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Example sentences for "fortify"

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fortifications; fortifie; fortified; fortifieng; fortifies; fortifying; fortin; fortior; fortiori; fortis
  1. It is this spirit that above all else we should sedulously guard, and strive with all our might to fortify and exemplify in all our undertakings.

  2. He told me that at one meeting of the Plenipotentiaries, Prince Gortschakoff announced that Russia, in direct contravention of Article XIII of the Treaty of Paris of 1856, intended to fortify the port of Batoum.

  3. Lord Salisbury whispered to his colleague, and ultimately Prince Gortschakoff withdrew the claim to fortify Batoum.

  4. Becoming by degrees more composed, she endeavoured to fortify her resolution by every argument of reason and religion which had formerly guided her determination.

  5. To reject a lover in so many respects desirable, whom so many women might envy her, would fortify her self-esteem, and enable her to go forward in the chosen path with firmer tread.

  6. But how do you develop and fortify yourself?

  7. A] Cornwallis having selected Yorktown, occupied it and Gloucester Point, on the opposite side of the York, and proceeded to fortify them.

  8. The rest of the second regiment to march to-morrow to Mr. Digges's, to fortify there.

  9. Furthermore, there were bluffs commanding the river below Vicksburg, and the Confederates had already begun to fortify them; so that if the canal had succeeded, navigation of the stream would have been as much obstructed as before.

  10. Immediate steps were taken to fortify the approaches to the capital; but while this work was in progress the Government seemed to stand, like an alarmed sentry, on the Long Bridge of the Potomac.

  11. And then she pitied the dawn of bewilderment on the unconscious face before her, even while she tried to fortify herself with the thought that what she had to tell was not bad in itself--only a revelation of a lost past.

  12. Bangkok estate bypassing a wall and gate meant to fortify him from possible theft, and more generally to barricade him from the ignorance and poverty that were his past.

  13. Every man there hated the Spaniards, and we decided to pull together what cannon were left and fortify the harbor at Basse Terre, in case they got a mind to come back.

  14. Before they have a chance to fortify their position with that ship ordnance.

  15. I'll warrant the Dutch bottoms here've got enough ordnance to fortify both of the breastworks along the west coast.

  16. I propose we take time to fortify ourselves against the heat before going in.

  17. The way I see it, I can fortify the breastwork up on the Point with what I've got on board.

  18. Here he had intended to fortify himself and to await a favorable opportunity for breaking the railroad.

  19. The result of this siege the student of history already knows, a simple detention of the Army of the Potomac, until the enemy could occupy and fortify Richmond.

  20. And I will fortify this land against all other nations.

  21. Shall we attempt to repair the breaches, and fortify the ruins?

  22. The Ethiopians, under Amenophis, retire from the lower Egypt and fortify Memphis against Osarsiphus.

  23. In the place of Liberius, the conspirator Artaban was raised from a prison to military honors; in the pious presumption, that gratitude would animate his valor and fortify his allegiance.

  24. Their murmurs served only to fortify the resolution of Justinian; but the resentment of Theodora, disdained a power before which every knee was bent, and attempted to sow the seeds of discord between the emperor and his beloved consort.

  25. In his last treaty, Justinian introduced some conditions which tended to enlarge and fortify the toleration of Christianity in Persia.

  26. For none has done more to fortify the patriarchal principle which from the earliest times governed the tribal family, and to establish the Hindu conception of the family as it prevails to the present day.

  27. There may have been Englishmen who, believing in the shallow maxim Divide ut imperes, have relied on that estrangement to fortify British rule; but such has never been the principle of British policy.

  28. It is only by such selection that we can hope to fortify the stocks that are fitted for these tasks.

  29. Spry do immediately proceed to fortify the Navy Yard in that manner, which may be defended by the people of the town, and afford a retreat for them.

  30. The proper places to fortify for the defence of the harbor seem to be Sandwich Point and the bank opposite to it.

  31. Such were some of the precepts by which Seneca strove to fortify the struggling virtue of his disciples.

  32. But it was through the chief pontificate that the emperors did most at once to fortify and dignify their secular power, and to prolong the reign of the old Latin religion.

  33. And, like the master, he invoked the apocalyptic power of the religious and poetic imagination to fortify the hesitating conclusions of the reason.

  34. Sacrament and mystery lent their aid to fortify the worshipper in the face of death, but, to derive their full virtue, he must exercise himself in temperance, abjure the pleasures of the senses, and purify himself for the vision of God.

  35. In anxious quest of any link of sympathy between this world and the next, Maximus tries to fortify his doctrine of daemons by stories of apparitions.

  36. For inasmuch as they tended to set reason above authority, it would seem that there was no bound to their pursuit of rational knowledge, wherewith to expand and fortify their reason.

  37. This propensity was quite mediaeval; for throughout the Middle Ages the antique authority was used to fortify or parallel the Christian argument.

  38. Winchester was ordered to fortify himself at the Rapids and wait the arrival of the other troops.

  39. At the same time, four thousand men were to cross the St. Lawrence, take Cornwall, fortify and hold it so as to destroy the communication between the two provinces.

  40. Families which do not from time to time fortify themselves with a strain of fresh European blood, die out in from three to four generations.

  41. Fortify it with these things, and we shall not see, as we do now, in every town and city even, the whole burden of its support resting on one or two individuals.

  42. All men and women should fortify themselves, and see that no being comes through their life, unless they have health and harmony to transmit.

  43. Such public testimonies of universal esteem, could not fail to exhilarate his heart, and fortify it against the depressive influence of any deficient kindness where he felt himself still more entitled to receive it.

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