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Example sentences for "exceeding"

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excavators; exceed; exceede; exceeded; exceedeth; exceedingly; exceeds; excel; excelente; excell
  1. Drop letters and also unsealed printed circulars for any distance not exceeding five hundred miles were, by the same Act, to be charged 1 cent each.

  2. So translucently pure and soft was her complexion, that it might have seemed the token of delicate health, but for the dewy and exceeding redness of her lips, and the freshness of teeth whiter than pearls.

  3. It is well," returned the other; "it is exceeding well.

  4. It was now near upon noon; the day exceeding bright, the snow dazzling.

  5. In the brown chamber the rope had been made fast to the frame of an exceeding heavy and ancient bed.

  6. She suckles her young for several months, and continues to protect them for some time afterward; if attacked at that time, she will defend herself and them with exceeding courage and fierceness.

  7. The first day's journey should be a short one, not exceeding four or five miles.

  8. It may be said in general that the value of a slave ranges between 10 and 30 pesos, never exceeding the last figure, at which he stands on a par with an unusually good hunting dog, or with an extra large prolific sow.

  9. The quality of the music is soft and melancholy, wholly in minor keys and of no great range, probably not exceeding one octave.

  10. He took great content, exceeding delight in that his voyage, as who doth not that shall attempt the like, though his travel be ad jactationem magis quam ad usum reipub.

  11. The exceeding costliness of his "Birds of America" protected that work as completely as an International Copyright could; and, but for this, we never could have had it.

  12. I made her a low bow, took out my knife and fork, and fell to eat, which gave them exceeding delight.

  13. Lamps and lanterns, not exceeding 10 shillings each in value.

  14. They were as snug as bears in their lairs, but despite the darkness of the night and the exceeding improbability of anyone finding them both Henry and Tom Ross lay awake and watched.

  15. One of the sentinels, exceeding alert, had fired instantly, but the other, finger on trigger, waited.

  16. She was tall, dark, slender and indescribably graceful, as well as with the nameless manner, born with some and never in perfection acquired, of exceeding yet not obtrusive graciousness.

  17. In taste, I am told, it is exceeding bitter and nauseous.

  18. There are some trades where the gain is so exceeding probable, next to certain, as may warrant the borrowing of money to manage them, when there is no rational probability of failing in the payment.

  19. Though I am not persuading you to make no provision, or to give away all; yet I must tell you, that it is exceeding folly to put off any present duty, upon distrust of God, or expectation of living to be old.

  20. Do you believe that you are in the hands of Christ, and that men cannot touch you but by his permission; and that he will turn all your sufferings to your exceeding benefit?

  21. How exceeding likely therefore is it, that whenever you put yourselves out of your present pain and trouble you send your souls to endless torments!

  22. And do you believe, that it is cause of exceeding joy, when for the sake of righteousness you are hated and persecuted, and all manner of evil is falsely spoken of you?

  23. Yea, peace is too little; exceeding joy is the portion, and most beseeming condition of the upright.

  24. It realises one's ideal of an epitaph, inasmuch as it combines exceeding brevity and beauty of expression with exceeding fulness of thought and feeling.

  25. Dorsal fin low and triangular, the length of its base considerably exceeding its vertical height.

  26. Skull strikingly asymmetrical in the region of the nasal apertures, in consequence of the left opening greatly exceeding the right in size.

  27. In size cetaceans vary much, some of the smaller dolphins scarcely exceeding 4 ft.

  28. Nevertheless the secular shrinking goes on, the loss by evaporation and percolation exceeding the amount of water received; whilst, on the average, the rainfall is diminishing.

  29. Symphysis of lower jaw short, or moderate, never exceeding one-third the length of the jaw.

  30. They are a dwarfish race, never exceeding 5 ft.

  31. The jaws are long and narrow, with numerous teeth in both; the symphysis of the lower one exceeding half its length.

  32. In Kingsmill and the Caroline Islands, to the north, the outrigger is somewhat smaller than elsewhere, its length not exceeding one-third of the length of the canoe.

  33. Accordingly he went to the spring; but he found its water bitter; yet he could not refrain from drinking of it, notwithstanding its exceeding bitterness, on account of the violence of his thirst.

  34. To break a fast in Armenia is a most heinous sin, far exceeding theft in enormity.

  35. I am Babylon: Exceeding precious in the High One’s eyes.

  36. Yet these are small towns, two of them not exceeding 300 inhabitants each.

  37. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "exceeding" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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