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Example sentences for "damaged"

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dalmatica; dalus; dam; dama; damage; damages; damaging; damals; damascened; damascening
  1. The edges of it--the size of the wound is measured by the hole plus the damaged skin around the area, so that it was a very small wound.

  2. This was a large, gaping wound in the right posterior part, with cerebral and cerebellar tissue being damaged and exposed.

  3. The bony fragments were removed along with all obviously damaged muscle.

  4. This ill-feeling had again been recently exasperated during the Lycian war on the question of certain forts, and a strip of territory on the frontier of the Rhodian Peraea, which was being damaged by some of Eumenes’s subjects.

  5. And it was this that before long not only caused his own fall, but seriously damaged the kingdom as well.

  6. It was the breeze that damaged the book--see?

  7. So I saw I had damaged the book when I had it before.

  8. It can easily be made to stand any pressure, and if damaged by grit or dirt it can be reground with ease as often as necessary without deterioration, whereas an ordinary swivel, if damaged by grit, has to be thrown away as useless.

  9. Spare parts in abundance were on hand, and it was not long until the damaged section was apparently as good as new.

  10. Wielding torch, pliers and spanner with practised hand, she repaired or cut out of circuit the damaged accumulator cells and reunited the ends of each severed power lead.

  11. At all events, it is of the utmost importance that we begin repairing the damaged unit, for that is to be a task indeed.

  12. He found the projectors, repaired or cut out the damaged accumulator cells, and reconnected them through the controls of the lifeboat.

  13. These had borne the brunt of the explosion, so that the control room was unharmed, and Stevens swung his communicator rapidly through the damaged portions of the vessels.

  14. When I saw the crops they were in a fair state of prosperity, though I understand that later a drought damaged them much.

  15. The case reminds somewhat of the habitual drunkard who has reformed and feels well now despite the fact that he has irretrievably damaged his health.

  16. It was Diamond's little rap that damaged him," grunted Browning, who had again captured a couch.

  17. I scarcely think my reputation will be damaged so badly.

  18. They were about three hundred miles from the Swan River and had twenty pounds of damaged flour, and one pound of salt pork per man, to carry them there.

  19. On the way up, after repairs had been effected, the little craft struck heavily on a sandbank, and damaged her hull considerably, but the voyage was continued.

  20. Provisions now began to get scarce with them, the barrels of salt pork that had been in the skiff when she sank in the Morumbidgee had their contents damaged by the admission of the fresh water.

  21. Yes, she was "damaged goods"--she was unfit to marry George Ellesborough.

  22. I have damaged it, but there it is--still mine.

  23. The life of each would be more or less damaged had he to meet all contingencies single-handed.

  24. The land of this country, at least that part of it near the sea, is very low, so that I came upon it ere I was aware, and the Pillar of Pompey got entangled in the various wheels of the machine, and damaged the whole considerably.

  25. That tramp must have damaged the machine when he yanked it so.

  26. I want to see if those men damaged it any.

  27. Lessons over, Tom hurried to his own particular shop, and began taking apart the damaged motor-cycle.

  28. If the cavalry line passes through the firing line, the latter will be little damaged if the men retain their presence of mind.

  29. Because the dirty water in the lungs has damaged the lining and the patient is in danger of lung fever and needs care and nursing.

  30. On the 4th of March, at half-past three, the Russell struck on a rock and damaged her rudder and stern frame; at eight weighed and run further out.

  31. After it became known that the squadron under Sir James Saumarez had been so materially damaged at Algeziras, it was thought impossible that the ships could have been prepared to meet the enemy in so short a time.

  32. The former declared that shots were exchanged, that she was set afire and was otherwise badly damaged by the British fire.

  33. They stayed near the damaged ship for an hour and saw that she was not going to sink.

  34. Similar exploits were performed by Lieutenant Commander Nasmith with the British submarine E-11, which even damaged wharves at the Turkish capital.

  35. For two hours, and in fine, clear weather, Fort Yeni Kale was damaged after being subjected to heavy bombardment, but it was not silenced when dusk interrupted the attack.

  36. In the former country it was claimed that the attacks had seriously damaged commerce; in the latter it was claimed that the damage was of little account.

  37. Thus on the northeast corner of Neuve Chapelle the German trenches and the wire entanglements in front of them had been damaged but little.

  38. They added that a 42-centimeter mortar had been damaged by the Russian fire, and that "not a single shot of these mortars has reached the fortress, not a redoubt has been penetrated.

  39. The guns from the forts were also able to do damage; the Gaulois had been hit again and again, with the result that she had a hole in her hull and her upper works were damaged badly.

  40. One of the German cannon was rendered useless by the fire of the Thirty-first Heavy Battery, and several howitzers were damaged by the North Midland Heavy Battery.

  41. Ere their value was discovered, the natives had packed them into sacks, with the result that many were damaged and some completely destroyed.

  42. The cathedral of St. John's was damaged to a great extent, the tower being rent from top to bottom, the north dial of the clock precipitated to the ground, and part of the east wall of the tower thrown upon the roof of the church.

  43. Not only was the "Detroit" thus put out of action, but the "Charlotte" was so damaged that she surrendered before her.

  44. Twice the latter tried to run alongside, and twice was foiled by watchful steering, accompanied in each case by a broadside which damaged her rigging and sails, besides killing two of her crew.

  45. The barrage began to yield results early in July, and from time to time reports would come of submarines damaged or disappearing.

  46. The Shipping Board engineers recommended, on the other hand, the renewal of all badly damaged cylinders.

  47. One Zeppelin also got back to port badly damaged after having been attacked by a submarine.

  48. The army wished to send troops abroad, the Allies were pleading for men, and the only way to get them over in time to do anything was to do quick repair jobs on the damaged vessels.

  49. In these operations of the cruiser and transport force of the Atlantic fleet not one eastbound American transport has been torpedoed or damaged by the enemy and only three were sunk on the return voyage.

  50. In general the destructive work of the German crews consisted of ruin which they hoped and believed would necessitate the shipping of new machinery to substitute for that which was battered down or damaged by drilling or by dismantlement.

  51. The railroad engineers, on the other hand, set forth their opinion that all damaged cylinders could be reclaimed and made as good as new.

  52. The revolutionary significance of "Damaged Goods" consists in the lesson that not syphilis but the causes that lead to it are the terrible curse of society.

  53. Therein lies the superiority of "Damaged Goods" to most scientific treatises.

  54. But "Damaged Goods" contains more than an expose of venereal disease.

  55. The houses on the left bank of the Seine were so damaged that the citizens had to be transferred to the right bank.

  56. A shot seems to have entered her porthole and damaged her machinery, for she hesitated, put about, and returned to safe anchorage behind Craney Island.

  57. When we see a loaf marked under the market price, we may rest assured that it is made of flour ground from inferior and damaged wheat.

  58. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "damaged" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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