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Example sentences for "devastate"

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devait; devaluation; devalued; devant; devas; devastated; devastates; devastating; devastation; devastations
  1. We have so far conquered them that a proclamation setting them free, coupled with offers of protection, would devastate every plantation in the State.

  2. They went under the name of "Egyptian days," so called because it was held that on one of them the plagues had been sent to devastate the land of Egypt and on another Pharaoh and his host had been swallowed up in the Red Sea.

  3. His forces were divided into two detachments, and between midnight and dawn he began to devastate the settlement by burning every building, except those which belonged to Tories.

  4. At first they acted in conjunction; then, after the enemy were routed in the field, it was agreed that Æmilius should take possession of Verrugo with a certain force, and that Postumius should devastate the country.

  5. At the same time the camp was besieged, at the same time a part of the army was sent to devastate the Roman territory, and to attempt the city itself, if fortune should favour.

  6. Then let us enact this law also for our guardians:-that they are neither to devastate the lands of Hellenes nor to burn their houses.

  7. And shall we, Consuls, endure Catiline aiming to devastate the world with massacre and conflagration?

  8. This no doubt was the commencement of the famous portage by which bands of savages in ancient days took their way westward to devastate the settlements of eastern New England.

  9. The lust of power and of supremacy had begun to pave the way for the civil war which was soon to devastate the land.

  10. And had King Edward but kept his throne, I verily believe he would have put down with a strong hand these same marauders who devastate the country more than war itself.

  11. During the period immediately succeeding the Provisions of Oxford, Llewelyn ceased to devastate the marches.

  12. But the confederates could do little more than devastate the open country.

  13. They would stop the floods that now devastate that valley and wash away and destroy its farm lands.

  14. They bring ruin to thousands and devastate vast areas.

  15. Would it interest you to know that there is just as much, and more, danger that the desolating flames of war may sweep over and devastate Southern California as there was that they might sweep over and devastate Belgium?

  16. A summer breeze conveys no more idea of a tornado, nor a burning chimney of a volcano, than ordinary vices convey of that fearful ruin which any elemental passion works when permitted to devastate a soul, unrestrained.

  17. He had taken the precaution to plow many furrows around the cabin and also around the edge of the clearing, so the flames could neither destroy his house nor devastate the forest.

  18. They did not devastate the cities, they suffered them to retain their old laws, their religion, and their customs.

  19. Lazarus is a mystery to me, as indeed are a host of other extravagances of which Provence is full, and to which the people are so attached, that if any one refuses to take part in them, they will devastate his crops and his belongings.

  20. While he was absent, his father omitted the yearly sacrifice to Diana, who, enraged at his neglect, sent a monstrous boar to devour his subjects and devastate his realm.

  21. To atone for the vanity of her mother, Cassiopeia, who claimed she was fairer than any of the sea nymphs, she had been exposed there as prey for a terrible sea monster sent to devastate the homes along the coast.

  22. You have been ordered to devastate the entire German frontier.

  23. This blood- besprinkled hand shall smite the Turk, shall ruin his fields, shall devastate his towns.

  24. This is the same advice as that given by Pericles, and which Thucydides expresses thus, "Let your country be devastated, or even devastate it yourself, and set sail for Laconia with your fleet.

  25. But woe to those women who break their oaths, who speculate on the public misfortune, who seek to alter the laws and the decrees, who reveal our secrets to the foe and admit the Medes into our territory so that they may devastate it!

  26. The savages in and beyond the borders of this country are numerically far superior to our own subjects, and systematically send in plundering bands who devastate the country and impoverish the farmers.

  27. One week of hard bread would ruin his teeth; one day's rasp of the wind would utterly devastate his complexion.

  28. He had a right to grow apoplectic with fury and devastate the camp like a commercial maelstrom or a political avalanche.

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