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  1. The arrangement of reed compartments in American organs does not essentially differ from that of harmoniums; but there are often two keyboards, and then the solo and combination stops are found on the upper manual.

  2. These compartments are of about two octaves and a half each, there being a division in the middle of the keyboard scale dividing the stops into bass and treble.

  3. In Mustel and other good harmoniums, the reed compartments that form the scheme of the instrument are eight in number, four bass and four treble, of three different pitches of octave and double octave distance.

  4. On the shoulder are lobed compartments enclosing the eight Buddhist “Emblems of Happy Augury.

  5. Holes should be made in hollow blocks of willow-trees, and divided into compartments by boards, so that many pairs may make their nests in the same block.

  6. Their flesh is often eaten, and in Italy small towers are built, in the compartments of which they make their nests; from these the young are taken as soon as fledged, and are considered great dainties when spitted on a stick and roasted.

  7. As is well known, these are divided into first, second, and third class, these compartments all being in the same train, and between the first and second there is little difference save that of price.

  8. There is some curiosity about scandal in the secret compartments of bigotry.

  9. We have just seen, in Book Fourth, one of the compartments of the upper mine, of the great political, revolutionary, and philosophical excavation.

  10. One morning, this spy saw Jean Valjean, with an air which struck the old gossip as peculiar, entering one of the uninhabited compartments of the hovel.

  11. This edifice had, for its intestinal tube, a long corridor, on which opened to right and left sorts of compartments of varied dimensions which were inhabitable under stress of circumstances, and rather more like stalls than cells.

  12. Each kind should be kept, when not in use, in racks or cases with compartments for the different lengths.

  13. CASE--In a composing room, the tray with compartments in which type is kept for composing.

  14. Full-length portraits of the old possessors of Aldred covered the walls, and on the stained-glass upper compartments of the deep bay-window at one end were depicted the arms and quarterings of the family.

  15. The page opposite to each Gospel is similarly filled with decoration, separated into four compartments by an ornamented Greek cross.

  16. The hair and draperies are simply patterned as compartments of green or blue, or red or black, as may be required for the tout ensemble; the face remains white.

  17. Beneath us runs a sweep of counter forming three sides of a quadrangle, divided into compartments of about a square yard by green curtains.

  18. It is usual to name the compartments according to the mental condition of the patients contained in them.

  19. The upper portion of the white stone screen behind the alabaster work is also divided into five compartments of open work with geometrical tracery; in front rise five gables, the centre being larger and higher than the others.

  20. The length is divided into four compartments by clustered columns, from the tops of which sprung the ribs of the vaulting.

  21. Forward and aft the waterline is unprotected, but a protective deck extends from the citadel in each direction, preventing the projectiles from entering the compartments below.

  22. In the two floors below were a saloon, compartments for scientific instruments, sleeping-cabins, and practically all the conveniences of a small, modern house.

  23. Safety against sinking from injury to the hull was provided for by the introduction of watertight compartments half a century ago, as we have seen; and the size of the Great Eastern has been surpassed in only a few instances.

  24. There were five compartments to a car and eight men were assigned to each compartment; as we also had to make room for our luggage, we were crowded and uncomfortable.

  25. We were then assigned to compartments in French railroad coaches.

  26. Soil from ten to fifteen feet in depth covered these stone compartments and they were proof from the bombs of other days, but would have but feebly resisted the modern high explosives.

  27. From Brest to Langres Before our train pulled out of Brest we were ordered out of our crowded compartments in the French railroad coaches for the purpose of bringing in traveling rations.

  28. It was a great relief to leave those crowded compartments in that uncomfortable train.

  29. Here the young boys and young unmarried girls lived with their family, but in separate compartments of the hut.

  30. Grown-up but unmarried male or female children have compartments of their own.

  31. Elsewhere, a circular building, with compartments for lions, wolves, and tigers.

  32. The side-walls are lined with bookcases divided by columns into four compartments on each side, after the fashion of Cardinal Mazarin's library.

  33. On the bosses that intervene between these compartments are the arms of Bodley himself.

  34. Against the walls are 26 compartments or presses, alternately open and closed.

  35. The principals and tie-beams are ornamented with arabesques, while the flat surface between them is divided into square compartments on which are painted the arms of the University.

  36. This arrangement may still be seen in the two compartments at the west end of the room, one on each side of the door of entrance.

  37. The cases are divided into compartments by fluted Ionic columns 5 ft.

  38. They are divided into compartments by fluted Doric columns supporting an entablature with projecting cornice, above which again is a sort of second entablature.

  39. The architect was not content with decorating his wall with these grooves alone; he divided it into alternate compartments, the one salient, the next set back, and upon these compartments he ploughed the long lines of his decoration.

  40. The top is an oval plateau divided into eight symmetrical compartments by flat bands.

  41. The boat was made of thin sheet iron, with water-tight compartments fore and aft and was sufficiently light to enable two hands to haul her up and down a beach.

  42. Even the third-class compartments (and they were otherwise as deliberately bare and comfortless as wood and iron could make them) had lattice-work shades over the upper half of the windows.

  43. In those days there were neither tunnels nor bridges on that railway, and there was a single seat on the roof at each end of first- and second-class compartments reached by a ladder, for any passenger enamored of the view.

  44. It takes place in a large tent, round which many separate compartments called pologs are arranged in a continuous circle.

  45. The girl gets a start and is clear of the marriage if she can run through all the compartments without being caught by the bridegroom.

  46. The English first and second-class compartments are slightly superior to the third-class.

  47. Can’t you take away these partitions and turn several of these compartments into one?

  48. Each of these compartments has two doors, one on either side of the car, also two seats.

  49. The two compartments should be sub-divided into smaller boxes, either with pieces of cigar-boxes, or with pieces of tin bent at the ends and fastened to the sides of the box, as shown in the illustration.

  50. When this has been done, divide up the lower portion of the box into compartments as shown in the drawing (Fig.

  51. Type-cases= divided into small compartments for the various letters and characters, which can be bought for seventy-five cents or a dollar, provide the only satisfactory means of keeping fonts.

  52. In painting the sides show the battery compartments upon them below what would properly be the bottom of the wagon (see illustration).

  53. All vigorous lobsters above a certain size are placed in compartments of the car by themselves, while the weak and small are put in separate compartments.

  54. The inside is divided into a series of compartments by horizontal and vertical partitions of slats, wire netting, or any material which will permit the free circulation of the water.

  55. The inner part of this car is usually divided off into five transverse compartments by means of a framework inside.

  56. As we said in Chapter III, the mines are stored in a compartment in the hull of the submarine and this can be shut off from the other compartments by a bulkhead door.

  57. The compartments are used as stowage tanks for fuel, etc.

  58. She also has a double hull which is divided into watertight compartments to protect her from sinking should an enemy ship ram or fire on her.

  59. Abaft the ship are the quarters for the crew, and both fore and aft in her hold are compartments for the cargo she carries.

  60. In these compartments are placed all the machinery and the controls for operating the submarine.

  61. The watertight doors of these compartments are worked by worm gears, driven by electric motors, as shown in Fig.

  62. The prisons are divided only by a high wall and contain many compartments to assist in classification.

  63. She was a cold-storage ship, with beef and mutton from Australia, compartments fixed for about forty degrees below zero.

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