet, a differentiated form of U--in sound it is a labio-dental and closely related to F.

  2. In it are also magnificent operating rooms with dental chairs and thoroughly equipped laboratories.

  3. Instruction covers a period of four years and leads to the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery.

  4. This school, which is intended primarily for young French Canadians, was rendered necessary by the rapid progress which has been made latterly in dental surgery.

  5. History of Dental and Oral Science in America.

  6. A good method to arouse in students an interest in the use of tin foil is to have them use it in operative technics, which is becoming an effective adjunct in every dental college.

  7. For a time tin cylinders were prepared and put on sale at the dental depots.

  8. The largest and most complete dental library in the world is owned by Dr.

  9. There is no better dental litmus to distinguish the conservative from the progressive dentist.

  10. Money should be set aside for examination and treatment of all school children, conducted through an out-patient dental department on the same basis as the eye and ear departments of free treatment.

  11. Scannell said that the present dental work in schools is done with good intention but it is sporadic.

  12. Liburtius--formerly Henriette Hirschfeldt--a practicing dentist in Berlin since 1869, who studied at the Philadelphia Dental College.

  13. She says there are no dental colleges in the world equal to those of America.

  14. Dental caries, or decay, is at first largely a chemical process and affects the tooth proper.

  15. Malformation of the teeth and dental arches in childhood are frequent and often neglected causes of nasal obstruction.

  16. Sidenote: Focal Infection] It was formerly supposed that the ill effects from such conditions as dental abscess and other pus foci were wholly due to the toxins or poisonous products thrown into the blood-stream by the bacteria at the focus.

  17. Sidenote: Dental Floss] The use of dental floss silk between the teeth, provided care is taken not to press it against the gums, is also helpful.

  18. Wild animals are not subject to caries or dental decay, as are man and domesticated animals.

  19. Thorough dental and home care should prevent this.

  20. Others have spent large sums for dental work that has filled the mouth with crowns and bridges difficult to keep aseptic or surgically clean.

  21. There are various means which the individual can use to prevent or cure these dental evils.

  22. Rea, 3231 South Park avenue, a student at the Northwestern University Dental School.

  23. As soon as the police began to take the injured into the university building the classrooms were drawn upon for physicians, and in a few minutes professors and dental students gathered in the offices and stores to lend their assistance.

  24. High up in the building occupied by the law, dental and pharmacy schools of the Northwestern University, directly across the alley from the burning theater, a number of such men were at work.

  25. The bridge led directly into the dental school of the university, and at one time there were more than a score of charred bodies lying under blankets in the room.

  26. Twenty years ago the Doc studied dentistry with his father, who flourished reputably as a tooth surgeon at the Troy Dental Parlors in Roosevelt Street.

  27. Aside from an outfit of dental tools, the most expensive belongings appeared to be what lamps and pipes and kindred paraphernalia were required in the smoking of opium.

  28. The food of different kinds of apes is very different, yet how uniform is their dental structure!

  29. The use of dental floss is fully as important as the use of a tooth brush.

  30. If you have no regular dental floss, use any white silk thread for the purpose.

  31. Westcott, connected with the Dental College in Baltimore.

  32. A fine dental drill attached to the dental engine renders the manufacture of aluminium handles needles (see page 71) quite an easy matter.

  33. The use of a fine dental drill and small circular saw, worked by a dental motor facilitates the manufacture of these aluminium handled instruments.

  34. The results show the following influence of dental treatment upon the working efficiency of the pupils.

  35. According to the complexity in dental pattern and in number and size of the cheek-teeth, these genera can be arranged in a structurally progressive series with Eozapus showing the least complexity and Napaeozapus the most (see figs.

  36. Beckoning white roads curl through the rolling hills like ribbons of dental cream squeezed out evenly on rich green velour.

  37. The help and guidance of women police could be sought on grounds similar to those of the school dental nurse who in her particular sphere is banishing the fear of dental treatment.

  38. As we see from this dental formula, the incisors are found only in the lower jaw; they are replaced in the upper jaw by a thick cartilaginous pad on which the inferior incisors find a surface of resistance.

  39. This muscle acts especially during mastication; it serves to press back again under the molar teeth the portions of food which fall outside the dental arch.

  40. Al-Zahrāwī furnishes his own drawings of the surgical and dental instruments he used, devised, or recommended for a more efficient performance.

  41. Horace Wells was born at Hartford, Connecticut, in 1815, and was educated to the profession of dental surgeon.

  42. He gave much attention to the desire present in the minds of many men at that time to render dental operations painless.

  43. Placodus is found in the Muschelkalk, and the characters of its dental apparatus indicate that it was much more peaceful in its habits than its associates the Nothosaur and Simosaur.

  44. The teeth are of the most formidable description, consisting in both jaws of serrated dental plates behind, and in front of enormous conical tusks (fig.

  45. From this period is dated the establishment of the dental art as a distinct branch of medical practice.

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