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  1. The first hydrometer intended for the determination of the densities of liquids, and furnished with a set of weights to be attached when necessary, was that constructed by Mr Clarke (instrument-maker) and described by J.

  2. The hydrometer intended for densities less than that of water, or the hydrometer for spirits, is constructed on a similar principle.

  3. Twaddell's hydrometer is adapted for densities greater than that of water.

  4. When no weight is attached the instrument indicates densities from .

  5. In the latter case, the densities of the fluids will be inversely proportional to the volumes thus displaced.

  6. The densities corresponding to the several degrees of Baume's hydrometer are given by Nicholson (Journal of Philosophy, i.

  7. Table showing the Densities corresponding to the Indications of Sike's Hydrometer.

  8. The instrument thus adapted to the determination of densities exceeding that of water was called the hydrometer for salts.

  9. Aerial censusing in June and July shows that bird densities on the offshore ice are extremely low.

  10. Although considerable numbers of seabirds are regularly found in the summer pack ice feeding on arctic cod and zooplankton associated with the ice, bird densities south of the ice are usually greater than those in the ice.

  11. Lower densities might, for example, reduce the foraging efficiency of breeding birds, and hence their nesting success.

  12. At the ice front during one cruise in March, densities exceeded 500 birds/km².

  13. Densities of surface feeding species at the ice front are low when compared to the high densities of murres, and do not regularly exceed 10 birds/km².

  14. Discussion The principal effect of the arctic pack ice is to lower biological productivity and bird densities in the areas it covers.

  15. Densities at the ice front increase from south to north; they drop in the region where the ice front grades into more consolidated pack ice, and are less than 0.

  16. In August and September, when shipboard censusing can be conducted, densities on the pack ice in both seas are about 10 birds/km².

  17. It must be stressed that seabird densities and catch per unit of effort are not known to be similar for the areas in question; consequently the projection of bird kill figures from one area to all three is speculative.

  18. Densities south of the ice and the continental shelf average less than 10 birds/km².

  19. The important point to the seabirds may well be not merely the survival of a reasonably large capelin stock, but the presence of capelin schools in high densities in certain areas or at certain seasons.

  20. The relationship of secondary cavity nesters to snag densities in western coniferous forests.

  21. Good densities of suitable wood-duck cavities have been recorded for many timber types (Bellrose 1976).

  22. Breeding densities often seem more related to food abundance and availability than to nesting cavities (Johnsgard 1975).

  23. Factors Affecting Population Densities The production of young, and success in rearing them, is essential to continuity of any population.

  24. The highest population densities were in pinyon-juniper woodland having an understory of mixed shrubs.

  25. More data on home ranges were obtained in that year due to higher population densities than in 1964.

  26. This amplification is reflected in the wide range between low and high limits of the densities for each species within the trapping grid.

  27. The latter is of great importance, since the result of an uneven illumination will be a negative of differing densities in different parts, marring its beauty, and at times rendering it utterly worthless.

  28. Norman Collie to separate argon by diffusion into two parts, which should have different densities or refractivities, led to no distinct effect.

  29. According to the various densities of the planets, the respective positions of the planets in relation to the sun would be as follows: The nearest planet would be Mercury, which possesses a density of 6.

  30. Young assumed different densities for the Aether near bodies owing to its being attracted by those bodies (Art.

  31. It is now generally accepted that the optical difference of bodies depends mainly on the different densities of Aether in association with those bodies.

  32. But perhaps the strongest illustration of the differing densities of these two media is furnished by an attempt to drive a nail under water.

  33. If the exploration takes place in the delta of a great river, the light is affected by the various densities of the double refracting media.

  34. In essence, heat creates the different densities that lead to currents and countercurrents.

  35. Be that as it may, Captain Nemo also introduced me to the different data he had obtained on the relative densities of the water in our globe's chief seas.

  36. He gives the monthly population densities per acre for Z.

  37. Swan has succeeded in depositing excellent copper at current-densities exceeding 1000 amperes per sq.

  38. Gases of different densities are probably influenced in a similar manner by the application of heat.

  39. I have tried some very beautiful experiments of this kind with a number of liquids of different densities in the same vessel.

  40. Condensation of Solar Nebula to various diameters, and relative temperatures and densities 98 Unaccountable confusion in the mode of counting absolute temperature examined and explained.

  41. We shall then have to find for the 9 layers 9 corresponding densities increasing from 3 to 5.

  42. Calculations of the densities of the outer half of the hollow shell of the earth.

  43. Besides, as the difference between average densities of 5.

  44. Calculations of densities for 9 miles deep, and from there to the centre forming Table IV.

  45. The densities of the worts employed for different kinds of beer vary considerably, as will be seen by the following table:-- TABLE of the Densities of Beers.

  46. The lyes being prepared partly with caustic soda, and partly with carbonate of soda, had densities ranging from 1.

  47. By a singular inversion of experimental science, Cardan, relying on this assertion, proposed in the sixteenth century to determine the densities of air and water by observing the different times taken by a stone in falling through them.

  48. It may become a question whether possibly the triangle IGY, that is, the base IY, is divided by the refracted ray GP, in the proportion of the densities of the mediums.

  49. I tried again whether the images are equally removed from their points of refraction, and whether the ratio of the densities measures the least distance.

  50. For instance, supposing E to be the image, C the surface of the water, K the bottom, and CE to CK in the proportion of the densities of the mediums.

  51. Their densities are, so far as we have been able to determine them, on an average less than 1/10th of the Sun's density.

  52. The densities of these great stars are known to be exceedingly low, in some cases much lower on the average than that of the atmosphere which we breathe.

  53. This he shows from the densities of these planets.

  54. The upper diagram in the plate opposite page 166 shows the distribution and relative densities of the asteroids, with the gaps at the commensurate points.

  55. In 1962 the widespread and adaptable blue racer is still common in many parts of its range, including Missouri, but in most places its population densities probably are lower than formerly.

  56. Reflections from the clouds and from layers of air of different densities and from the ground are agencies that prolong the sound.

  57. Among the questions that await solution are: What are the relative densities of clouds?

  58. The densities of the various gases in the first column of this table are determined by experiment, and are fairly accurate but not entirely so.

  59. Their melting points vary inversely with their atomic weights, while their densities (sodium excepted) vary directly with these.

  60. The vapor densities of many of the elements show that, like oxygen and nitrogen, their molecules consist of two atoms.

  61. Thus the densities of the members of the magnesium family are Mg = 1.

  62. Strontium and barium have as yet been obtained only in small quantities and in the impure state, and many of their physical properties, such as their densities and melting points, are therefore imperfectly known.

  63. Their densities increase with their atomic weights, as is shown in the table on opposite page.

  64. In the successive experiments, the quantity of wine used, and of spirit distilled over, being the same in volume, the relative densities of the latter will show at once the relative strengths of the wines.

  65. It exhibits the quantity in grains weight of sugar requisite to raise the specific gravity of a gallon of spirit of different densities to the gravity of water = 1.

  66. At low densities this difference is inconsiderable, but at high densities it would lead to serious errors.

  67. But however homogeneous the glass may be thereby made, its subsequent separation into strata of different densities must be prevented by rapid cooling and solidification.

  68. Now, if "equal volumes of gases contain equal numbers of molecules," it follows that the ratio of the densities of any two gases must also be the ratio of the weights of the molecules which constitute these gases.

  69. Centigrade and density one and one-fourth that of water, which is probably about as great a density as is attained by any star since even the non-luminous planets Jupiter and Saturn have lower densities than the sun.

  70. The densities of Mercury and Venus are slightly less than that of the earth and the densities of Mars and the moon about equal to that of the earth's crust.

  71. The densities of the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are several times greater than the density of water.

  72. Saturn is composed of layers of different densities and that the inner layers are more flattened at the poles and rotate faster than the outer layers.

  73. The densities of the planets and their satellites prove that they are composed of very different elements.

  74. In regard to the densities of the Saturnian and Uranian satellites nothing is known, and conjecture is useless.

  75. This is true, not only in regard to the magnitudes and densities of the bodies composing it, but also in respect to the forms of their orbits.

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