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Example sentences for "adulterated"

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  1. At the wave of the statue's hand the great chords roll out again but this time Mozart's music gets grotesquely adulterated with Gounod's.

  2. That sphere flows forth particularly from priests who have taught falsely and lived wickedly; for these have adulterated and falsified the Word.

  3. Sidenote: Loading Silk] Silks are adulterated with cotton and ramie fibers.

  4. Linen adulterated with cotton becomes fuzzy through wear because of the much shorter cotton fibers.

  5. They are supplied bad, tattered, or rotten clothing, adulterated and indigestible food.

  6. Cocoa is often adulterated with fine brown earth, treated with fat to render it more easily mistakable for real cocoa.

  7. This preparation of the opium is called maddat, and is often adulterated in the process by mixing jaggri, or pine sugar, with it; as is the raw opium, by incorporating with it the fruit of the pisang or plantain.

  8. They have a small thin adulterated gold coin, rudely stamped with Arabic characters, called mas or massiah.

  9. If you use such white sugar as is bought ready powdered, you must have near half a pound, as that sugar has very little strength, being now adulterated with ground starch.

  10. The cocoa which is put up solid in close packages, and usually sold at a shilling a paper, is far superior to the chocolate that is manufactured into squares or cakes, and which is too frequently adulterated with lard and meal.

  11. Do not use the white sugar that is sold ready-powdered; it is generally so adulterated with pulverized starch, as to be unfit for any thing that is to be set away for keeping.

  12. But we sometimes find that the pressure of circumstances has for a time caused the employment of adulterated metals that have perished; and thus many fine works of art have been spoiled.

  13. This adulterated article they sold at an exorbitant price, and if they detected any one making a cheaper or better article, they were empowered to fine or imprison them, while a clause in their patent protected themselves.

  14. He gave them beer and wine if they wanted it, but refused to help on the traffic in adulterated liquors.

  15. I propose that, in this respect, there shall be such vigilance used and adequate legislation, that adulterated liquors shall become impossible, and that none but respectable persons should be licensed to sell.

  16. Let a man be able to take his wife and family into these places, and not be obliged to stand behind a screen and guzzle down the adulterated stuff in company with sots and ruffians.

  17. The adulterations of tea are usually the leaves of other plants, but as a matter of fact very little adulterated tea is imported.

  18. Linen is sometimes adulterated with cotton; if bought as union goods one may expect it.

  19. The cheaper grades are sometimes adulterated with corn oil or cottonseed oil, which have the same food value but should, of course, be sold under their own names and not at olive oil prices.

  20. Is the silk adulterated with mercerized cotton or artificial silk?

  21. She adulterated the liquor as the consumers decreased in taste and increased in number.

  22. Dandelion roots as collected for the market are often adulterated with those of the common Hawkbit (Leontodon hispidus); but these are more tough and do not give out any milky juice.

  23. The Clarets of the London market, are principally prepared for the purpose, and, in the transit, lose much of the pure nature of the original production: and the quantity of adulterated Port that is sold in England is almost incredible.

  24. There were loud complaints of the vileness of the commissariat still, and it was declared that far more of our men fell by disease from bad and adulterated food than in battle.

  25. The meat for the men stank, the brandy was so foully adulterated that it produced sickness and severe pains.

  26. It is not unfrequently adulterated with common flour.

  27. This is more fragrant than the other sort, but is frequently adulterated with saw-dust.

  28. As brimstone is frequently adulterated with different substances, it may be of importance to discover the fraud.

  29. Any bad spirituous liquor, especially when adulterated so as to be very deleterious.

  30. The coin which was adulterated and debased.

  31. It is often adulterated with oil of turpentine, which it much resembles.

  32. The Eagle and Anglo-Swiss are among the best varieties; others contain too much sugar, while some are adulterated with starch or flour.

  33. Without doubt, vanilla is adulterated more often than any other flavoring, a pure extract of vanilla being seldom found.

  34. Many of the cheaper coffees are adulterated with chicory, a root that has a flavor similar to that of coffee and gives the beverages with which it is used a reddish-brown color.

  35. Coffee may be adulterated in a number of ways.

  36. Because of this fact and because ground coffee can be adulterated very easily, it is not wise to buy coffee already ground.

  37. Cocoa so adulterated should be avoided if possible.

  38. Like the smaller units, such a state was no doubt frequently adulterated by the amalgamation of aliens, but here again fictions were substituted for realities, and the foreign extraction was forgotten.

  39. There can be no doubt that a quantity of adulterated belting leather is made, and will continue to be made while the practice of selling by weight is in vogue.

  40. A useful test for finding out if a sumach has been adulterated is to treat a small quantity with strong nitric acid, which destroys the structure of the leaves.

  41. If users of belting bought on the principle of value instead of price, they would never buy adulterated leather.

  42. Strange to relate, the two countries where these legal measures have been taken, Australia and South Africa, enjoy for the most part a hot and dry climate, while it is in wet weather that adulterated leather is most harmful.

  43. Gambier is a good tanning material, but its use has been declining for some years past owing to its being frequently adulterated with sago and other farinaceous plants.

  44. The average hotel hash was innocent merriment compared to our adulterated butter.

  45. Even our medicines were so craftily adulterated that they were sure to kill.

  46. It is frequently adulterated with sandal-wood oil.

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