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Example sentences for "enrich"

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enrapture; enraptured; enrapturing; enregister; enregistered; enriched; enriches; enriching; enrichment; enrichments
  1. In him they will find what can, at once, quicken their genius, and enrich the understanding.

  2. Add to this, that conflux of ideas with which the different sciences enrich the mind, gives an air of dignity to whatever we say, even in cases where that depth of knowledge is not required.

  3. He will be unwilling to run into such debt with his own feelings, having learned from ├Žsthetic pleasure that there are activities of the soul which, instead of impoverishing, enrich it.

  4. Hoffmann has disdained to enrich some pieces at the expense of others, which it is so easy to do by giving them an importance, which does not belong to them as members of the entire work.

  5. Besides la Pietra del Paragone, he laid il Turco in Italia, and la Gazzetta under contribution to enrich the score of Cinderella.

  6. The intention to enrich Germany by the seizures, rather than to protect the seized objects, is indicated in an undated report by Dr.

  7. In Aemilius again we must admire this, that he subdued so great an empire and yet did not enrich himself by one drachma, and never even saw or touched the king's treasures, although he distributed much of them in presents to others.

  8. But when the city was taken and plundered, he either was unwilling to interfere with his countrymen, or else forgot his vow, and allowed them to enrich themselves with the booty.

  9. Lord North and Grey said the bill was unjust in its nature, and might prove fatal in its consequences, being calculated to enrich the few and impoverish the many.

  10. With more generosity than could have been expected from a man who during the greatest part of his life had been a professed gambler, he had refused to enrich himself at the expense of a ruined nation.

  11. The few who had contrived to enrich themselves hid their wealth from the knowledge of their fellow-citizens, and invested it in the English or other funds.

  12. If this subject could be passed by the Censor, and treated judiciously, it would enrich the arts and at the same time disinfect the mind in one of its most troubled and sullen moods, by giving it a merry expression.

  13. From the necessity for some free metallics besides the gold in the first treatment, it will be seen that a repetition of the sulphur addition and re-melting is essential gradually to enrich the "lump".

  14. A conception borrowed by the one has been observed in time finding its way back, and always in an enlarged form, to further illuminate and enrich the field it left.

  15. We have but to continue, to deepen, to extend, and to enrich the correspondence that has been begun.

  16. To a large extent it will nourish and enrich in turn a number of his hearers.

  17. Nothing need be, and nothing was, alien to the narrator with this gift; for his writing would now assimilate everything and enrich itself continually.

  18. Better human machines have been turned out, but these educated machines still labour to enrich others.

  19. Is it not his greatest object and glory upon earth to sink us into miseries and wretchedness by making slaves of us, to work his plantation to enrich him and his family?

  20. If it were possible for the whites always to keep us ignorant and miserable, and make us work to enrich them and their children, and insult our feelings by representing us as talking Apes, what would they do?

  21. You may do your best to keep us in wretchedness and misery, to enrich you and your children but God will deliver us from under you.

  22. As Waller professed to have imitated Fairfax, do you think a few pages of Fairfax would enrich our edition?

  23. He has no lands, only the use of such as are impignorate for fines; he cannot enrich himself in the old way by marriages; thrift is the chief pillar of his future, and he knows and uses it.

  24. Anyway--she suits me--she'll enrich me as you call it all right.

  25. Kings carry the bodies or relics of saints on their shoulders, and kiss bits of their bones, and enrich and adorn their oratories and favourite altars with them.

  26. There is wealth enough in the cave to enrich us all.

  27. The watering of soils with cold hungray springs doth little good; whereas muddy saline waters brought to overflow a piece of ground enrich it much.

  28. While much of Boussingault's work was carried out previous to the year 1840, he continued to enrich agricultural chemistry with numerous valuable contributions up till the time of his death.

  29. If the pump, which cost years of thought and experimenting, is to enrich anybody it shall be its inventor; and another good foreign commission should supply me with the necessary money.

  30. With frequent opportunities to enrich himself at the expense of his people, he maintained his honor and died a poor man.

  31. With repeated opportunities to enrich himself at the expense of his tribe, he died a poor man.

  32. You refuse, when this monk's destruction will set the mob in such roaring mutiny as will give your noble associates, whom I see swarming from afar, a chance to commence a work that will enrich you for ever?

  33. I am now to return thanks to My Lord Lyttelton, for being so good as to allow me to enrich my book with one of his Lordship's letters to me.

  34. Le Brun, whose royal genius could magnify and enrich every circumstance in honour of his sovereign, has given this story as a medallion on one of the compartments of the great gallery at Versailles.

  35. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "enrich" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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