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Example sentences for "flea"

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  1. Acapulco was the grand finale of an exciting week; white sand beaches above a frothy surf, cool draughts beneath rustling palms, tempting meals and flea market sprees, and a special evening roving the quiet shoreline after sunset.

  2. The shot went well today, and I returned to have breakfast before venturing to the Flea Market in downtown Athens.

  3. The male water flea is much larger than the female, a fact which probably accounts for the fact that these little animals often carry their wives about with them by seizing them with their fore legs.

  4. THE HEAD OF A DOG FLEA No wonder the flea is an annoying creature.

  5. Not unlike the water flea as it swims about in the water of our collecting jar is the curious, transparent little creature known as Cypris.

  6. It is no larger than the water flea but much more elongated; some specimens are bigger than others, and the bigger ones are the females.

  7. The little spider scalded herself, And the flea weeps.

  8. A flea has just bitten my ear," answered the cobbler.

  9. A spider and a flea dwelt together in one house and brewed their beer in an egg-shell.

  10. On comparing these two species, we remark, first, that the Podura plumbea is somewhat longer and thicker in body than the flea of the glaciers (see Fig.

  11. From time immemorial men have been struck, without being able to account for it, by the enormous disproportion existing between the weight of a flea and the force or energy displayed by its extraordinary bounds.

  12. Do not think we are referring to an insect of the same species as our common fleas: the snow-flea approximates much more closely to the lice family than to the fleas, though it hops like the latter.

  13. That was the way in which the Flea i' th' Fable Once sav'd the Lion's life.

  14. To an American, flea means a small insect armed with a bayonet, who is wont to jab it into you and then hop, skip, and jump to the next place to be attacked.

  15. The Flea and the Wrestler A FLEA settled upon the bare foot of a Wrestler and bit him, causing the man to call loudly upon Hercules for help.

  16. The Flea replied, "O my dear sir, pray spare my life, and destroy me not, for I cannot possibly do you much harm.

  17. When the Flea a second time hopped upon his foot, he groaned and said, "O Hercules!

  18. If you had another flea held ten inches off, so big that it would just be hidden by the little flea, the one farthest off would be ten times as large as the near one.

  19. Suppose you have a lens that will let you see a flea through it held just one inch from it, this lens is now an addition to your eye, as we measure from the lens.

  20. The little louse has burnt herself, The little flea is weeping, The little door is creaking.

  21. The Louse and the Flea A louse and a flea kept house together and were brewing beer in an egg-shell.

  22. The little louse has burnt herself, The little flea is weeping, The little door is creaking, The little broom is sweeping.

  23. On this the little flea began to scream loudly.

  24. The little louse has burnt herself, The little flea is weeping, The little door is creaking, The little broom is sweeping, The little cart is running.

  25. The little louse has burnt herself, The little flea is weeping.

  26. Mother sez I be right, but that Miller will send me packing wi' a flea in my ear; Chris sez I be wrong to ax yet awhile.

  27. So, naturalists observe, a flea Has smaller fleas that on him prey; And these have smaller still to bite 'em; And so proceed ad infinitum.

  28. You may as well say, that 's a valiant flea that dare eat his breakfast on the lip of a lion.

  29. When the sun disappears and it gets cold, the snow flea freezes to death.

  30. The snow flea favors the south and east sides of the mountains, and it is there you will find the red snow.

  31. When they take a Slave, and intend to keep him to Work in their Fields, they flea the Skin from the Setting on of his Toes to the middle of his Foot, so cut off one half of his Feet, wrapping the Skin over the Wounds, and healing them.

  32. Indians flea and cut off part of the Feet.

  33. When the turnip-flea (Haltica oleracea) walks, its antennae are alternately elevated and depressed.

  34. How Panurge had a flea in his ear, and forbore to wear any longer his magnificent codpiece Chapter 3.

  35. How Panurge had a flea in his ear, and forbore to wear any longer his magnificent codpiece.

  36. I have, answered Panurge, a flea in mine ear, and have a mind to marry.

  37. Nevertheless, whilst you were busied in the uttering of your learned discourse, this flea which I have in mine ear hath tickled me more than ever.

  38. When Flea knocked at the door a few minutes later, he bade her enter.

  39. Flea wouldn't go back there without a reason.

  40. Flea looked into the questioning face of her prince, the face of her dreams, looked again into his smiling eyes, and stood hesitant.

  41. The distant sound of a hoot-owl startled Flea from her tears.

  42. Be I goin' to--" Flea sat back on her bare toes, her face suddenly darkening with rage.

  43. Then you loved another woman," went on Flea bitterly, "because I heard you tell Lem about her.

  44. Flea crimsoned at his praise, as she nodded affirmation.

  45. Just below the tracks she caught a glimpse of a black horse, and as it came nearer Flea noted the rider, a young man whose kindly dark eyes and white teeth dazzled her.

  46. Flea had backed away from the pole, still holding the small dog; but, before she could get to Flukey, other boys were surrounding him, asking how he had done it.

  47. Fluke," whispered Flea presently, "ye ought to see that room I slep' in!

  48. The next morning Flea crept into her brother's room and stood looking down at him.

  49. When Flea lifted her embarrassed gaze to the strangers, she saw the same face that had peered at her over Horace's shoulder at the Dryden fair, the face to which Screech Owl had made her silent appeal.

  50. Well, my flea is your bee, and where there are no bees there may be plenty of fleas.

  51. Why did he go off so humbly, with his bag of seed-corn and a flea in his ear, when His Majesty King Victor Emmanuel arrived with his little short legs on the scene.

  52. THE FLEA AND THE MAN A Flea bit a Man, and bit him again, and again, till he could stand it no longer, but made a thorough search for it, and at last succeeded in catching it.

  53. For the world at large, the flea represents merely hateful irritation.

  54. Our anger against the flea also arises from the fact that we associate it with dirt.

  55. Donne once wrote a poem to a lady who had been bitten by the same flea as himself, arguing that this was a good reason why she should allow him to make love to her.

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