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Example sentences for "compassed"

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compartment; compartments; compas; compass; compasse; compasses; compasseth; compassing; compassion; compassionate
  1. Raphael, "is that to be compassed in a way so abhorrent to my genius?

  2. I alone have compassed the circuit of heaven, and have penetrated into the bottom of the deep, and have walked in the waves of the sea, 24:9.

  3. Thou hast turned for me my mourning into joy: thou hast cut my sackcloth, and hast compassed me with gladness: 29:13.

  4. Surrounding me they compassed me about: and in the name of the Lord I have been revenged on them.

  5. For the man was so compassed with sadness and horror of the body, that it was manifest to them that beheld him, what sorrow he had in his heart.

  6. Ephraim hath compassed me about with denials, and the house of Israel with deceit: but Juda went down as a witness with God, and is faithful with the saints.

  7. And concerning the pillars, one pillar was eighteen cubits high: and a cord of twelve cubits compassed it about: but the thickness thereof was four fingers, and it was hollow within.

  8. He put upon him a garment to the feet, and breeches, and an ephod, and he compassed him with many little bells of gold all round about, 45:11.

  9. And that they had thrown down the abomination which he had set up upon the altar in Jerusalem, and that they had compassed about the sanctuary with high walls as before, and Bethsura also, his city.

  10. And strangers stood up against him, and through envy the men that were with Dathan and Abiron, compassed him about in the wilderness, and the congregation of Core in their wrath.

  11. Therefore thus saith the Lord God: The land shall be in tribulation, and shall be compassed about: and thy strength shall be taken away from thee, and thy houses shall be spoiled.

  12. And there were ninety-six pomegranates hanging down: and the pomegranates being a hundred in all, were compassed with network.

  13. And thou hast cast me forth into the deep, in the heart of the sea, and a flood hast compassed me: all thy billows, and thy waves have passed over me.

  14. He hath built round about me, and he hath compassed me with gall, and labour.

  15. The sorrows of death have compassed me: and the perils of hell have found me.

  16. They have spoken against me with deceitful tongues; and they have compassed me about with words of hatred; and have fought against me without cause.

  17. As a city that lieth open and is not compassed with walls, so is a man that cannot refrain his own spirit in speaking.

  18. Many bulls have compassed me, strong bulls of Bashan have beset me round.

  19. Thou hast brought me into the dust of death; for dogs have compassed me, the assembly of the wicked have enclosed me.

  20. They compassed me about like bees, they are quick as the fire of thorns, but in the name of the Lord I will destroy them.

  21. Had good Stutely's master but known how his man was compassed about with perils, perchance he might send succor to bring him out of the hand of his enemies.

  22. Now listen, for next I will tell how Robin Hood compassed the happiness of two young lovers, aided by the merry Friar Tuck of Fountain Dale.

  23. When I had compassed them, I was so taken with the former part of the fifteenth book (which is the masterpiece of the whole Metamorphoses), that I enjoined myself the pleasing task of rendering it into English.

  24. The exhortations of God, the True One, have compassed the world, but until now their influence hath not been disclosed.

  25. My counsels and admonitions have compassed the world.

  26. In seeking to injure his Excellency, he has but compassed his own discrediting, and the cabal against my general in Congress will break down for very lack of a possible successor.

  27. I bring thee the best of news," said Luned, "for I have compassed the object of my mission.

  28. And thou shalt not be chargeable for food or raiment for my daughter while thou art seeking these things; and when thou hast compassed all these marvels, thou shalt have my daughter for thy wife.

  29. How the treacherous end was finally compassed is told by Motley with all the dramatic realism necessary for a faithful description of the scene.

  30. Then Simon Halpen compassed his death--I am sure of it!

  31. The youth did not understand how Simon Halpen could have compassed his father's death; yet Crow Wing evidently suspected something which he had not seen fit to divulge.

  32. Therefore they compassed about him to fight: but Jehoshaphat cried out, and the LORD helped him; and God moved them to depart from him.

  33. Then Jehoram went forth with his princes, and all his chariots with him: and he rose up by night, and smote the Edomites which compassed him in, and the captains of the chariots.

  34. For first there was an exceeding great hill compassed about with big trees very high, with many turning bottoms full of sharp stones, whereby it was inaccessible.

  35. For they compassed him round about, sitting at the table, and abused the young man, contrary to all nature and reason.

  36. Alas what a pittifull sight it was to see our poore Thrasileon thus environed and compassed with so many dogs that tare and rent him miserably.

  37. When they were come within the chase to a great thicket fortressed about with bryers and thornes, they compassed round with their Dogs and beset every place with nets: by and by warning was given to let loose.

  38. As also it is against Saul that he prays, that the Lord would not grant his desires, nor further his devices, and as for the head of them that compassed him about, (which was Saul.

  39. He imprecates against the head of them that compassed him about, and consequently against Saul.

  40. Never lulled The rage of war, while Trojan hearts were hot To hurl the foemen back, and the strong Greeks To smite the town: grim havoc compassed all.

  41. They compassed him about, And stoned the man with great stones, that he died.

  42. And Ocean's fathomless flood Clasped like a garland all the outer rim, And compassed all the strong shield's curious work.

  43. So these death-compassed heroes slew their foes Ever as they pressed on.

  44. Loud wailed the Nymphs around him; for they still Remembered how their nursling wont to lisp His childish prattle, compassed with their smiles.

  45. No maiden modesty With purity veils thee: thou art compassed round With ruinous madness; therefore all men scorn Thee, babbler!

  46. I knew that they had compassed the death of the brother and had plotted a dishonor worse than death against the countess herself, and I believed there were no limits to their venom and hostility.

  47. As Champlain suggests, these islands are only three leagues higher up the river; but, as they are on the opposite side, they could not be compassed in much less than seven or eight leagues, as Cartier estimates.

  48. Hasdrubal they even voted to put to death, and finding that he had by poison intentionally compassed his own destruction they abused his dead body.

  49. I know not exactly how he compassed it, but he restored peace so effectually that before we reached Hyde Park Street he had forced me to invite him to lunch with me at my club on the following Saturday.

  50. He threw his card on the table, rising to go, and timing his departure with that tact and grace which is only compassed by Frenchmen or Spaniards.

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