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Example sentences for "fortifying"

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fortifie; fortified; fortifieng; fortifies; fortify; fortin; fortior; fortiori; fortis; fortissimo
  1. They had heard how Cos was fortifying San Antonio, and as they expected the Texan army to make an assault they intended to see just what he was doing.

  2. Later Go-Daigo undertook to make a stand against the arrogance and intolerance of the Hōjō and induced the Buddhist monks to join him in fortifying Kasagi in the province of Yamato.

  3. His whole army is making a retrograde movement except the 20th Army Corps which is in Atlanta, fortifying it so as to hold it against Hood's whole army, if necessary.

  4. Enemy reported to be fortifying and on the advance.

  5. He found himself engulfed in a relieving, fortifying darkness, a darkness that brought him to his feet in the slowly moving boat.

  6. He found something fortifying in the thought that this vast hull was swinging out to her appointed sea lanes, that she was now intent on a way from which no caprice could turn her.

  7. The Town Guard, after fortifying itself with much Dutch courage, has taken unto itself a weapon of precision of which it knows nothing.

  8. She panted still with the fiery liquid she had gulped: and she wondered that it should belie its reputation in not fortifying her, but rendering her painfully susceptible to his remarks.

  9. The Colonel had never ceased fortifying and improving Dublin Hill, and there is no doubt that at the end of July his efforts had resulted in a very sound and efficient post.

  10. Colonel Hicks never for a moment remitted his exertions in the fortifying of the various posts and houses in the section of the command for which he was responsible, with the result that he very soon had them in a most efficient state.

  11. Defn: The act of fortifying or guarding against objections.

  12. The act of fortifying; the art or science of fortifying places in order to defend them against an enemy.

  13. Defn: A fortifying anew, or a second time.

  14. The centre of the Battalion for a time had been held up by the machine gun fire, but succeeded finally in advancing and fortifying a post about the sunken road (5.

  15. Battalion moved up, fortifying a post about the sunken Road (N.

  16. It was primarily a discipline, but it was regarded, as any fortifying discipline should be regarded, as a preparation for freedom, and it is precisely there that the more timid and clinging modern way seems to fail.

  17. Then we may have conflict, which, when it works happily, exerts a fortifying and ennobling influence on character, when more unhappily a disturbing influence which may even lead to conditions of definite nervous disorder.

  18. He must shake off the depressing burden of the flesh, which pulls him downward; and he will then open his soul to fortifying Faith, to the ruling and inspiring Deity.

  19. Here, fortifying themselves as they best might, they contended successfully, and with advantage, against the Lacedaemonians, who were ill skilled in assault and siege.

  20. Arrived at Mycale, they drew their ships to land, fortifying them with strong intrenchments and barricades, and then sanguinely awaited the result.

  21. If a firing line of veteran soldiers can be heartened, surely the spirit and courage of orphan waifs needed fortifying against the coming winter.

  22. It was Joel's task, and fortifying himself against the elements without, he announced himself as ready for the dash.

  23. If it could be weathered, victory would crown the first good fight of the boys, rewarding their courage in the present struggle and fortifying against future ones.

  24. He had been set to sleep that night in a room that faced inwards, and rising in the morning he had seen that just before his face were the great stones of the wall surrounding and fortifying the cathedral.

  25. One other thing was good, and that was that the esquire La Rougerie was the son of a Frenchman, very skilled in matters of fortifying and building in stone.

  26. Julian had then about him Byzantine engineers who were very skilful in the art of fortifying places.

  27. One of the abbots, a restless and ambitious man, had presumed to commence fortifying the abbey, and had persisted in doing so in spite of the opposition of the lord of Roche-Pont.

  28. I doubt if the enemy will risk a siege at Shreveport, although I am informed they are fortifying the place, and placing many heavy guns in position.

  29. The Americans had occupied themselves in strongly fortifying the more defensible positions, especially those in a mountain tract of country called the Manor of Courland.

  30. The Taborites followed the plan, so often adopted by Z̆iz̆ka, of fortifying their camp by an arrangement of their baggage waggons.

  31. The great object of Cicero's continued lectures, is by fortifying the mind with practical and philosophical lessons, adapted to the circumstances of life, to elevate us above the influence of all its passions and pains.

  32. At the same time it produces a fortifying action on the cerebral center and gives rise to a decided sensation of well-being.

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