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Example sentences for "compassionate"

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compassed; compasses; compasseth; compassing; compassion; compassionated; compassionately; compassionating; compassions; compatibility
  1. As Drosselmeier lamented thus dolefully, the astronomer, seized with compassionate sympathy, began to weep and howl so terribly that he was heard throughout the length and breadth of Asia.

  2. Seeing all these compassionate faces, after what had happened, Maslova almost cried and her lips began to twitch.

  3. Then, ceasing to exhort him to be calm with gentle and compassionate words, I raise my voice suddenly and order the boy to be quiet, in a severe tone that admits of no parleying.

  4. For each one he has a compassionate word that comes from the depths of his being.

  5. From his first entrance, whilst most of his companions held themselves aloof from him, Raymond was attracted towards a man named Andreas, who had shown a compassionate interest in him.

  6. Candour, filled with compassionate interest, rushed after his friend; but truth compels us to state, not to give him assistance, but to bolt with him as fast as his legs could carry him.

  7. Doubtless my mother noticed it, too, and shed a few compassionate tears for the poor man, once more homeless on the great plain.

  8. Yes, to me Our Lord has always been "compassionate and merciful, long-suffering and plenteous in mercy.

  9. I feel that I ought to be as compassionate for the spiritual infirmities of my Sisters as you are for my bodily ills.

  10. It is because He is just, that "He is compassionate and merciful, longsuffering, and plenteous in mercy.

  11. But I compassionate greatly those who are not Saints, and who do not know how to profit by suffering.

  12. And if errors he did commit, his enemies certainly had less reason to blame him, than had his friends for that gentle and compassionate temper which made him save the life of Leonidas, and believe in other men's professions.

  13. Cease, therefore, to pity the Clusinians whom we besiege, lest ye teach the Gauls to be kind and compassionate to those that are oppressed by you.

  14. The seamen, if they happened to come near, looked at her with a sort of awe, mingled with that compassionate gentleness which sailors almost always show towards women.

  15. When he did, there was no mistaking the compassionate voice.

  16. Mr. Dugdale took no notice except by a compassionate look--perhaps he, too, felt there was no time to lose.

  17. The Duchess was a wife--moreover a mother, and she knew how to pity and compassionate the unfortunate, from the palace of kings down to the cottage of the poor.

  18. Do not let the world know of it till that day when the secrets of all hearts shall be revealed; when God shall commit all judgment to His Son, who is more merciful than man--more compassionate and more just.

  19. Only Mr. Shenstone's compassionate eyes saw the emotion that flashed through mine; murmuring some excuse about finding Mrs. Arnold, I quitted the room.

  20. How could the widow yonder refuse her companion in guilt a compassionate reception!

  21. Had she carried her nursing infant, perhaps she might have succeeded better, but even the most compassionate housewives either turned her from their doors or offered her work at the wash-tub, or in cleaning or gardening.

  22. Many a compassionate peasant, many a miller's lad and Carter, had offered him a seat on the back of his nag or in his waggon but, without accepting their friendly offers, he had plodded on with his bare feet.

  23. The agent knew about Mike; he looked compassionate as he shook his head.

  24. During the four days she survived, when exhorted by me to pardon her husband, she replied with tears in her eyes and with a placid and compassionate voice: "May Jesus pardon him, as I have already done with all my heart.

  25. And then he threw himself into the arms of the compassionate Frati and showed such signs of true contrition that their prayers were accompanied by tears rather than by exhortations.

  26. Pure, and undeviating in his own conduct, he was tender and compassionate to the failings of others.

  27. They grew quite extravagant in their applauses; and, had it not been for my compassionate High Priest, popularity would have destroyed me.

  28. Such a downy tip was on his callow chin, that he seemed half fledged like a young bird; and a compassionate observer might have urged that, if he had not singed the calves of his legs, he would have died of cold.

  29. Even their ferocity was not, as with the Scandinavian heroes, a virtue and a boast--their public opinion honoured the compassionate and the clement.

  30. It is with a deep and melancholy wisdom that Ulysses, who seems to comtemplate his struggles with compassionate and not displeased superiority, thus attempts to reconcile the young man: "Son of a noble sire!

  31. I compassionate this vast multitude--a hundred years hence, which of them will still be a living man?

  32. Wherefore arise, go to my mistress Mary, and when you have brought her into your own parlour, disclose to her the secret, at the same time earnestly beseeching her to compassionate your case.

  33. But this mule, which you see, was our brother, which some women by witchcraft have brought into this condition which you see: we therefore entreat you to compassionate us.

  34. And just so every one easily conceals there his compassionate interest in the falling favorite, like the wise father, who, at the fall of a child, disguises his compassionate face under a comic one.

  35. Every now and then she perceived that his eye rested on her with a compassionate expression, and when she inquired whether he were anxious about the sufferer, he gave her some evasive answer, quite unlike his usual decisive speech.

  36. The compassionate impulse to lighten the lot of a sufferer, which had before drawn her so strongly to Caracalla, had now lost its sense and meaning for this healthy, high-spirited man.

  37. The Magian gave a compassionate shrug, and in the look he cast at the philosopher, the question was legible, "What have such as these to do with the highest things?

  38. His injurious and false accusations roused her indignation to the utmost, but one glance at his weary, suffering face showed her how great was the pain he endured, and in her compassionate heart pity strove against righteous anger.

  39. How beautiful it all was, and how it cheered her compassionate heart!

  40. Every sorrowing human being, every poor sufferer, be they who they might, or whence they might, found a place in that compassionate heart.

  41. Lettice beamed with pleasure as these compassionate words were addressed to her sister.

  42. It is a lie which the all- compassionate Father-Spirit never breathed into the ears of his children, a lie which has been told here century after century with such insistence that half the nation has the manhood cowed out of it.

  43. Sweet model of delight, fair excellence, Be gracious unto him that formed thee, Compassionate his true love's ardency.

  44. Thou know'st the force of love, then pity me-- Compassionate my true love's ardency.

  45. I want them to be tender and compassionate to animals and insects.

  46. And she rejoiced in the doubt, as if, by cherishing it, she was taking a kind of revenge on his compassionate glance and mocking lips.

  47. It seemed to Bertha that everybody was looking at her in a rather disparaging, almost compassionate manner, and, on looking at herself in the large pier glass she suddenly perceived that she was very tastelessly dressed.

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