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Example sentences for "adulterate"

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adulation; adulatory; adult; adulterant; adulterants; adulterated; adulterating; adulteration; adulterations; adulterer
  1. The husks and other refuse of rice mills, used to adulterate oil cake, or linseed cake.

  2. It is sometimes used to adulterate certain foods, spices, candies, paints, etc.

  3. The leaves are said to yield a dye like indigo, and to be used sometimes to adulterate senna.

  4. For the up-to-date dairyman has discovered how to adulterate the milk at the other end of the cow.

  5. Each gutta percha and India rubber factory has a formula of its own for making up substances as nearly identical with the natural product as possible, which are used to adulterate the rubber and gutta percha used in the factory.

  6. So you can see that the manufacturer must know whether he is to adulterate his wool cloth with cotton or reduce the cost of production by using mungo, shoddy, or flocks.

  7. Cotton is also used to adulterate woolen materials, and sometimes silk materials; "pure silk" so called, is often artificial silk.

  8. Miss James told the girls that there are a number of ways of adulterating materials, and that most women shoppers are so indifferent that manufacturers have been able to adulterate the materials of everyday use.

  9. This lubrique and adulterate age, (Nay added fat pollutions of our own,) To increase the streaming ordures of the stage?

  10. Defn: The husks and other refuse of rice mills, used to adulterate oil cake, or linseed cake.

  11. Defn: A substance resembling gutta-percha, and used to adulterate it, obtained from the East Indian tree Isonandra acuminata.

  12. The fruits are imported as mother cloves, and the stalks are used to adulterate the spice when ground.

  13. The leaves of the ash and the sloe are used to adulterate tea.

  14. The cost and vast consumption of coffee and tea have made the inducements to adulterate them very great.

  15. One would think that it would be to the interest of the trade to keep their illicit practices "dark:" but the publican has his "Handbook" to teach him how to adulterate spirit as well as beer.

  16. It is adulterated in China; and we have lately learnt to adulterate it at home almost as well as the cunning Asiatic.

  17. Six days had his people to enjoy themselves and his tradesmen to adulterate their different articles of merchandise, the seventh day he decreed should be given up to worship and to pious meditations.

  18. Peanuts are largely used to adulterate chocolate, and so far as wholesomeness is concerned, are not objectionable.

  19. Indeed, if people will adulterate their coffee, it were much to be wished that they would use nothing more harmful than the Peanut for this purpose.

  20. In the preparation of chocolate a great variety of articles are used to adulterate it and diminish its cost.

  21. I that incestuous, that adulterate Beast With witchcraft of his wits, hath Traitorous guifts.

  22. But the worst adulteration of milk is to adulterate the old cow herself; as is done in the swill-milk establishments which received such an exposure a few years ago in a city paper.

  23. This is dust and refuse of tea-leaves and other leaves, made up with dust and starch or gum into little lumps, and used to adulterate better tea.

  24. Let us hope that the grocers of the present day, while they adulterate less, do not pray less.

  25. They must forfeit to the public treasury for the benefit of the poor as much genuine gold and silver as they have manufactured of the false or adulterate metal.

  26. By an order of William count of Hennegau, Holland and Zeeland, of the year 1327, we find that long before that period it was customary to adulterate wine with noxious and dangerous substances.

  27. Our author here names cinnamum and cassia, which cassia was sophisticated with cherry-gum, and probably enough by the Jews, who adulterate all things which they sell.

  28. Into this lonely vale our steps we bend, I and my sullen discontented friend; The marble caves and aqueducts we view; But how adulterate now, and different from the true!

  29. Should the will welcome truths sooner or in larger measure, it would adulterate good and the understanding would falsify truth by mingling them with evils and falsities.

  30. The love of self, the head of all evils, surpasses other loves in the ability to adulterate goods and falsify truths, and it does this by misuse of the rationality which every man, wicked as well as good, enjoys from the Lord.

  31. Should it welcome them sooner or in larger measure, the will would adulterate good and the understanding would falsify truth by mingling them with evils and falsities.

  32. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "adulterate" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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