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Example sentences for "fox"

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fownd; fownde; fowr; fowre; fowt; foxed; foxes; foxglove; foxgloves; foxhole
  1. A hood rimmed with blue fox fur almost completely hid the face of the athletic figure breaking through the snow at the head of the dog team.

  2. I give my sister black fox skin robe one time.

  3. However, the lads started back to camp on the best of terms, carrying the blue fox pelt with them.

  4. Huh, why you take um blue fox for your mother?

  5. The fox leaped high in the air, and ran like a streak toward the top of the slope where he had been sighted.

  6. In 1757, in the rearrangements of the government, Fox was ultimately excluded from the cabinet, and given the post of paymaster of the forces.

  7. During the war, which Pitt conducted with extraordinary vigour, and in which the nation was intoxicated with glory, Fox devoted himself mainly to accumulating a vast fortune.

  8. Now then, Blossom, this is thy task; thou shalt watch eagerly as a fox upon the hill-side, and bring word to me of the exact day and hour when the sacrifice is to be offered.

  9. Do justly by us in this matter, and walk not in the trail of the fox to deceive us, and to save from us our captive.

  10. We will do the best that we can for our brother; but the meadow-lark has not the strength of the Eagle, nor the fox of the panther; and if we should fail, it would not be the fault of the Mohawks or the Onondagas.

  11. They know that when George Fox and William Edmundson were laboring in behalf of the negroes in the West Indies in 1671 that the very same slanders were propogated against them, which are now circulated against Abolitionists.

  12. XIX NIGHT IN THE WOODS Mr. Grouse and Tommy Fox soon went about their business, leaving Turkey Proudfoot to roost in the oak tree in the woods.

  13. He had seen Tommy Fox trot away toward the pasture.

  14. Tommy Fox came stealing back in the moonlight and gazed up at him with longing eyes.

  15. All men," Fox said, "tossed up their hats and clapped their hands in boundless delight at it.

  16. How much more than is necessary do we spend in sleep, forgetting that The sleeping Fox catches no Poultry, and that There will be sleeping enough in the Grave, as Poor Richard says.

  17. Lord Mansfield shrinks from his principles; Charles Fox is yet in blossom; and as for Mr. Wedderburn, there is something about him which even treachery can not trust.

  18. While they were eating, Fox Eye came in, followed by several men, one of whom carried in his hand the scalp of the enemy and another his bow case and quiver.

  19. Two or three days after Fox Eye's accident, the camp moved again, back to the little creek near the Sweet Grass Hills, which they had left only a few days before.

  20. For some hours they travelled on and at length climbed a high butte, from which, Fox Eye had told them, that the Milk River could be seen.

  21. I take your words," said Fox Eye, "you speak well.

  22. Meantime, Joe and Fox Eye each, as he came up, had struck the man lying there, Joe with his bow and Fox Eye with the muzzle of his gun.

  23. Presently they passed out of sight of the distant bull, and soon Fox Eye left them, and rode off toward it, while the others went on their way.

  24. Meantime, Hugh had been talking to the men, and presently, when he stopped, Fox Eye spoke for quite along time.

  25. One of these was lying on a broken hillside not far from the course they were to follow, and as they approached it, Fox Eye said to Hugh, "I think I will go and kill that bull.

  26. Page 244] "This is how it happened," said Fox Eye, when Hugh asked him to tell the story of the attack.

  27. Tell him he talks like a foolish person, and that Fox Eye will be glad to see him whenever he comes, and glad to have him stop as long as he feels like stopping.

  28. My friend," said Fox Eye, "I have something to tell you.

  29. A number of the young men, who had ridden away the night before in pursuit of the enemy, had not yet returned, and Jack asked Hugh, during the morning, whether he thought that they would overtake the Indians who had attacked Fox Eye.

  30. While Fox Eye had been talking, the other three had cut out the buffalo's tongue and taken the meat from his hump, and had put it on Hugh's horse.

  31. My aunt, Fox Eye's woman, sent you this," said Joe.

  32. He's Fox Eye, one of the chiefs of the Fat Roaster band.

  33. The fox terrier, after a few moments' scratching at the door, resumed his place upon the rug and curled himself up to renewed slumber.

  34. On a thick green rug stretched in front of the fireplace, a fox terrier lay blinking at the wood fire.

  35. The fox terrier played unnoticed about his feet.

  36. The fox terrier rose reluctantly to his feet, shook himself and stood looking at the smoking fragment in an aggrieved manner.

  37. But he had not gone far when he met on the road a Fox lame of one foot, and a Cat blind of both eyes, and they were going along helping each other like good companions in misfortune.

  38. I met on the road a Fox and a Cat, who said to me: 'Would you like those pieces of gold to become a thousand or two?

  39. We trained my pretty little fox to this sport, which was new to him, and he soon became a capital mouser.

  40. The little prairie fox was so hungry, and, therefore, so tame, that it often visited the environs of the fort, and we found these pretty little animals among the circles of turf which were left on the removal of the Indian tents.

  41. The wolf and the fox are sometimes shot with a gun, as well as the white hare, in the winter time, or they are caught in traps.

  42. The foxes wear fox skins on different parts of their body.

  43. The prairie fox is frequently seen, but the panther and the wild cat are not often found.

  44. Their robe is trimmed with fox skin and strips of ermine.

  45. The play performed on Twelfth Night, 1571, was called Narcissus, in which a live fox was let loose and chased by dogs; so that the introduction of live animals on the stage is not a modern invention.

  46. The fox and cat were then set upon by the hounds, and killed beneath the fire; a pleasant Christmas amusement.

  47. Big Fox noticed that neither Yellow Panther nor Braxton Wyatt made any opposition to their going, and it was a fact that he did not forget, drawing from it his own inference.

  48. Big Fox scorned to look again at Braxton Wyatt.

  49. Big Fox was conscious that the air in the Council House was heavy, and that all were watching him with black, glittering eyes.

  50. The heart of Big Fox stirred within him ever so slightly.

  51. Big Fox knew that it would not do to be too hasty; a desire to depart at once would only arouse suspicion, and he and his comrades, moreover, had further work to do in the Miami village.

  52. Big Fox paused, and for the first time looked away from the council fire.

  53. Big Fox judged that they were not yet wholly beaten, but he had accomplished much; if each tribe received peace belts from the others, it would take a long time to untangle the snarl, and unite them for war.

  54. Big Fox was conscious that a powerful faction of the Miamis wished to go on a winter war path, and strike the settlements at once.

  55. The fox and the wolf that had looked at the lone cabin came back now to seek, an easier prey.

  56. The eyes of Big Fox turned slowly from the council fire, and looked straight into those of Braxton Wyatt.

  57. Big Fox glanced once more at the body of the great owl, and then, fitting the arrow to the string, he bent the bow.

  58. Big Fox spoke with lofty contempt, not gazing at Braxton Wyatt, but straight into the eyes of Gray Beaver.

  59. Big Fox turned and handed back the bow to Yellow Panther.

  60. Murmurs of approval greeted his words, but Big Fox never stirred.

  61. Big Fox mingled freely in the village life throughout the day, and never once did he make a mistake.

  62. Gray Beaver hospitably, and Yellow Panther craftily, urged them to stay longer, but Big Fox replied that the Shawnees were going on a great hunt into the Northwest before the winter came, and the belt bearers would be needed.

  63. The fox laughed low by the birch-tree's root In the heather.

  64. The fox lay hid by the birch-tree's root In the heather.

  65. I haven't given up all hopes of reclaiming that silver fox pelt yet," and the trapper really seemed in a better humor than he had enjoyed since the first discovery of his great loss.

  66. I'm going to get out a couple of my special fox traps.

  67. And perhaps you know that a prime black fox pelt is worth as high as several thousand dollars.

  68. Gee, wonder now if we'd be lucky enough to set eyes on a silver fox worth a cool thousand or more?

  69. Thinks p'r'aps Uncle Jim here might have another silver fox pelt laid away, and while he's about it he reckons he'd better double up.

  70. It would be pretty tough now if after I caught that black fox I found that his skin had been so badly torn by birdshot that it wasn't worth handling.

  71. Few men could let a chance pass by to pick up a silver fox when a common red wouldn't bother 'em the least bit.

  72. Of course the trapper, having neglected his catch on account of the theft of the silver fox pelt, had to start off unusually early.

  73. Year before last it caught me a silver fox, as the black fox is called.

  74. Come back, little bittlehead, come back, or the fox will catch 'ee!

  75. And as they went they saw an old grey Fox crouching down in the rushes by the water-side, as still as a stone, and quite hidden from view.

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