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Example sentences for "flay"

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  1. Have sail on this vessel before that anchor takes hold, or I'll flay thy hump!

  2. Charles alive that On the morowe, whan it was day, he might flay him.

  3. He calls a council, and charges his barons to take Charles alive that he might flay him.

  4. He wondered when these monsters would have vented their spite sufficiently; he wondered if he would be alive at the end of the castigation, or if they would flay the flesh from his body.

  5. Meanwhile I will give him a sorer blow than if I were to flay him alive.

  6. If they catch you they will flay you; but that is their affair.

  7. To flay your skin off, that I may make a leather jacket for myself and a pelisse for my old woman.

  8. To flay off your skin, that I may make me a warm cap against the winter.

  9. Don't flay me, and I'll bring you kale and good cauliflower if only you let me go!

  10. Don't flay me, daddy dear, and I'll bring you a whole herd of little sheep.

  11. And when the Judge has done with him, if he is not flayed and tattooed with Blackstone, you may flay and tattoo me.

  12. And yet you may flay me if I don't love her.

  13. I went first, with my knife drawn ready to flay it.

  14. At last, by the advice of a Baden enchanter, at the time of the paroxysm he used to flay a fox by way of antidote and counter-poison.

  15. My giraffe was not quite dead, and, the throat having been cut by the Arabs and Richarn, we attempted to flay our game; this was simply impossible.

  16. The day of reckoning is near at hand, When Justice will restore your pillaged Land, And Vengeance will unsheath its righteous blade And flay the Teutons till your score is paid.

  17. Tho critics flay me and the censors sneer, 'Twere better so, than praises on my bier.

  18. My gossip the usurer knows full well that I should not flay him for nothing; otherwise I should be unjust, and I have never done anything that was not just and necessary.

  19. Flay me an ape incontinent, to clap him to the duke's breast!

  20. He said: "Lady, I will go back and flay the beast, and bring on the hide.

  21. Defn: To skin; to strip off the skin or surface of; as, to flay an ox; to flay the green earth.

  22. With her nails She 'll flay thy wolfish visage.

  23. Li Kuei and his companions observed as they shook their clothes, "Did you, worthy brother, hear what he said that he would first of all flay our skins off!

  24. Ay, ay, but I think it wad ha'e been far better if they'd myed it to flay away poverty frae wor doors, and cast it as a boiler for soup.

  25. If a man were to beat, tweak, or flay me, I should only laugh at it; but when I see one man tormenting another, it makes my blood boil.

  26. But when you get to where Hamis is keeping watch, tell him that you are guiding a Romish priest and his sister, for he is ready to flay a Lutheran alive.

  27. While the fighting kept to the North it did not grind so keen; but now, with the redcoats at our doors, and the Tories sacking and burning in every settlement, 'tis enough to flay an honest man alive.

  28. You may flay me as you will; I shall neither flinch nor go back from my word.

  29. He accepted his proffered help, and when the town was taken he did flay the betrayer.

  30. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "flay" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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