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Example sentences for "freely"

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  1. Seldom since coming here have I indulged so freely &a you saw me do last night.

  2. To his great disgust, Roland perceived that the girls drank almost as freely as the men.

  3. In the fragments of the days left us in San Francisco, most agreeable hours were spent in stores where Chinese and Japanese goods, in great profusion and splendid taste, were freely open to our view.

  4. I freely spare: Mine you freely would have taken--murdered me and my good fame Both at once--and all the better!

  5. Fra Lippo Lippi comments freely and quaintly on the absurdity of showing soul by means of bodies so ill-painted that no one can bear to dwell upon them, as on the fallacy involved in all contempt for the earthly life.

  6. He thus raised, more than a foot, the interior part of the swampy earth on which the ant-hill rested, and Dick Sand made sure that the air could freely penetrate to the interior of the cone through the orifice pierced at its base.

  7. A minute after the beginning of the operation, the ramrod went freely through the wall.

  8. The air penetrated freely to the interior of the cone, and with it some flashes of lightning, and the loud noises of that storm, that a diluvian rain could not extinguish.

  9. Then you have nothing to fear, and you can go about as freely here as in the New England States.

  10. These blacks had, then, freely left the United States, and they were returning to it freely.

  11. He has not only accompanied and aided me in repeated examinations of his very valuable collection of fifteenth century books, but has lent me all the books I desired, and has freely given me unlimited time for their study.

  12. Wood-cuts were freely used by typographers in the heart of Germany and in the Netherlands, the districts where we find the earliest notices of block-printing, but they are generally of a low order.

  13. From the first hour of the expedition, he had freely borne his part in its privations.

  14. His manuscript was freely consulted by Herrera and the reader, as he peruses the pages of the learned historian of the Indies, is unconsciously enjoying the benefit of the researches of Ondegardo.

  15. Yet the same man, who thus freely shed the blood of the poor native to secure the triumph of his faith, would doubtless have as freely poured out his own in its defence.

  16. There is no object on which the resources of the wealthy are more freely lavished, or which calls out more effectually the inventive talent of the artist.

  17. He became more violent in his passions, more impatient of control, and indulged more freely in acts of cruelty and license.

  18. He had a sportive vein, if such it could be called, which he freely indulged on every occasion.

  19. And so little did he consider them, that he went freely about, as usual, riding without attendants to all parts of the town and to its immediate environs.

  20. They had shown, throughout their progress, no great respect either for the ordinances, or the will of the viceroy; for they had taxed the poor natives as freely and unscrupulously as any of the Conquerors.

  21. And not only the Generall Assembly by themselves, but also by their Commissioners faithfully and freely laboured to oppose all the steps of defection; as at other times, so in the yeer 1596.

  22. Miss Liz not only supported her, but freely expressed her indignation at the child's parental indifference, and that good lady's tone was one of deepest injury whenever the subject was mentioned.

  23. His wealth was used freely for the benefit of others, and for the advancement of all those good objects which tended to promote the welfare of his fellow-men.

  24. The reputation of giving freely is a very bad reputation, so far as my personal comfort is concerned.

  25. Most of them flower and fruit freely under cultivation, so that seeds are available for propagation.

  26. Heretofore, I will freely admit, I regarded you as an impostor; but now I am convinced you are deeply skilled in the occult sciences, and would fain consult you on the future.

  27. I freely acknowledge my attachment to him.

  28. Edgar, ever ready to do anything to please his friend, freely gave it, and only asked him to give an assurance that the secret object of his former visit to Devon would remain inviolate.

  29. They appear to be indifferent to the concealment of their person, breasts, and hoc genus omne, being freely exposed.

  30. Really when I look back at his works I am lost in admiration, and always regret that he worked more for others than for himself, and that he did not use his pen as freely as he did his brush.

  31. At evening tide they let me out, And then I freely walk about: Bread comes without a care of mine.

  32. What wonder if the weapon so freely used by themselves sometimes turned its double edge against them in its turn?

  33. But by crossing this desolate waste at night, when not a living thing was to be seen, they might gain the dark aisles of the wood by the time the tardy dawn stole upon them, and once there Paul thought he could breathe freely again.

  34. Plunger's ears tingled as they had never tingled before, for never before had he heard himself so freely criticised.

  35. Then he heard Zuker pacing back to the table, and breathed freely again.

  36. Paul, momentarily stunned by his fall, breathed freely again, and leapt to his feet.

  37. Unfortunately his head struck on the gravel, and when he scrambled to his feet again blood was flowing freely from a cut in his head.

  38. Water was allowed freely after all kinds of surgical operations and in fevers.

  39. The public owe a debt of gratitude to those physicians, and chemists, who give freely such valuable information as to the real nature and effects of dangerous drugs.

  40. This extended back for two years, and was finally narrowed down to the service of an eminent physician who gave spirits freely in all cases of pneumonia from their entrance to the hospital.

  41. The newspapers frequently contain items regarding the death of children who have had access to whisky, and drunk freely of it.

  42. In some of the more extreme instances, where there was fear of collapse from separation of fibrine in the heart or pulmonary artery, ammonia has been given freely according to the method I have for so many years inculcated.

  43. One case was reported to me of an inebriate, who, after a full outbreak of all the usual symptoms, drank freely of whisky and became stupid and died.

  44. Ask the druggist, and the saloon keeper, why they dispense deadly poisons so freely to old and young, and they will tell you the law permits it; a sad commentary!

  45. Alcohol is used much too freely in the treatment of the sick, especially in such conditions as mild typhoid fever, neurasthenia and early tuberculosis.

  46. I don't know just what Cousin Sue thought about me, but Mammy thought I was the most beautiful creature in the world and freely told me so.

  47. She knew them all by name and chatted with them very freely, much more freely than she did with any of the girls, except Dum and Dee and me.

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