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Example sentences for "bleed"

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bleating; bleatings; bleats; blebs; bled; bleeder; bleeders; bleeding; bleedings; bleeds
  1. Just then the other doctor, Bernardino, put in his appearance, who at the beginning of my illness had refused to bleed me.

  2. In like manner she was asking for what she wanted when the poor young man begged you to bleed him.

  3. I told them what I believed to be the cause of my illness, and said that I had wished to let blood, but that I had been advised against it; and if it was not too late, I begged them to bleed me now.

  4. Iron-Beard professes to bleed a sick man, who thereupon falls as dead to the ground; but the doctor at last restores him to life by blowing air into him through a tube.

  5. And year by year, when the trees were deciduous, every Adonis would seem to bleed to death with the red leaves of autumn and to come to life again with the fresh green of spring.

  6. Trees that bleed and utter cries of pain or indignation when they are hacked or burned occur very often in Chinese books, even in Standard Histories.

  7. I would bleed a man for a crown, and even for nothing, for honor.

  8. To bleed him anew in this state would be fatal.

  9. There are terrible stories about this Blood League--that they bleed themselves in the course of their proceedings, and each member signs his name with his own blood--that they establish brotherhood by mingling their blood and tasting it.

  10. And to satisfy your end and bleed the timid souls, of money, you have invented a Purgatory!

  11. This history of our numerous misfortunes, related in so true and moving a manner, made my heart bleed within me.

  12. Tho' length of time ought to have closed up my wounds, yet the seeing them described by your hand was sufficient to make them all open and bleed afresh.

  13. If an artery be cut, it must be tied as quickly as possible, or the person will soon bleed to death.

  14. All the pruning of grapes (except nipping side shoots) must be done when the sap is not running, or they will bleed to death.

  15. In this case, and in all cases of bad wounds that bleed much, tie a tight bandage near and above the wound, inserting a stick into the bandage and twisting as tight as can be borne, to stop the immediate effusion of blood.

  16. This disease is sometimes called scurvy, and is shown by an accumulation around the teeth and by inflamed gums that bleed easily.

  17. The White Nile tribe not only milk their cows, but they bleed their cattle periodically, and boil the blood for food.

  18. Driving a lance into a vein in the neck, they bleed the animal copiously, which operation is repeated about once a month.

  19. When Richard entered the abbey he shuddered, and prayed some moments before the altar, when the nose and mouth of his father began to bleed so profusely, that the monk in attendance kept incessantly wiping the blood from his face.

  20. There are some among us who will soon bleed to death, unless their wounds are staunched.

  21. In a few moments he would have been suffocated by the blood from the wound in his throat, but with a final effort he managed to roll over on to his face, the wound was thus permitted to bleed freely, and he soon recovered.

  22. It would cut into my heart and leave me to bleed to death.

  23. And from these waters of baptism the purified Saints went to their inheritances in Zion--took their humble places, and began to sweat and bleed in the upbuilding of the new Jerusalem.

  24. It really made my heart bleed to see these two brave men suffer as they did for my sake.

  25. You can tear our skin off, you can make us bleed to death, but you cannot make us feel pain.

  26. But the man will probably bleed to death; and must I do nothing to prevent it?

  27. If so, it comes from an artery inclosed in a bony cavity, and one that cannot contract and close spontaneously, and since its origin is so close to the aorta, it will continue to bleed until the patient dies of hemorrhage.

  28. It made one's heart bleed to think that such rich land should lie unknown and unexploited in these enlightened and enterprising days of the twentieth century.

  29. It made one's heart bleed to think that nobody was there to collect the riches of that wonderful land.

  30. The lamb thy riot dooms to bleed to-day, Had he thy reason, would he skip and play?

  31. Who noble ends by noble means obtains, Or failing, smiles in exile or in chains, Like good Aurelius let him reign, or bleed Like Socrates, that man is great indeed.

  32. How wretched and pitiable are the living as they lie on the ground, tortured by the wounds which the howling night wind has dried so that they bleed no more!

  33. How enviable and blissful sleep the dead whose wounds bleed and ache no longer!

  34. In the Beginning, it was absolutely necessary to bleed the Patients freely; and frequently to repeat the Evacuation, where the Symptoms required it.

  35. The Rest, who were attacked with the Cholera at Munster, were treated much in the same Way; only as they had not such acute Pain and Fever as this Man, it was thought unnecessary to bleed them.

  36. I'll punch it and give it something to bleed for.

  37. They told him such haste meant quicker death because he would bleed more; but he insisted, so they got a wagon and hurried all they could.

  38. I will bleed forever within my breast where none can see, and all will wonder at my pallor and my weakness that have no outward cause.

  39. First, let the day on which Father Kyril saw the Host bleed be celebrated henceforward as the feast of the Body of Christ, Corpus Christi.

  40. The belly wound did not bleed much, so the heart wound must have preceded it.

  41. My good friend,” said the guide to the chief, “you have no time to lose, the lad will bleed to death!

  42. Some pains which he endured increased so much that it was decided to bleed him.

  43. That this blow does not bleed at once is explained by the cellular texture of the muscles.

  44. The next moment the wounds began to bleed afresh, and Salista fainted from loss of blood.

  45. I know this, that it would have been a miracle if his treatment had cured my brother, for the first thing he did was to bleed him, the very thing that Dr.

  46. He would bleed to death before he could be carried home, so M.

  47. Behold her beautiful and broad domain, And say, if patriot hearts shall freely bleed To keep it sacred from invasion's stain?

  48. And her sons will rise in legions, Bleed and die at her behest, Ere a hostile Northern footstep Trample, conqueror, on her breast.

  49. To bleed and conquer he's bravely gone; Freedom and glory still urge him on.

  50. Let the foeman come on in his daring effrontery, Let him trample the loved soil we call our dear country, And for every fair flower that fades in his path, A proud heart shall bleed 'neath the sword of our wrath.

  51. Sneezing and frequent attacks of nose bleed are often common symptoms.

  52. The latter variety is better supplied with blood vessels and presents a red or dark pink surface and may bleed on slight irritation.

  53. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bleed" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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