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impact; impacted; impacting; impaction; impacts; impaired; impairing; impairment; impairs; impala
  1. The stem-end is often soggy, and unfit for use; and the numerous prongs and knobs which are often put forth on the sides of the tubers greatly impair their value for the table.

  2. The consequence of this course of breeding and treatment has been to reduce the size and weight of fleece, and partially to impair that hardiness and vigor of constitution, which universally characterized the original Transhumantes.

  3. Sheep should be brought into winter-quarters soon after the severe frosts occur, as these diminish the feed, and materially impair its nutritious qualities.

  4. In the absence of other animals, they might perform light work to advantage, but severe labor would stint their growth or impair their milk beyond the benefit derived from it.

  5. Any agencies, therefore, which would impair the health and freedom of a man's will Christ refused to employ.

  6. All that would impair their efficiency is to be shunned.

  7. If this were the true meaning of Isokrates, we should then have Aristotle distinctly contradicted by another respectable contemporary witness, which would of course much impair the value of his testimony.

  8. The methods by which intoxicating drinks impair and often ruin digestion are various.

  9. The effect produced upon the tender papillæ of the tongue by the nicotine-loaded juices and the acrid smoke tends to impair the delicate sensibility of the entire surface.

  10. These are waste products, which if allowed to remain, would impair the health of the tissues.

  11. So well known is this result that vocalists, whose fortune is the purity and compass of their tones, are scrupulously careful not to impair these fine qualities by convivial indulgences.

  12. The structural changes induced by habitual use of alcohol and the action of this agent on the pepsin, seriously impair the digestive power.

  13. Provided that nothing in this Constitution shall impair the right of any person to petition His Majesty for special leave to appeal from the Supreme Court to His Majesty in Council or the right of His Majesty to grant such leave.

  14. The younger Ferdinand found no provision in Italy; he was compelled to retain his Austrian inheritance, and thus to impair the power of the future Charles V.

  15. Its principal acts were to narrow the county electorate to an oligarchy, to restrict the choice of constituencies to resident knights and burgesses, and to impair its own influence as a focus of public opinion.

  16. It was a prevalent notion that sighs impair the strength and wear out the animal powers.

  17. According to a curious fancy, eating beef was supposed to impair the intellect, to which notion Shakespeare has several allusions.

  18. United States, will eventually impair their political institutions, and the annexed provinces will be an American Ireland.

  19. To impair that sacredness, to dislocate those customs, was to take a step backwards into darkness and anarchy.

  20. Tin cans give more trouble filling and sealing, are liable to affect the flavor of the fruit, and unless manufactured from the best of material, to impair its wholesomeness.

  21. Mealtime should not be made the occasion to discuss troubles, trials, and misfortunes, which rouse only gloomy thoughts, impair digestion, and leave one at the close of the meal worried and wearied rather than refreshed and strengthened.

  22. If an additional quantity is taken, it is not utilized by the system, and serves only to derange digestion, impair appetite, and indirectly undermine the health.

  23. This is not denied, but it is contended that the subsequent legislation does not impair the obligation of the contract, and this presents the only question in the case.

  24. To require railroad companies to act honestly and charge reasonable rates for carrying freights, does not impair the obligations of any contract.

  25. And it is also true that there are express powers delegated to congress, the execution of which necessarily operates to impair the obligation of contracts.

  26. That provision operates directly to impair the obligation of such contracts.

  27. As to subsequent contracts, the legal tender provision is not as unjust in its operation as when applied to past contracts, and does not impair to the same extent private rights.

  28. Saunders, that he repudiated the existence of any general power in congress to destroy or impair vested private rights.

  29. They may retard its growth, destroy its harmony, impair its character, render its institutions unstable, pervert the public mind, and deprave the public morals.

  30. Our Government was made to secure the happiness of the people, and every thing which even remotely is calculated to impair their moral sense, will have an effect upon their situation.

  31. It goes to alter the nature of a remedy--to impair the obligation of a contract.

  32. She will endeavor to arrange her sources of supply, so that no one nation refusing to deal with her shall have it in their power materially to impair her interests.

  33. This silence for my sin you did impute, Which shall be most my glory being dumb, For I impair not beauty being mute, When others would give life, and bring a tomb.

  34. Dark night, that from the eye his function takes, The ear more quick of apprehension makes; Wherein it doth impair the seeing sense, It pays the hearing double recompense.

  35. But, these claims can never extend so far as to encroach upon more important duties, or to impair your ability to do good to yourself and others.

  36. It may throw off a violent attack of disease, and save life; but it must inevitably, in a greater or less degree, impair the constitution.

  37. He would not admit that there was anything in manual labour that ought to impair the respect of the community for the labourer or the worker's respect for himself.

  38. The purport of this decision was that a negro was not to be considered as a person but as a chattel; and that the taking of such negro chattel into free territory did not cancel or impair the property rights of the master.

  39. He was still the intellectual premier of the party and nobody could impair his influence but himself.

  40. Mr. Lincoln is by far the strongest man with the army, and no combination could be made which would impair his strength with this army unless, perhaps, Grant's candidacy would.

  41. This article was inserted by unanimous request of the Cherokee committee after the signing of the treaty, it being understood that its rejection by the Senate of the United States should not impair any other article of the treaty.

  42. I must, however, observe, that the aids he gave to this poem, as to The Traveller and Deserted Village of Goldsmith, were so small as by no means to impair the distinguished merit of the authour.

  43. The galling chains that bind his body do also fetter his intellectual faculties, and impair the social affections of his heart.

  44. It is far better to give the thing such aspects of decency as is possible rather than to encourage the growth of the social evil into proportions that might for all time impair the health of the race.

  45. Unless this war comes to an end soon, the effects of this chronic food shortage will impair the health of the entire nation.

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