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Example sentences for "compassionately"

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compasseth; compassing; compassion; compassionate; compassionated; compassionating; compassions; compatibility; compatible; compatriot
  1. Cornelia laid her clasped hands compassionately and beseechingly upon his breast.

  2. All eyes were fixed compassionately upon the pallid Albert, broken down in the flower of his years, as entered the court-room with tottering steps, supported between two gendarmes.

  3. The woman pressed the child compassionately to her bosom and was about to kiss him.

  4. In the course of a few minutes he became quite master of himself, and, looking for a short time compassionately at the children, he invited them to come to him.

  5. He looked compassionately at Balashev, and as soon as the latter tried to make some rejoinder hastily interrupted him.

  6. With a slight inclination of her head, Natasha stepped back quickly to Mavra Kuzminichna, who stood talking compassionately to the officer.

  7. Then her eyes fell, and she became as a downcast wretch, a hag before her time, weeping uncontrollably on the dirty cot before his compassionately kneeling figure.

  8. Then she turned her eyes softly back again, looking compassionately down upon her precious Habrunt, who had finally stopped his thrashing, and fallen into a deep slumber again.

  9. My woman, ye need hardly have come this length with your basket," said Jane Gray, kindly, and looking compassionately at the evidences of fatigue on her face.

  10. She looked compassionately at the worn and weather-beaten appearance of the new comer, and hastened to get him some cool water from the spring, in which to lave his dusty face and hands.

  11. An old woman opened them, and cried out compassionately at the sight of the handsome stranger: "Ah, how pitiful!

  12. The old slave, as if from instinct, again takes Annette in her arms, presses and presses her to her bosom, looks compassionately in her face, and smiles while a tear glistens in her eyes.

  13. Her loving heart seems swelling with grief, as compassionately she gazes upon him; then, drawing a cambric handkerchief from her bosom, spreads it so kindly over his face.

  14. Let us trace, compassionately if ironically, the mistakes of this sad woman.

  15. How compassionately he would give that forth!

  16. Thereon the little girl brought the tray to the bedside and gazed compassionately at me, while the lady put the food into my mouth, for I was too weak to do so myself.

  17. We were soon surrounded by strange faces, some looking compassionately upon us, others with indifference, as if it was a matter of very little consequence that two boys should have been saved from perishing.

  18. Look not so compassionately upon my stature, mother.

  19. The duchess looked compassionately at the beautiful enthusiast, and heaved a sigh.

  20. When they confess their faith in deity they have something else in mind beside the God of the Bible, compassionately purposeful about his world and calling men to be his fellow-workers.

  21. His God was compassionately concerned for Africa, spoke about black folk as Hosea heard him speak concerning Israel, "How can I give thee up?

  22. An old Minorite monk, to whom he compassionately gave his horse, is the witness I mentioned.

  23. Frau Traut saw compassionately that she could not remain long quietly in any place, and that when the noon meal was served she scarcely tasted food.

  24. The young knight gazed compassionately at the lad's flushed face, and, after a brief pause of reflection, proposed committing the sufferers to the care of the Knights Hospitallers.

  25. But I fear,' said she, looking compassionately at the man, 'you will never be able to sell them all.

  26. Her attendant seeing her shiver in the breeze, compassionately wrapped her more closely in her cloak, and ran to seek a warmer covering.

  27. Canadian had compassionately allowed him to sleep on beyond this time.

  28. From their spiritual height they looked down compassionately on their victorious but ignorant adversaries, who, feeling the condescension of the victims, drove their irons deeper.

  29. Alf perceived by their faces, which hunger and affliction had paled and emaciated, that they were the two whom he had rescued from the hands of Matthias, and compassionately asked the bailiff what crime the poor children had committed.

  30. Fessel, compassionately caressing the cold cheek of the maiden.

  31. She was ashamed to let her servants and friends see how deeply she had been wounded by the little starving wretch she had compassionately rescued from the streets.

  32. You need not smile so compassionately and contemptuously, Moritz.

  33. Kitty looked after them compassionately until they had all disappeared.

  34. Christian also sat down; Bridget remained standing near her husband, leaning upon his shoulder, with her eyes resting compassionately upon her son.

  35. Another face came before him too with a reproachful, accusing look--the face that he had seen bending compassionately over the senseless form of Stefen Alexitch.

  36. He held the hands gently, and he looked half-laughingly, half-compassionately into the flushed, earnest face.

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