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Example sentences for "despoil"

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despiseth; despising; despite; despiteful; despitefully; despoiled; despoiler; despoilers; despoiling; despoils
  1. Thy race conquered our people, and in rising against thine we did but despoil the despoiler.

  2. Thus, even before its outbreak, the conspiracy contrived to degrade and despoil the Government, so as to secure free course for the projected rebellion.

  3. Those consulting bound files of newspapers will ruthlessly despoil them by cutting out articles or correspondence, or advertisements, and carrying off the stolen extracts, to save themselves the trouble of copying.

  4. Miyoshi Kiyotsura says that instead of being "metropolitan tigers" to guard the palace, they were "rural wolves" to despoil the provinces.

  5. He that receiveth benefits and is not grateful is like unto the birds that despoil the branches of the trees they perch on.

  6. A sultan does not condescend to mince matters with his slaves, when he can despoil them with impunity; His Supreme Highness simply sent them his commands to die.

  7. Other Iconoclasts from Valenciennes united themselves with those of Tournay to despoil all the cloisters of the surrounding district, during which a valuable library, the accumulation of centuries, was destroyed by fire.

  8. Unopposed, they break into the cathedral, and mounting on ladders they hammer to pieces the pictures, hew down with axes the pulpits and pews, despoil the altars of their ornaments, and steal the holy vessels.

  9. Truly they have not done well to despoil that village church of all its charming features.

  10. How came it, then, that the French not only did not despoil them, but paid and paid well for what they required?

  11. Such as discomfort as shall quite despoil him.

  12. To strip or despoil (one) of his property.

  13. Reflection cannot despoil us of our natural inclination; and although reason, when most it cavils, may shake the foundations of this belief, it never succeeds in convicting it of error.

  14. To appeal to the authority of others in all things, and for all things, is to despoil the individual of every criterion, to annihilate them all, not excepting the very one he attempts to establish.

  15. Reasoning is here of no avail; it would lead us to cavils which would require an impassible doubt, and would tear from us a security, of which, notwithstanding all our efforts, we cannot despoil ourselves.

  16. For shame and foul dishonor which no time Shall e'er obliterate, I must prove to thee, Should the Achaians of my glorious arms Despoil me in full prospect[15] of the fleet.

  17. Now, when by my energy I have acquired a comfortable means of subsistence, would your majesty despoil me of my liberty?

  18. I have no purpose to despoil your dear family, nor to ruin your servants.

  19. He had expressed his dissatisfaction in strong terms, and again pointed out to her the danger in which such a daring demonstration might involve them; but this time there was no moving the lady; she would not despoil herself of a single rose.

  20. This was to despoil himself prematurely and gratuitously, for it was impossible to execute the definitive treaty of peace at the time fixed.

  21. To despoil one to the profit of the other, to throw, all at once, into the balance on the side of the empire all the weight of the Spanish succession, was to destroy the work of William III.

  22. Both Vitovt and Vassili were indisposed to risk a decisive battle, fearing that, if defeated, their enemies would despoil them.

  23. No others despoil us as we despoil ourselves by our blindness and indifference to the wealth of our own lives and the beauty ever close at hand.

  24. They kill and despoil and exile any one whom they please.

  25. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "despoil" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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