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Example sentences for "adulatory"

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  1. Adulatory sonnets to patrons are met with in the preliminary or concluding pages of numerous sixteenth and seventeenth century books (e.

  2. Sir Philip Sidney described with admirable point the adulatory excesses to which less exalted patrons were habituated by literary dependents.

  3. But even as he spoke we heard the adulatory shouts of the royal crier somewhere in our vicinity.

  4. His barbaric instinct overcame him, and seizing his spear he executed a kind of war-dance around us, bestowing upon us the most adulatory phrases of the Dagomba vocabulary.

  5. After long years I found her again, restored to her rank, receiving all those congratulations which were due to her, surrounded by an adulatory crowd.

  6. The following adulatory prayer (kánaenáe) in adoration of Laka was recited while gathering the woodland decorations for the altar.

  7. The Lady of the Lake, invisible since the disappearance of the renowned prince Arthur, approached on a floating island along the moat to recite adulatory verses.

  8. On the 1st of December; the day on which the Senate presented to the Emperor the result of the votes for hereditary succession, Francois de Neufchateau delivered an address to him, in which there was no want of adulatory expressions.

  9. The coincidence of this festival with the Assumption gave rise to adulatory rodomontades of the most absurd description.

  10. He was then publishing his 'Typhon, or the Gigantomachy,' and dedicated it to the cardinal, with an adulatory sonnet.

  11. The parliament voted an address, scarcely less adulatory than the chancellor's speech.

  12. Had he been less explicit on the subject, the flattering marks of favor, and the adulatory compliments I received from all on the following day, would well have assured me of it.

  13. I may mention in passing that Mr. Hesekiel has done the life of Prince Bismarck into similar adulatory prose).

  14. This well-authenticated anecdote has been told by writers who expressed the most adulatory sentiments towards the present Czar.

  15. Price, in this sermon, condemns very properly the practice of gross, adulatory addresses to kings.

  16. But the author was eighty-four when he wrote a statement palpably intended for an adulatory purpose, and his feeble or partial reminiscences cannot be considered of material weight.

  17. The fugitive poetry of Tasso partakes largely of this adulatory colouring.

  18. To send him a heavy fee was the sure way of receiving an adulatory epistle, in which the Scourge of Princes raised his benefactor of the moment to the skies.

  19. The adulatory odes are stiff and labored, as, indeed, they might be, when we consider that they were made to order upon Charles V.

  20. The astute and adulatory Greeks had sent him the crowns of all their citharœdic contests.

  21. On these slabs of marble stood some of the gold and silver plate which Augustus had ordered to be made out of the statuettes of precious metals which had been erected to him by too-adulatory provincials.

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