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Example sentences for "despoiled"

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  1. In 1461, or thereabouts, it was despoiled (on the attainder of its noble owner) by the Lord Hastings, to whom it had been granted by the King.

  2. Two years later they made another attack, captured and despoiled it; but it rose from its ruins, and the townsmen afterwards defied the Norman as they had the Dane.

  3. It happened that Constantinople fell a prey in Nicholas's time to the Mohammedans, who despoiled and profaned the churches and dispersed the treasures of Greek literature.

  4. These were freely given; and the devout women yielded humbly to these innocent preachers, suffered themselves to be despoiled of their dearest personal ornaments, and of everything that was used to give them a fictitious beauty.

  5. Despoiled of fortune; turned from the home where I have lived from my childhood; bereft of all!

  6. The despoiled Church cries to you to strike.

  7. But, at any rate, remember this: it is no idle vengeance which I am dealing out to you this night; it is our holy and despoiled Church calling for justice.

  8. I am a saner man away from your despoiled home.

  9. Then circled they about a tree despoiled Of blooms and other leafage on each bough.

  10. When they had despoiled us of all we possessed, they forced us to put on vile raiment, and sailing to a distant island there sold us for slaves.

  11. This we did, and the sails were hoisted, but before we had made any way the rocs reached their despoiled nest and hovered about it, uttering frightful cries when they discovered the mangled remains of their young one.

  12. Here, where his eyes fell, had once been green fields and running brooks, and how had the kind earth been despoiled and disfigured!

  13. The sluggard is despoiled while he sleeps--yes, by George!

  14. Have they despoiled its wealth or diminished its grandeur?

  15. They are murdered with impunity; they are despoiled of their goods and their property; they are banished, scattered, driven from the country.

  16. The father had despoiled his manhood of independence; must it be the son who despoiled his age of its only solace?

  17. In vain Donna Margherita pleaded that she might be allowed to put the theme aside, as she told of the disaffection of some of the ancient nobles of Cyprus who had been despoiled of vast estates because of their sympathy with Queen Carlotta.

  18. We also petition your Majesty to concede us the favor to deny this to those fathers, and not to allow us seculars to be despoiled for the religious.

  19. Without offering the body of the prostrate foe any other indignity, he despoiled it of one chain; which, though smeared with blood, he threw around his neck.

  20. So long as Ah Sin and his race could be plucked and despoiled at will, he provoked no antagonisms.

  21. But they, in turn, will be despoiled by some vagabond who has carved his initials on every "suspected" tree hereabout.

  22. The two remaining safes were attacked and nearly entirely despoiled in the same way as the first, and the contents transferred to the courier bags.

  23. The wretches who gained the name of Resurrection men despoiled graveyards to purvey subjects for the dissecting knife.

  24. Having been acquainted for four years with the inmost thoughts of my husband, I know with what sentiments he would be afflicted if placed on a tarnished throne, and wearing a crown despoiled of glory.

  25. A prisoner at Savona, he was despoiled of all his external honours, and shut out from all communication with the cardinals, as well as deprived of all means of issuing bulls and assembling a council.

  26. The Huguenot power was utterly broken by the year's siege which followed, and La Rochelle found itself despoiled of the prestige which it enjoyed as the stronghold of the Protestant faith.

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